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by Ahmad, Q. R and Allen, R. C and Andersen, T. C and Anglin, J. D and Barton, J. C and Beier, E. W and Bercovitch, M and Bigu, J and Biller, S. D and Black, R. A and Blevis, I and Boardman, R. J and Boger, J and Bonvin, E and Boulay, M. G and Bowler, M. G and Bowles, T. J and Brice, S. J and Browne, M. C and Bullard, T. V and Bühler, G and Cameron, J and Chan, Y. D and Chen, H. H and Chen, M and Chen, X and Cleveland, B. T and Clifford, E. T. H and Cowan, J. H. M and Cowen, D. F and Cox, G. A and Dai, X and Dalnoki-Veress, F and Davidson, W. F and Doe, P. J and Doucas, G and Dragowsky, M. R and Duba, C. A and Duncan, F. A and Dunford, M and Dunmore, J. A and Earle, E. D and Elliott, S. R and Evans, H. C and Ewan, G. T and Farine, J and Fergani, H and Ferraris, A. P and Ford, R. J and Formaggio, J. A and Fowler, M. M and Frame, K and Frank, E. D and Frati, W and Gagnon, N and Germani, J. V and Gil, S and Graham, K and Grant, D. R and Hahn, R. L and Hallin, A. L and Hallman, E. D and Hamer, A. S and Hamian, A. A and Handler, W. B and Haq, R. U and Hargrove, C. K and Harvey, P. J and Hazama, R and Heeger, K. M and Heintzelman, W. J and Heise, J and Helmer, R. L and Hepburn, J. D and Heron, H and Hewett, J and Hime, A and Howe, M and Hykawy, J. G and Isaac, M. C. P and Jagam, P and Jelley, N. A and Jillings, C and Jonkmans, G and Kazkaz, K and Keener, P. T and Klein, J. R and Knox, A. B and Komar, R. J and Kouzes, R and Kutter, T and Kyba, C. C. M and Law, J and Lawson, I. T and Lay, M and Lee, H. W and Lesko, K. T and Leslie, J. R and Levine, I and Locke, W and ... and SNO Collaboration and SNO Collaboration. Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Physical review letters, ISSN 1079-7114, 06/2002, Volume 89, Issue 1, pp. 113021 - 113025
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) has measured day and night solar neutrino energy spectra and rates. For charged current events, assuming an undistorted... 
Physics, Multidisciplinary | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article
by Sirunyan, A.M and Erö, J and Hörmann, N and Wulz, C.-E and Abu Zeid, S and Tavernier, S and Van Mulders, P and Van Parijs, I and Delannoy, H and Fasanella, G and Goldouzian, R and Karapostoli, G and Léonard, A and Yonamine, R and Zhang, F and Cimmino, A and Cornelis, T and Beluffi, C and Caudron, A and Krintiras, G and Mertens, A and Hensel, C and Chinellato, J and De Jesus Damiao, D and Santoro, A and Dogra, S and Novaes, S.F and Ruiz Vargas, J.C and Aleksandrov, A and Fang, W and Chen, G.M and Chen, Y and Leggat, D and Shaheen, S.M and Wang, C and Zhang, H and Qian, S.J and Xu, Z and González Hernández, C.F and Sculac, T and Ferencek, D and Micanovic, S and Attikis, A and Ptochos, F and Rykaczewski, H and Finger, M and Perrini, L and Raidal, M and Pekkanen, J and Härkönen, J and Järvinen, T and Lampén, T and Lehti, S and Wendland, L and Fabbro, B and Titov, M and Zghiche, A and Abdulsalam, A and Busson, P and Chapon, E and Charlot, C and Jo, M and Paganini, P and Salerno, R and Yilmaz, Y and Andrea, J and Aubin, A and Bloch, D and Goerlach, U and Le Bihan, A.-C and Bernet, C and Courbon, B and Fan, J and Fay, J and Gascon, S and Mirabito, L and Popov, A and Viret, S and Toriashvili, T and Klein, K and Brodski, M and Dietz-Laursonn, E and Duchardt, D and Erdmann, M and Esch, T and Heidemann, C and Reithler, H and Rieger, M and Thüer, S and Cherepanov, V and Kress, T and Müller, T and Nowack, A and Aldaya Martin, M and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Beernaert, K and Behrens, U and Borras, K and Campbell, A and Diez Pardos, C and ... and The CMS Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 07/2017, Volume 770, Issue C, pp. 357 - 379
The production yields of ϒ(1S), ϒ(2S), and ϒ(3S) quarkonium states are measured through their decays into muon pairs in the CMS detector, in PbPb and pp... 
CMS | Heavy ions | Dimuons | Bottomonia | Physics
Journal Article
by Aharmim, B and Ahmed, S. N and Anthony, A. E and Barros, N and Beier, E. W and Bellerive, A and Beltran, B and Bergevin, M and Biller, S. D and Boudjemline, K and Boulay, M. G and Cai, B and Chan, Y. D and Chauhan, D and Chen, M and Cleveland, B. T and Cox, G. A and Dai, X and Deng, H and Detwiler, J. A and DiMarco, M and Doe, P. J and Doucas, G and Drouin, P.-L and Duncan, F. A and Dunford, M and Earle, E. D and Elliott, S. R and Evans, H. C and Ewan, G. T and Farine, J and Fergani, H and Fleurot, F and Ford, R. J and Formaggio, J. A and Gagnon, N and Goon, J. TM and Graham, K and Guillian, E and Habib, S and Hahn, R. L and Hallin, A. L and Hallman, E. D and Harvey, P. J and Hazama, R and Heintzelman, W. J and Heise, J and Helmer, R. L and Hime, A and Howard, C and Huang, M and Jagam, P and Jamieson, B and Jelley, N. A and Jerkins, M and Keeter, K. J and Klein, J. R and Kormos, L. L and Kos, M and Kraus, C and Krauss, C. B and Kruger, A and Kutter, T and Kyba, C. C. M and Lange, R and Law, J and Lawson, I. T and Lesko, K. T and Leslie, J. R and Loach, J. C and MacLellan, R and Majerus, S and Mak, H. B and Maneira, J and Martin, R and McCauley, N and McDonald, A. B and McGee, S. R and Miller, M. L and Monreal, B and Monroe, J and Nickel, B. G and Noble, A. J and O’Keeffe, H. M and Oblath, N. S and Ollerhead, R. W and Orebi Gann, G. D and Oser, S. M and Ott, R. A and Peeters, S. J. M and Poon, A. W. P and Prior, G and Reitzner, S. D and Rielage, K and Robertson, B. C and Robertson, R. G. H and Rosten, R. C and Schwendener, M. H and Secrest, J. A and Seibert, S. R and ... and SNO Collaboration
Physical review. C, Nuclear physics, ISSN 1089-490X, 08/2013, Volume 88, Issue 2
We report results from a combined analysis of solar neutrino data from all phases of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO). By exploiting particle... 
Physical Sciences | Physics, Nuclear | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article
by KATTGE, J and DÍAZ, S and LAVOREL, S and PRENTICE, I. C and LEADLEY, P and BÖNISCH, G and GARNIER, E and WESTOBY, M and REICH, P. B and WRIGHT, I. J and CORNELISSEN, J. H. C and VIOLLE, C and HARRISON, S. P and Van BODEGOM, P. M and REICHSTEIN, M and ENQUIST, B. J and SOUDZILOVSKAIA, N. A and ACKERLY, D. D and ANAND, M and ATKIN, O and BAHN, M and BAKER, T. R and BALDOCCHI, D and BEKKER, R and BLANCO, C. C and BLONDER, B and BOND, W. J and BRADSTOCK, R and BUNKER, D. E and CASANOVES, F and CAVENDER-BARES, J and CHAMBERS, J. Q and CHAPIN III, F. S and CHAVE, J and COOMES, D and CORNWELL, W. K and CRAINE, J. M and DOBRIN, B. H and DUARTE, L and DURKA, W and ELSER, J and ESSER, G and ESTIARTE, M and FAGAN, W. F and FANG, J and FERNÁNDEZ-MÉNDEZ, F and FIDELIS, A and FINEGAN, B and FLORES, O and FORD, H and FRANK, D and FRESCHET, G. T and FYLLAS, N. M and GALLAGHER, R. V and GREEN, W. A and GUTIERREZ, A. G and HICKLER, T and HIGGINS, S. I and HODGSON, J. G and JALILI, A and JANSEN, S and JOLY, C. A and KERKHOFF, A. J and KIRKUP, D and KITAJIMA, K and KLEYER, M and KLOTZ, S and KNOPS, J. M. H and KRAMER, K and KÜHN, I and KUROKAWA, H and LAUGHLIN, D and LEE, T. D and LEISHMAN, M and LENS, F and LENZ, T and LEWIS, S. L and LLOYD, J and LLUSIÀ, J and LOUAULT, F and MA, S and MAHECHA, M. D and MANNING, P and MASSAD, T and MEDLYN, B. E and MESSIER, J and MOLES, A. T and MÜLLER, S. C and NADROWSKI, K and NAEEM, S and NIINEMETS, Ü and NÖLLERT, S and NÜSKE, A and OGAYA, R and OLEKSYN, J and ONIPCHENKO, V. G and ONODA, Y and ORDOÑEZ, J and OVERBECK, G and OZINGA, W. A and ... and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
Global change biology, ISSN 1354-1013, 09/2011, Volume 17, Issue 9, pp. 2905 - 2935
Plant traits - the morphological, anatomical, physiological, biochemical and phenological characteristics of plants and their organs - determine how primary... 
WIDE-RANGE | LEAF ECONOMICS SPECTRUM | plant trait | intraspecific variation | plant attribute | LITTER DECOMPOSITION RATES | OLD-FIELD SUCCESSION | vegetation model | functional diversity | database | global analysis | TROPICAL RAIN-FOREST | SUB-ARCTIC FLORA | environmental gradient | global change | HAWAIIAN METROSIDEROS-POLYMORPHA | FUNCTIONAL TRAITS | RELATIVE GROWTH-RATE | TERRESTRIAL BIOSPHERE | interspecific variation | comparative ecology | plant functional type | Plant trait | Comparative ecology | Intraspecific variation | Plant attribute | Global analysis | Global change | Database | Interspecific variation | Vegetation model | Plant functional type | Environmental gradient | Functional diversity | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Biodiversity Conservation | Environmental Sciences & Ecology | Ecology | Biodiversity & Conservation | Science & Technology | Environmental Sciences | Phenology | Databases | Flowers & plants | Biodiversity and Ecology | ORGANS | LIFE CYCLE | AVAILABILITY | REGENERATION | BIOLOGY | ECOLOGY | PLANTS | 60 APPLIED LIFE SCIENCES | ECOSYSTEMS | FUNCTIONALS | DATA ANALYSIS | RAW MATERIALS | Original | leaf economics spectrum | functional traits | relative growth-rate | terrestrial biosphere | hawaiian metrosideros-polymorpha | tropical rain-forest | old-field succession | sub-arctic flora | litter decomposition rates | wide-range
Journal Article