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by McManus, Richard J and Mant, Jonathan and Franssen, Marloes and Nickless, Alecia and Schwartz, Claire and Hodgkinson, James and Bradburn, Peter and Farmer, Andrew and Grant, Sabrina and Greenfield, Sheila M and Heneghan, Carl and Jowett, Susan and Martin, Una and Milner, Siobhan and Monahan, Mark and Mort, Sam and Ogburn, Emma and Perera-Salazar, Rafael and Shah, Syed Ahmar and Yu, Ly-Mee and Tarassenko, Lionel and Hobbs, F D Richard and Bradley, Brendan and Lovekin, Chris and Judge, David and Castello, Luis and Dawson, Maureen and Brice, Rebecca and Dunbabin, Bethany and Maslen, Sophie and Rutter, Heather and Norris, Mary and French, Lauren and Loynd, Michael and Whitbread, Pippa and Saldana Ortaga, Luisa and Noel, Irene and Madronal, Karen and Timmins, Julie and Hughes, Lucy and Hinks, Beth and Bailey, Sheila and Read, Sue and Weston, Andrea and Spannuth, Somi and Maiden, Sue and Chermahini, Makiko and McDonald, Ann and Rajan, Shelina and Allen, Sue and Deboys, Brenda and Fell, Kim and Johnson, Jenny and Jung, Helen and Lister, Rachel and Osborne, Ruth and Secker, Amy and Qasim, Irene and William, Kirsty and Harris, Abi and Zhao, Susan and Butcher, Elaine and Darbyshire, Pauline and Joshi, Sarah and Davies, Jon and Talbot, Claire and Hoverd, Eleanor and Field, Linda and Adcock, Tracey and Rooney, Julia and Cooter, Nina and Butler, Aaron and Allen, Naomi and Abdul-Wahab, Maria and McNicholas, Kathryn and Peniket, Lara and Dodd, Kate and Mugurza, Julie and Baskerville, Richard and Syed, Rakshan and Bailey, Clare and Adams, Jill and Uglow, Paul and Townsend, Neil and Macleod, Alison and Hawkins, Charlotte and Behura, Suparna and Crawshaw, Jonathan and Fox, Robin and Doski, Waleed and Aylward, Martin and A'Court, Christine and Rapley, David and Walsh, Jo and Batra, Paul and Seoane, Ana and Mukherjee, Sluti and Dixon, Jonathan and Arthur, Peter and Sutcliffe, Karen and ... and TASMINH4 investigators and TASMINH4 Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2018, Volume 391, Issue 10124, pp. 949 - 959
Journal Article
Stem cells and development, ISSN 1547-3287, 11/2014, Volume 23, Issue 21, pp. 2613 - 2625
Journal Article
by Carbone, Marco and Sharp, Stephen J and Flack, Steve and Paximadas, Dimitrios and Spiess, Kelly and Adgey, Carolyn and Griffiths, Laura and Lim, Reyna and Trembling, Paul and Williamson, Kate and Wareham, Nick J and Aldersley, Mark and Bathgate, Andrew and Burroughs, Andrew K and Heneghan, Michael A and Neuberger, James M and Thorburn, Douglas and Hirschfield, Gideon M and Cordell, Heather J and Alexander, Graeme J and Jones, David E.J and Sandford, Richard N and Mells, George F and Jones, David and Kirby, John and Hirschfield, Gideon and Alexander, Graeme and Sandford, Richard and Taylor‐Robinson, Simon and Ch'ng, Chin Lye and Rahman, Mesbah and Yapp, Tom and Sturgess, Richard and Healey, Christopher and Czajkowski, Marek and Gunasekera, Anton and Gyawali, Pranab and Premchand, Purushothaman and Kapur, Kapil and Marley, Richard and Foster, Graham and Watson, Alan and Dias, Aruna and Subhani, Javaid and Harvey, Rory and McCorry, Roger and Ramanaden, David and Gasem, Jaber and Evans, Richard and Mathialahan, Thiriloganathan and Shorrock, Christopher and Lipscomb, George and Southern, Paul and Tibble, Jeremy and Gorard, David and Palegwala, Altaf and Jones, Susan and Dawwas, Mohamed and Dolwani, Sunil and Prince, Martin and Foxton, Matthew and Elphick, David and Mitchison, Harriet and Gooding, Ian and Karmo, Mazn and Saksena, Sushma and Mendall, Mike and Patel, Minesh and Ede, Roland and Austin, Andrew and Sayer, Joanna and Hankey, Lorraine and Hovell, Christopher and Fisher, Neil and Carter, Martyn and Koss, Konrad and Piotrowicz, Andrzej and Grimley, Charles and Neal, David and Lim, Guan and Levi, Sass and Ala, Aftab and Broad, Andrea and Saeed, Athar and Wood, Gordon and Brown, Jonathan and Wilkinson, Mark and Gordon, Harriet and Ramage, John and Ridpath, Jo and Ngatchu, Theodore and Grover, Bob and Shaukat, Syed and Shidrawi, Ray and Abouda, George and Ali, Faiz and Rees, Ian and Salam, Imroz and Narain, Mark and Brown, Ashley and ... and UK-PBC Consortium
Hepatology, ISSN 0270-9139, 03/2016, Volume 63, Issue 3, pp. 930 - 950
Journal Article
Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia : 1931), ISSN 1039-4192, 02/2003
...WORKPLACE Relations Minister Tony Abbott has warned unions he will sue over illegal strikes threatening the car industry. Claiming the action could cripple... 
Abbott, Tony
Newspaper Article
The Australian (Canberra, A.C.T.), ISSN 1038-8761, 03/2007
LABOR MP Kelly Hoare's threat to sue her party for unfair dismissal yesterday prompted Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey to urge the ALP to "leave her alone... 
Combet, Greg | Rudd, Kevin | Hoare, Kelly
Newspaper Article
Sydney morning herald, ISSN 0312-6315, 09/1996
Coles Myer is heading into another period of corporate chaos, with the retailer's vice-chairman and largest shareholder, Mr Solomon Lew, and his senior... 
Newspaper Article
The Australian (Canberra, A.C.T.), ISSN 1038-8761, 08/2005
Peter Wallace and Branko Jelen are suing Care Australia for negligence on the grounds the aid agency should have known Mr [Steve Pratt]'s reports were likely... 
Jelen, Branko | Pratt, Steve
Newspaper Article
by Minks, David P and Mitra, Dipayan and Rodrigues, Mark A and Bhatnagar, Priya and Dennis, Martin S and Murray, Gordon D and Wardlaw, Joanna M and Baigent, Colin and Sullivan, Frank and Amoils, Shannon and Armitage, Jane and Rinkel, Gabriel and Emberson, Jonathan and Dinsmore, Lynn and Drever, Jonathan and Perry, David and McGill, Connor and Buchanan, David and Hutchison, Aidan and Matthews, Christopher and Fraser, Ruth and Deary, Ann and Anderson, Rosemary and Walker, Pauli and Macleod, Malcolm and Gattringer, Thomas and Sakka, Eleni and Adil-Smith, Jennifer and du Plessis, Johannes and Lerpiniere, Christine and Burgess, Seona and Paulton, Ruth and Hunter, Neil and Perry, Jack and Parry-Jones, Adrian and Johnes, Mary and Lee, Stephanie and Shaw, Kelly Marie and Burger, Ilse and Punter, Martin and Ingham, Andrea and Naing, Zin and Morell, Jordi and Marsden, Tracy and Marshall, Sally and Harrison, Louise and Jarapa, Rowilson and Wood, Edith and O'Loughlin, Victoria and Davies, Silvie and Burgess, Laura and Ngwako, Mmua and Nisar, Nabeela and Roganova, Tatjana and Bathula, Rajaram and Devine, Joseph and David, Anette and Guo, Fenglin and Owoyele, Emmanuelle and Abbdul-saheb, Mudhar and Chamberlain, Angela and Richards, Emma and Ali, Ali and Balitska, Olesia and Birchall, Kathryn and Doyle, Clare and Stocks, Kathy and Howe, Jo and Barron, Luke and Dakin, Katy and Tomlin, Dawn and Bearne, Helen and Buxton, Jean and Fitzell, Pauline and Ayres, Georgina and Horan, Kathleen and Bhakri, Harbens and Sinha, Devesh and Loganathan, Thayalini and Ngo, David and Barber, Mark and Wani, Mushtaq and Krishnan, Manju and Quinn, Leanne and Spencer, Jayne and Jones, Terry and Thompson-Jones, Helen and Dacey, Lynne and Storton, Sharon and Beaty, Teresa and Treadwell, Shelley and Davies, Caroline and Tucker, Susan and Slade, Peter and Remegoso, Alda and Abano, Nenette and Carpio, Racquel and Butler, Adrian and Moores, Andrew and Maguire, Holly and ... and RESTART Collaboration
Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 2019, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp. 643 - 652
Findings from the RESTART trial suggest that starting antiplatelet therapy might reduce the risk of recurrent symptomatic intracerebral haemorrhage compared... 
Journal Article | Clinical Neurology | MICROBLEEDS | SUPERFICIAL SIDEROSIS | SIGNS | AMYLOID ANGIOPATHY | ACUTE ISCHEMIC-STROKE | ANTITHROMBOTIC THERAPY | ASPIRIN | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | Atrophy | Neuroimaging | Anticoagulants | Stroke | Aspirin | Statistical analysis | Medical imaging | Magnetic resonance imaging | Computed tomography | Biomarkers | Hemorrhage
Journal Article
Sydney morning herald, ISSN 0312-6315, 05/1998
Coles Myer's biggest shareholder, Mr Solomon Lew, yesterday began a new court battle against the Australian Securities Commission, claiming the corporate... 
Newspaper Article
The Age (Melbourne, Vic.), ISSN 0312-6307, 06/1997
Mr Solomon Lew has taken legal action against the Country Road retail chain, claiming that Country Road has broken a long-term lease on its former... 
Newspaper Article
Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia : 1931), ISSN 1039-4192, 08/2001
The claims about Ms [Kim Beazley] being turned away were made by Labor senators Sue West and George Campbell, who briefed journalists on Mr Beazley's caucus address on Tuesday... 
West, Sue | Beazley, Kim
Newspaper Article
Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia : 1931), ISSN 1039-4192, 07/2001
In Parliament's Great Hall, Senator [Amanda Vanstone] faced up against Centrelink chief executive Sue Vardon to debate "that women don't have the ticker... 
Vardon, Sue | Vanstone, Amanda
Newspaper Article
Sunday mail (Adelaide, S. Aust.), ISSN 1039-4184, 02/2003
... representation is at odds with her decision to back Victoria's Alan Griffin over Tasmania's Sue Mackay for a rare frontbench spot... 
Kirner, Joan | Crean, Simon | Griffin, Alan | Mackay, Sue | Lawrence, CARMEN
Newspaper Article
The Courier-mail, ISSN 1322-5235, 09/2015
  The image circulated in football and cricket circles for several years before Woman's Day published it, prompting Bingle to sue for breach of privacy... 
Consent | Photographs
Newspaper Article
The Australian (Canberra, A.C.T.), ISSN 1038-8761, 09/2008
...: `Have you got my letter?' "Then she said she was going to sue me and she used some legal expression... 
Newspaper Article
The Australian (Canberra, A.C.T.), ISSN 1038-8761, 08/2004
.... Sue Zayon, a resident whose daughter attends a local Jewish school, Mt Scopus College, told The Australian that Mr Danby described Labor MPs as irrelevant. 
Newspaper Article
Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), ISSN 1039-9992, 02/2003
.... Candidates for the vacant position are tipped to include Senator Sue Mackay (Tasmania), former ACTU president Jennie George (Victoria), Alan Griffin (Victoria), Tanya Pilbersik (NSW... 
Beazley, Kim
Newspaper Article
Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), ISSN 1039-9992, 07/2001
Dr [Kerryn Phelps] had threatened to sue after Dr [Michael Wooldridge] suggested her credentials were more in the media than the medical arena... 
Phelps, Kerryn | Wooldridge, Michael
Newspaper Article
Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), ISSN 1039-9992, 05/2001
Australian Medical Association president Kerryn Phelps yesterday threatened to sue Dr [Michael Wooldridge... 
Newspaper Article
Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), ISSN 1039-9992, 08/2001
...] for misbriefing the media. Senators [Sue West] and Campbell quoted Mr Beazley as saying Hannah had been turned away from "a number of public hospitals" because of a... 
Beazley, Kim | Campbell, George | Wooldridge, Michael
Newspaper Article
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