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by Acharyya, A and Agudo, I and Angüner, E.O and Alfaro, R and Alfaro, J and Alispach, C and Aloisio, R and Alves Batista, R and Amans, J.-P and Amati, L and Amato, E and Ambrosi, G and Antonelli, L.A and Aramo, C and Armstrong, T and Arqueros, F and Arrabito, L and Asano, K and Ashkar, H and Balazs, C and Balbo, M and Balmaverde, B and Barai, P and Barbano, A and Barkov, M and Barres de Almeida, U and Barrio, J.A and Bastieri, D and Becerra González, J and Becker Tjus, J and Bellizzi, L and Benbow, W and Bernardini, E and Bernardos, M.I and Bernlöhr, K and Berti, A and Berton, M and Bertucci, B and Beshley, V and Biasuzzi, B and Bigongiari, C and Bird, R and Bissaldi, E and Biteau, J and Blanch, O and Blazek, J and Boisson, C and Bonanno, G and Bonardi, A and Bonavolontá, C and Bonnoli, G and Bordas, P and Böttcher, M and Bregeon, J and Brill, A and Brown, A.M and Brügge, K and Brun, P and Bruno, P and Bulgarelli, A and Bulik, T and Burton, M and Burtovoi, A and Busetto, G and Cameron, R and Canestrari, R and Capalbi, M and Caproni, A and Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R and Caraveo, P and Caroff, S and Carosi, R and Casanova, S and Cascone, E and Cassol, F and Catalani, F and Catalano, O and Cauz, D and Cerruti, M and Chaty, S and Chen, A and Chernyakova, M and Chiaro, G and Cieślar, M and Colak, S.M and Conforti, V and Congiu, E and Contreras, J.L and Cortina, J and Costa, A and Costantini, H and Cotter, G and Cristofari, P and Cumani, P and Cusumano, G and D’Aí, A and D’Ammando, F and Dangeon, L and Da Vela, P and Dazzi, F and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Dept. of Energy (DOE), Washington DC (United States). Office of High Energy Physics
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 09/2019, Volume 111, Issue C, pp. 35 - 53
Journal Article
by Acero, F and Aloisio, R and Amans, J and Amato, E and Antonelli, L. A and Aramo, C and Armstrong, T and Arqueros, F and Asano, K and Ashley, M and Backes, M and Balazs, C and Balzer, A and Bamba, A and Barkov, M and Barrio, J. A and Benbow, W and Bernlöhr, K and Beshley, V and Bigongiari, C and Biland, A and Bilinsky, A and Bissaldi, E and Biteau, J and Blanch, O and Blasi, P and Blazek, J and Boisson, C and Bonanno, G and Bonardi, A and Bonavolontà, C and Bonnoli, G and Braiding, C and Brau-Nogué, S and Bregeon, J and Brown, A. M and Bugaev, V and Bulgarelli, A and Bulik, T and Burton, M and Burtovoi, A and Busetto, G and Böttcher, M and Cameron, R and Capalbi, M and Caproni, A and Caraveo, P and Carosi, R and Cascone, E and Cerruti, M and Chaty, S and Chen, A and Chen, X and Chernyakova, M and Chikawa, M and Chudoba, J and Cohen-Tanugi, J and Colafrancesco, S and Conforti, V and Contreras, J. L and Costa, A and Cotter, G and Covino, S and Covone, G and Cumani, P and Cusumano, G and D'Ammando, F and D'Urso, D and Daniel, M and Dazzi, F and De Angelis, A and De Cesare, G and De Franco, A and De Frondat, F and de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M and De Lisio, C and de los Reyes Lopez, R and De Lotto, B and de Naurois, M and De Palma, F and Del Santo, M and Delgado, C and della Volpe, D and Di Girolamo, T and Di Giulio, C and Di Pierro, F and Di Venere, L and Doro, M and Dournaux, J and Dumas, D and Dwarkadas, V and Díaz, C and Ebr, J and Egberts, K and Einecke, S and Elsässer, D and Eschbach, S and Falceta-Goncalves, D and Fasola, G and Fedorova, E and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
The Astrophysical journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 05/2017, Volume 840, Issue 2, pp. 1 - 14
Journal Article
by Acciari, V.A and Aliu, E and Arlen, T and Bautista, M and Beilicke, M and Benbow, W and Bradbury, S.M and Buckley, J.H and Bugaev, V and Butt, Y and Byrum, K and Cannon, A and Celik, O and Cesarini, A and Chow, Y.C and Ciupik, L and Cogan, P and Cui, W and Dickherber, R and Fegan, S.J and Finley, J.P and Fortin, P and Fortson, L and Fumiss, A and Gall, D and Gillanders, G.H and Grube, J and Guenette, R and Gyuk, G and Hanna, D and Holder, J and Horan, D and Hui, C.M and Humensky, T.B and Imran, A and Kaaret, P and Karlsson, N and Kieda, D and Kildea, J and Konopelko, A and Krawczynski, H and Krennrich, F and Lang, M.J and LeBohec, S and Maier, G and McCann, A and McCutcheon, M and Millis, J and Moriarty, P and Ong, R.A and Otte, A.N and Pandel, D and Perkins, J.S and Petry, D and Pohl, M and Quinn, J and Ragan, K and Reyes, L.C and Reynolds, P.T and Roache, E and Roache, E and Rose, H.J and Schroedter, M and Sembroski, G.H and Smith, A.W and Swordy, S.P and Theiling, M and Toner, J.A and Varlotta, A and Vincent, S and Wakely, S.P and Ward, J.E and Weekes, T.C and Weinstein, A and Williams, D.A and Wissel, S and Wood, M and Waiker, R.C and Davies, F and Hardee, P.E and Junor, W and Ly, C and Aharonian, F and Akhperjanian, A.G and Anton, G and De Almeida, U. Barres and Bazer-Bachi, A.R and Becherini, Y and Behera, B and Bemlöhr, K and Bochow, A and Boisson, C and Bolmont, J and Borrel, V and Brucker, J and Brun, F and Brun, P and Bühler, R and Bulik, T and Büsching, I and ... and VERITAS Collaboration and HESS Collaboration and MAGIC Collaboration and VLBA 43 Ghz M87 Monitoring Team and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and VLBA 43 GHz M87 Monitoring Team and the MAGIC Collaboration and The VERITAS Collaboration and the VLBA 43 GHz M87 Monitoring Team and the H.E.S.S. Collaboration
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 7/2009, Volume 325, Issue 5939, pp. 444 - 448
Journal Article
by J. Aleksić and S. Ansoldi and L. A. Antonelli and P. Antoranz and A. Babic and P. Bangale and J. A. Barrio and J. Becerra González and W. Bednarek and E. Bernardini and B. Biasuzzi and A. Biland and O. Blanch and S. Bonnefoy and G. Bonnoli and F. Borracci and T. Bretz and E. Carmona and A. Carosi and P. Colin and E. Colombo and J. L. Contreras and J. Cortina and S. Covino and P. Da Vela and F. Dazzi and A. De Angelis and G. De Caneva and B. De Lotto and E. de Oña Wilhelmi and C. Delgado Mendez and D. Dominis Prester and D. Dorner and M. Doro and S. Einecke and D. Eisenacher and D. Elsaesser and M. V. Fonseca and L. Font and K. Frantzen and C. Fruck and D. Galindo and R. J. García López and M. Garczarczyk and D. Garrido Terrats and M. Gaug and N. Godinović and A. González Muñoz and S. R. Gozzini and D. Hadasch and Y. Hanabata and M. Hayashida and J. Herrera and D. Hildebrand and J. Hose and D. Hrupec and W. Idec and V. Kadenius and H. Kellermann and K. Kodani and Y. Konno and J. Krause and H. Kubo and J. Kushida and A. La Barbera and D. Lelas and N. Lewandowska and E. Lindfors and S. Lombardi and F. Longo and M. López and R. López-Coto and A. López-Oramas and E. Lorenz and I. Lozano and M. Makariev and K. Mallot and G. Maneva and N. Mankuzhiyil and K. Mannheim and L. Maraschi and B. Marcote and M. Mariotti and M. Martínez and D. Mazin and U. Menzel and J. M. Miranda and R. Mirzoyan and A. Moralejo and P. Munar-Adrover and D. Nakajima and A. Niedzwiecki and K. Nilsson and K. Nishijima and K. Noda and R. Orito and A. Overkemping and S. Paiano and M. Palatiello and D. Paneque and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6213, pp. 1080 - 1084
Journal Article
by Aartsen, M.G and Abraham, K and Ackermann, M and Adams, J and Aguilar, J.A and Ahlers, M and Ahrens, M and Altmann, D and Andeen, K and Anderson, T and Ansseau, I and Anton, G and Archinger, M and Argüelles, C and Auffenberg, J and Axani, S and Bai, X and Barwick, S.W and Baum, V and Bay, R and Beatty, J.J and Becker Tjus, J and Becker, K.-H and BenZvi, S and Berley, D and Bernardini, E and Bernhard, A and Besson, D.Z and Binder, G and Bindig, D and Bissok, M and Blaufuss, E and Blot, S and Bohm, C and Börner, M and Bos, F and Bose, D and Böser, S and Botner, O and Brayeur, L and Bretz, H.-P and Bron, S and Burgman, A and Carver, T and Casier, M and Chirkin, D and Clark, K and Classen, L and Coenders, S and Collin, G.H and Conrad, J.M and Cowen, D.F and Cross, R and Day, M and De André, J.P.A.M and Dembinski, H and De Ridder, S and Desiati, P and De Vries, K.D and De Wasseige, G and De With, M and Díaz-Vélez, J.C and Di Lorenzo, V and Dujmovic, H and Dumm, J.P and Dunkman, M and Eberhardt, B and Ehrhardt, T and Eichmann, B and Eller, P and Euler, S and Evenson, P.A and Fahey, S and Fazely, A.R and Feintzeig, J and Felde, J and Finley, C and Flis, S and Fösig, C.-C and Franckowiak, A and Franke, R and Friedman, E and Fuchs, T and Gaisser, T.K and Gallagher, J and Gerhardt, L and Ghorbani, K and Giang, W and Gladstone, L and Glauch, T and Glüsenkamp, T and Goldschmidt, A and Golup, G and Gonzalez, J.G and Grant, D and Haack, C and Haj Ismail, A and Hallgren, A and Halzen, F and Hansen, E and ... and IceCube Collaboration and VERITAS Collaboration and MAGIC Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States). National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 11/2016, Volume 11, Issue 11, pp. P11009 - P11009
Journal Article
by Ansoldi, S and Antonelli, L. A and Arcaro, C and Baack, D and Babi, A and Banerjee, B and Bangale, P and Barres de Almeida, U and Barrio, J. A and González, J. Becerra and Bednarek, W and Bernardini, E and Berse, R. Ch and Berti, A and Besenrieder, J and Bhattacharyya, W and Bigongiari, C and Biland, A and Blanch, O and Bonnoli, G and Carosi, R and Ceribella, G and Chatterjee, A and Colak, S. M and Colin, P and Colombo, E and Contreras, J. L and Cortina, J and Covino, S and Cumani, P and D'Elia, V and Vela, P. Da and Dazzi, F and Angelis, A. De and Lotto, B. De and Delfino, M and Delgado, J and Pierro, F. Di and Domínguez, A and Prester, D. Dominis and Dorner, D and Doro, M and Einecke, S and Elsaesser, D and Ramazani, V. Fallah and Fattorini, A and Fernández-Barral, A and Ferrara, G and Fidalgo, D and Foffano, L and Fonseca, M. V and Font, L and Fruck, C and Gallozzi, S and López, R. J. García and Garczarczyk, M and Gaug, M and Giammaria, P and Godinovi, N and Guberman, D and Hadasch, D and Hahn, A and Hassan, T and Hayashida, M and Herrera, J and Hoang, J and Hrupec, D and Inoue, S and Ishio, K and Iwamura, Y and Konno, Y and Kubo, H and Kushida, J and Lamastra, A and Lelas, D and Leone, F and Lindfors, E and Lombardi, S and Longo, F and López, M and Maggio, C and Majumdar, P and Makariev, M and Maneva, G and Manganaro, M and Mannheim, K and Maraschi, L and Mariotti, M and Martínez, M and Masuda, S and Mazin, D and Mielke, K and Minev, M and Miranda, J. M and Mirzoyan, R and Moralejo, A and Moreno, V and Moretti, E and Neustroev, V and Niedzwiecki, A and ...
Astrophysical journal. Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 08/2018, Volume 863, Issue 1, p. L10
Journal Article