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by Schunkert, Heribert and König, Inke R and Kathiresan, Sekar and Reilly, Muredach P and Assimes, Themistocles L and Holm, Hilma and Preuss, Michael and Stewart, Alexandre F R and Barbalic, Maja and Gieger, Christian and Absher, Devin and Aherrahrou, Zouhair and Allayee, Hooman and Altshuler, David and Anand, Sonia S and Andersen, Karl and Anderson, Jeffrey L and Ardissino, Diego and Ball, Stephen G and Balmforth, Anthony J and Barnes, Timothy A and Becker, Diane M and Becker, Lewis C and Berger, Klaus and Bis, Joshua C and Boekholdt, S Matthijs and Boerwinkle, Eric and Braund, Peter S and Brown, Morris J and Burnett, Mary Susan and Buysschaert, Ian and Carlquist, John F and Chen, Li and Cichon, Sven and Codd, Veryan and Davies, Robert W and Dedoussis, George and Dehghan, Abbas and Demissie, Serkalem and Devaney, Joseph M and Diemert, Patrick and Do, Ron and Doering, Angela and Eifert, Sandra and Mokhtari, Nour Eddine El and Ellis, Stephen G and Elosua, Roberto and Engert, James C and Epstein, Stephen E and de Faire, Ulf and Fischer, Marcus and Folsom, Aaron R and Freyer, Jennifer and Gigante, Bruna and Girelli, Domenico and Gretarsdottir, Solveig and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Gulcher, Jeffrey R and Halperin, Eran and Hammond, Naomi and Hazen, Stanley L and Hofman, Albert and Horne, Benjamin D and Illig, Thomas and Iribarren, Carlos and Jones, Gregory T and Jukema, J Wouter and Kaiser, Michael A and Kaplan, Lee M and Kastelein, John J P and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Knowles, Joshua W and Kolovou, Genovefa and Kong, Augustine and Laaksonen, Reijo and Lambrechts, Diether and Leander, Karin and Lettre, Guillaume and Li, Mingyao and Lieb, Wolfgang and Loley, Christina and Lotery, Andrew J and Mannucci, Pier M and Maouche, Seraya and Martinelli, Nicola and McKeown, Pascal P and Meisinger, Christa and Meitinger, Thomas and Melander, Olle and Merlini, Pier Angelica and Mooser, Vincent and Morgan, Thomas and Mühleisen, Thomas W and Muhlestein, Joseph B and Münzel, Thomas and Musunuru, Kiran and Nahrstaedt, Janja and Nelson, Christopher P and Nöthen, Markus M and Olivieri, Oliviero and ... and Cardiogenics and the CARDIoGRAM Consortium and CARDIoGRAM Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp. 333 - 338
Journal Article
by Kathiresan, Sekar and Voight, Benjamin F and Purcell, Shaun and Musunuru, Kiran and Ardissino, Diego and Mannucci, Pier M and Anand, Sonia and Engert, James C and Samani, Nilesh J and Schunkert, Heribert and Erdmann, Jeanette and Reilly, Muredach P and Rader, Daniel J and Morgan, Thomas and Spertus, John A and Stoll, Monika and Girelli, Domenico and McKeown, Pascal P and Patterson, Chris C and Siscovick, David S and O'Donnell, Christopher J and Elosua, Roberto and Peltonen, Leena and Salomaa, Veikko and Schwartz, Stephen M and Melander, Olle and Altshuler, David and Merlini, Pier Angelica and Berzuini, Carlo and Bernardinelli, Luisa and Peyvandi, Flora and Tubaro, Marco and Celli, Patrizia and Ferrario, Maurizio and Fetiveau, Raffaela and Marziliano, Nicola and Casari, Giorgio and Galli, Michele and Ribichini, Flavio and Rossi, Marco and Bernardi, Francesco and Zonzin, Pietro and Piazza, Alberto and Yee, Jean and Friedlander, Yechiel and Marrugat, Jaume and Lucas, Gavin and Subirana, Isaac and Sala, Joan and Ramos, Rafael and Meigs, James B and Williams, Gordon and Nathan, David M and MacRae, Calum A and Havulinna, Aki S and Berglund, Goran and Hirschhorn, Joel N and Asselta, Rosanna and Duga, Stefano and Spreafico, Marta and Daly, Mark J and Nemesh, James and Korn, Joshua M and McCarroll, Steven A and Surti, Aarti and Guiducci, Candace and Gianniny, Lauren and Mirel, Daniel and Parkin, Melissa and Burtt, Noel and Gabriel, Stacey B and Thompson, John R and Braund, Peter S and Wright, Benjamin J and Balmforth, Anthony J and Ball, Stephen G and Hall, Alistair S and Linsel-Nitschke, Patrick and Lieb, Wolfgang and Ziegler, Andreas and König, Inke R and Hengstenberg, Christian and Fischer, Marcus and Stark, Klaus and Grosshennig, Anika and Preuss, Michael and Wichmann, H.-Erich and Schreiber, Stefan and Ouwehand, Willem and Deloukas, Panos and Scholz, Michael and Cambien, Francois and Cardiogenics, Cardiogenics and Li, Mingyao and Chen, Zhen and Wilensky, Robert and Matthai, William and Qasim, Atif and Hakonarson, Hakon H and Devaney, Joe and ... and unav and Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2009, Volume 41, Issue 3, pp. 334 - 341
Journal Article
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Journal Article
2008, Geophysical monograph series, ISBN 0875904467, Volume 181, ix, 327
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 11/2011, Volume 89, Issue 5, pp. 619 - 627
Journal Article
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 1, p. 46607
... Wei3,4 & Anthony J. Mannucci2 It is well known that tsunamis can produce gravity waves that propagate up to the ionosphere generating disturbed electron densities... 
Journal Article
Space weather, ISSN 1542-7390, 2014, Volume 12, Issue 11, pp. 616 - 621
The joint Taiwan‐United States FORMOSAT‐3/COSMIC (Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate) mission, hereafter called COSMIC, is... 
ionosphere | GNSS | radio occultation | Radio occultation | Ionosphere | GEOCHEMISTRY & GEOPHYSICS | MISSION | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | METEOROLOGY & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES | Satellites | Radios | Global positioning systems--GPS | Global navigation satellite system | Satellite tracking | Space weather | Scintillation | Missions | Global Positioning System
Journal Article
by Strawbridge, R. J and Dupuis, J and Prokopenko, I and Barker, A and Ahlqvist, E and Rybin, D and Petrie, J. R and Travers, M. E and Bouatia-Naji, N and Dimas, A. S and Nica, A and Wheeler, E and Chen, H and Voight, B. F and Taneera, J and Kanoni, S and Peden, J. F and Turrini, F and Gustafsson, S and Zabena, C and Almgren, P and Barker, D. J. P and Barnes, D and Dennison, E. M and Eriksson, J. G and Eriksson, P and Eury, E and Folkersen, L and Fox, C. S and Frayling, T. M and Goel, A and Gu, H. F and Horikoshi, M and Isomaa, B and Jackson, A. U and Jameson, K. A and Kajantie, E and Kerr-Conte, J and Kuulasmaa, T and Kuusisto, J and Loos, R. J. F and Luan, J and Makrilakis, K and Manning, A. K and Martinez-Larrad, M. T and Narisu, N and Nastase Mannila, M and Ohrvik, J and Osmond, C and Pascoe, L and Payne, F and Sayer, A. A and Sennblad, B and Silveira, A and Stancakova, A and Stirrups, K and Swift, A. J and Syvanen, A.-C and Tuomi, T and van 't Hooft, F. M and Walker, M and Weedon, M. N and Xie, W and Zethelius, B and Ongen, H and Malarstig, A and Hopewell, J. C and Saleheen, D and Chambers, J and Parish, S and Danesh, J and Kooner, J and Ostenson, C.-G and Lind, L and Cooper, C. C and Serrano-Rios, M and Ferrannini, E and Forsen, T. J and Clarke, R and Franzosi, M. G and Seedorf, U and Watkins, H and Froguel, P and Johnson, P and Deloukas, P and Collins, F. S and Laakso, M and Dermitzakis, E. T and Boehnke, M and McCarthy, M. I and Wareham, N. J and Groop, L and Pattou, F and Gloyn, A. L and Dedoussis, G. V and Lyssenko, V and Meigs, J. B and Barroso, I and Watanabe, R. M and Ingelsson, E and ... and the MuTHER Consortium and the CARDIoGRAM Consortium and the C4D Consortium and the DIAGRAM Consortium and the GIANT Consortium and C4D Consortium and DIAGRAM Consortium and GIANT Consortium and CARDIoGRAM Consortium and MuTHER Consortium
Diabetes (New York, N.Y.), ISSN 1939-327X, 2011, Volume 60, Issue 10, pp. 2624 - 2634
Journal Article