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Classical and Quantum Gravity, ISSN 0264-9381, 09/2009, Volume 26, Issue 18, pp. 185008 - 185008 (14)
Minimal surfaces and domain walls play important roles in various contexts of spacetime physics as well as material science. In this paper, we first review the... 
Journal Article
by Akio TANAKA and Kimiya SUGIMURA and Akira MIZUTANI and Masayuki Baba and Goyo Koya and Tsugio AMEMIYA and Hidehiko YOSHIDA and Masako YOSHIDA and Fumie Sasaki and Sachiko KAKUTA and Kouhei MORIMOTO and Yasukazu NAGATO and Toshio SUZUKI and Yasunari TSUCHIHASHI and Tadahisa KITAMURA and Setsuya FUJITA and Masaki Fujimura and S.T. Chen and Takayoshi Tobe and Haruaki Yajima and I. NAGATSU and S. INAGAKI and Y. KONDO and T. KATO and T. NAGATSU and Koji KAMI and Tadao MITSUI and Akira KAWAOI and Tadao OKANO and Toshio SHIKATA and Kazuyoshi DOBASHI and Shigeo TAKAGI and Kenji WATANABE and Seiichi KUBO and Yasuhiko IBATA and Yutaka SANO and R.Y. Osamura and E. Nakahashi and K. Watanabe and Tetsuro ONO and Yasuhiro SAKAI and Noboru YAMAMOTO and Kenjiro YASUDA and Naoyuki MARUO and Takuji ISEMURA and Masaru FUKUDA and Yoshiaki NOJYO and Kiminao MIZUKAWA and Tadao MATSUURA and Keizo YAMAMOTO and Akira TAKAKUSU and Masakazu YAMADA and Hiroshi MATSUBARA and Masaoki YAMADA and Fusayoshi MURATA and Keizo YOSHIDA and Yuriko MOMOSE and Shinichi OHNO and Tetsuji NAGATA and Akiko OKADA and Kazuto NOKUBI and Morio KATO and Vinci Mizuhira and Michiko Shiihashi and Masao Yokoyama and Fumiaki Nishiyama and Hiroshi Hirano and Norio Kawai and Hajime SUGIURA and Hideki WATANABE and Kazuyo USHIKI and Takuro SUZUKI and Tamio NISHIMURA and Takuji OHKURA and Hirohiko IWATSUKI and Yoshiki SHIBA and Yoshinobu KANNO and Tsutomu KATSUYAMA and Tsuyoshi NASU and Masanori TSUKAHARA and Fujio NUMANO and Hidenori MAEZAWA and Genzoh ISOMURA and Takehiko HIDA and Nobuo SHIMIZU and Hisanobu KAIYA and Tsuyoshi IWATA and Masuyuki NAMBA and Akira KASHIBA and Hisashi HASHIMOTO and Hiroshi KIMURA and Toshihiro MAEDA and Shigetoyo AMANO and Kikuko IMAMOTO and Haruo KINOSHITA and K. YAMAMOTO and T. SAKUMOTO and K. SATOH and Y. KIMOTO and Y. TAKAHASHI and ...
Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica, ISSN 0044-5991, 01/1978, Volume 11, Issue 1, p. 104
Journal Article
by TANAKA, Akio and SUGIMURA, Kimiya and MIZUTANI, Akira and Baba, Masayuki and Koya, Goyo and AMEMIYA, Tsugio and YOSHIDA, Hidehiko and YOSHIDA, Masako and Sasaki, Fumie and KAKUTA, Sachiko and MORIMOTO, Kouhei and NAGATO, Yasukazu and SUZUKI, Toshio and TSUCHIHASHI, Yasunari and KITAMURA, Tadahisa and FUJITA, Setsuya and Fujimura, Masaki and Chen, S.T and Tobe, Takayoshi and Yajima, Haruaki and NAGATSU, I and INAGAKI, S and KONDO, Y and KATO, T and NAGATSU, T and KAMI, Koji and MITSUI, Tadao and SUZUKI, Toshio and KAWAOI, Akira and OKANO, Tadao and SHIKATA, Toshio and DOBASHI, Kazuyoshi and TAKAGI, Shigeo and WATANABE, Kenji and KUBO, Seiichi and IBATA, Yasuhiko and SANO, Yutaka and Osamura, R.Y and Nakahashi, E and Watanabe, K and ONO, Tetsuro and SAKAI, Yasuhiro and YAMAMOTO, Noboru and YASUDA, Kenjiro and MARUO, Naoyuki and ISEMURA, Takuji and FUKUDA, Masaru and FUJITA, Setsuya and NOJYO, Yoshiaki and MIZUKAWA, Kiminao and MATSUURA, Tadao and SANO, Yutaka and YAMAMOTO, Keizo and TAKAKUSU, Akira and YAMADA, Masakazu and MATSUBARA, Hiroshi and YAMADA, Masaoki and MURATA, Fusayoshi and YOSHIDA, Keizo and MOMOSE, Yuriko and OHNO, Shinichi and NAGATA, Tetsuji and OKADA, Akiko and NOKUBI, Kazuto and KATO, Morio and Mizuhira, Vinci and Shiihashi, Michiko and Yokoyama, Masao and Nishiyama, Fumiaki and Hirano, Hiroshi and Kawai, Norio and SUGIURA, Hajime and WATANABE, Hideki and USHIKI, Kazuyo and SUZUKI, Takuro and NISHIMURA, Tamio and OHKURA, Takuji and IWATSUKI, Hirohiko and SHIBA, Yoshiki and KANNO, Yoshinobu and KATSUYAMA, Tsutomu and NASU, Tsuyoshi and TSUKAHARA, Masanori and NUMANO, Fujio and MAEZAWA, Hidenori and ISOMURA, Genzoh and HIDA, Takehiko and SHIMIZU, Nobuo and KAIYA, Hisanobu and IWATA, Tsuyoshi and NAMBA, Masuyuki and KASHIBA, Akira and HASHIMOTO, Hisashi and KIMURA, Hiroshi and MAEDA, Toshihiro and AMANO, Shigetoyo and IMAMOTO, Kikuko and KINOSHITA, Haruo and KIMURA, Hiroshi and YAMAMOTO, K and ...
ACTA HISTOCHEMICA ET CYTOCHEMICA, ISSN 0044-5991, 1978, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 104 - 125
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 04/1978, Volume 59, Issue 4, pp. 1173 - 1187
Second quantization of a scalar field is considered on the background grabitational field of a rotating relativistic star instead of a black hole. Just as the... 
Journal Article
by YASUDA, Kenjiro and IDE, Chizuka and SAITO, Takuma and MATSUSHITA, Masaya and ARAKI, Nasasuke and Murata, F and Yoshida, K and Ohno, S and Nagata, T and YOSHIDA, Keizo and OHNO, Shinichi and MURATA, Fusayoshi and YAMAMOTO, Noboru and YAMASHITA, Shuji and SAKAI, Yasuhiro and KIMOTO, HIROO and ODA, TOMIO and MAYAHARA, Hiroshi and AGO, Yasuhiro and FUJIMOTO, Toyoshi and ANDO, Takao and SHIMIZU, Satoru and YAMADA, Kazuyori and OHKURA, Takuji and OHKURA, Minoru and OHKURA, Motohiko and HIRAI, Kei-ichi and Ishii, Tetsuo and Shiota, Toshiro and WATANABE, Kensuke and YAMASHINA, Shohei and KAWAI, Kazuhiro and IIDA, Futoshi and KOMIYAMA, Kiyohiro and SATO, Akira and KATSUYAMA, Tsutomu and SUGANUMA, Tatsuo and NASU, Tsuyoshi and NAGASE, Katsuro and FUJIWARA, Masayuki and TAKAHASHI, Michihito and TATEMATSU, Masae and HASHIMOTO, Yoshinori and UCHIDA, Yuzo and KOTAKE, Yasunori and TSUJI, Yasukuni and KAWAI, Kioko and SUGIHARA, Hajime and Tsuchiyama, Hideo and HARADA, Tomoyuki and SUGIMOTO, Akitoshi and AMEMIYA, Tsugio and YOSHIDA, Hidehiko and TSURU, Takeshi and MAENO, Masanobu and SHIRAISHI, Yukiharu and AKAGI, Masanobu and TSUSU, Takeshi and MIYAYAMA, Haruhiko and TAKEMIYA, Masataka and KITAJIMA, Kiyoaki and SATOU, Yasuo and OGAWA, Narumi and OKADA, Kiyoki and KISHIMOTO, Takashi and KAWAOI, Akira and OKANO, Tadao and SHIKATA, Toshio and YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro and HOSHINO, Tadahiko and TAMATE, Hideo and OSAMURA, R. Yoshiyuki and NAKAHASHI, Etsuko and TANAKA, Minoru and YANAIHARA, Noboru and KAMEYA, Yuzuru and HOSHINO, Munemitsu and WATARI, Nakazo and KAMEYA, Toru and DOBASEI, Kazuyoshi and OKUMURA, Hajime and NISHIYAMA, Fumiaki and KAWAI, Norio and SAMPEI, Kiyoe and OHSATO, Yukihiro and HIRANO, Hiroshi and KAMEDA, Yoko and IKEDA, Akira and HARADA, Tanekazu and ITO, Kunihiko and ASO, Yoshio and OHTAWARA, Yoshihisa and SUZUKI, Kazuo and TAJIMA, Atsushi and FUJITA, Kimio and AIHA, Motohiko and SUZUKI, Hiroshi and Izumi, Shinichi and Mitani, Fumiko and Ishimura, Yuzuru and ...
ACTA HISTOCHEMICA ET CYTOCHEMICA, ISSN 0044-5991, 1979, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp. 168 - 193
Journal Article
Experimental Cell Research, ISSN 0014-4827, 1979, Volume 124, Issue 2, pp. 269 - 283
Changes in ultrastructures and in enzyme activities were investigated electron microscopically, cytochemically and biochemically when mouse myeloid leukemia... 
Cell Line | Leukemia, Myeloid | Oxidoreductases - metabolism | Cell Membrane - ultrastructure | Macrophages - cytology | Macrophages - enzymology | Animals | Culture Media | Lipopolysaccharides - pharmacology | Organoids - ultrastructure | Cell Differentiation | Mice | Phosphoric Monoester Hydrolases - metabolism
Journal Article
by Kenjiro YASUDA and Chizuka IDE and Takuma SAITO and Masaya MATSUSHITA and Nasasuke ARAKI and F. Murata and K. Yoshida and S. Ohno and T. Nagata and Keizo YOSHIDA and Shinichi OHNO and Fusayoshi MURATA and Noboru YAMAMOTO and Shuji YAMASHITA and Yasuhiro SAKAI and HIROO KIMOTO and TOMIO ODA and Hiroshi MAYAHARA and Yasuhiro AGO and Toyoshi FUJIMOTO and Takao ANDO and Satoru SHIMIZU and Kazuyori YAMADA and Takuji OHKURA and Minoru OHKURA and Motohiko OHKURA and Kei-ichi HIRAI and Tetsuo Ishii and Toshiro Shiota and Kensuke WATANABE and Shohei YAMASHINA and Kazuhiro KAWAI and Futoshi IIDA and Kiyohiro KOMIYAMA and Akira SATO and Tsutomu KATSUYAMA and Tatsuo SUGANUMA and Tsuyoshi NASU and Katsuro NAGASE and Masayuki FUJIWARA and Michihito TAKAHASHI and Masae TATEMATSU and Yoshinori HASHIMOTO and Yuzo UCHIDA and Yasunori KOTAKE and Yasukuni TSUJI and Kioko KAWAI and Hajime SUGIHARA and Hideo Tsuchiyama and Tomoyuki HARADA and Akitoshi SUGIMOTO and Tsugio AMEMIYA and Hidehiko YOSHIDA and Takeshi TSURU and Masanobu MAENO and Yukiharu SHIRAISHI and Masanobu AKAGI and Takeshi TSUSU and Haruhiko MIYAYAMA and Masataka TAKEMIYA and Kiyoaki KITAJIMA and Yasuo SATOU and Narumi OGAWA and Kiyoki OKADA and Takashi KISHIMOTO and Akira KAWAOI and Tadao OKANO and Toshio SHIKATA and Takahiro YAMAGUCHI and Tadahiko HOSHINO and Hideo TAMATE and R. Yoshiyuki OSAMURA and Etsuko NAKAHASHI and Minoru TANAKA and Noboru YANAIHARA and Yuzuru KAMEYA and Munemitsu HOSHINO and Nakazo WATARI and Toru KAMEYA and Kazuyoshi DOBASEI and Hajime OKUMURA and Fumiaki NISHIYAMA and Norio KAWAI and Kiyoe SAMPEI and Yukihiro OHSATO and Hiroshi HIRANO and Yoko KAMEDA and Akira IKEDA and Tanekazu HARADA and Kunihiko ITO and Yoshio ASO and Yoshihisa OHTAWARA and Kazuo SUZUKI and Atsushi TAJIMA and Kimio FUJITA and Motohiko AIHA and Hiroshi SUZUKI and Shinichi Izumi and Fumiko Mitani and Yuzuru Ishimura and ...
Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica, ISSN 0044-5991, 03/1979, Volume 12, Issue 2, p. 168
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 03/1980, Volume 63, Issue 3, pp. 1048 - 1050
In the limit of slow rotation, the initial value equations of the axially symmetric systems for a dust sphere become uncoupled two ordinary differential... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 04/1980, Volume 63, Issue 4, pp. 1229 - 1244
Using the ADM formalism, we give a method of solving the general relativistic collapse of an axially symmetric star by the numerical calculation. At t=0, we... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 03/1980, Volume 63, Issue 3, pp. 1051 - 1053
Using [(2+1)+1]-formalism of the Einstein equations, we give a method of determining apparent horizon in space-time having a rotational Killing vector. For... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 02/1980, Volume 63, Issue 2, pp. 425 - 437
The maximal slicing condition is a good time coordinate condition qualitatively when pursuing the gravitational collapse by the numerical calcultation. The... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 02/1980, Volume 63, pp. 719 - 721
Combining Geroch's and the ADM formalisms, we give a new formalism for treating the dynamical problems of space-time having a rotational Killing vector. We... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 04/1981, Volume 65, Issue 4, pp. 1443 - 1446
We show the universe may contain Schwarzschild wormholes by the first order phase transition of a vacuum. This result enables us to estimate a reasonable time... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 12/1981, Volume 66, Issue 6, pp. 2052 - 2072
It has been pointed out recently that wormholes and black holes are created by cosmological first-order phase transition of vacuum. In the present paper this... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 12/1982, Volume 68, Issue 6, pp. 1967 - 1978
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 1982, Volume 108, Issue 2, pp. 103 - 107
Gauge theories with spontaneously broken symmetries give rise to a cosmological phase transition of a vacuum. We show that if the phase transition is strongly... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 08/1982, Volume 68, Issue 2, pp. 567 - 579
Magnetic fields, as well as a rotation, play an essential role in a number of astrophysical situation. We present the formalism for treating dynamically the... 
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 1982, Volume 108, Issue 2, pp. 98 - 102
It has been pointed out that the universe may contain Schwarzschild wormholes produced by first-order phase transitions of a vacuum. In this letter, we... 
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 11/1983, Volume 70, Issue 5, pp. 1276 - 1282
Motion of a compressed shell in the dust universe model is investigated in a fully relativistic manner under the approximation of infinitesimally thin shell:... 
Journal Article
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