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physics (26) 26
astrophysics (25) 25
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (24) 24
high energy astrophysical phenomena (21) 21
science & technology (16) 16
[phys.astr.he]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/high energy astrophysical phenomena [astro-ph.he] (13) 13
[sdu.astr.he]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/high energy astrophysical phenomena [astro-ph.he] (13) 13
sciences of the universe (13) 13
galaxy astrophysics (12) 12
physical sciences (12) 12
astronomy & astrophysics (11) 11
astrophysics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (9) 9
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (9) 9
astronomy (8) 8
cosmic rays (7) 7
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (7) 7
pulsars (7) 7
supernova remnants (7) 7
[phys.astr]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (6) 6
earth, ocean, space (6) 6
exact sciences and technology (6) 6
h.e.s.s (6) 6
humans (6) 6
[phys.phys.phys-ins-det]physics [physics]/physics [physics]/instrumentation and detectors [physics.ins-det] (5) 5
female (5) 5
gamma rays (5) 5
instrumentation and detectors (5) 5
nebulae (5) 5
[phys.astr.co]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics [astro-ph.co] (4) 4
[sdu.astr.co]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics [astro-ph.co] (4) 4
adult (4) 4
astrophysics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (4) 4
gamma-ray astronomy (4) 4
life sciences & biomedicine (4) 4
morphology (4) 4
radiation mechanisms: non-thermal (4) 4
supernova (4) 4
x-ray (4) 4
animals (3) 3
astronomical observations (3) 3
astronomical telescopes (3) 3
astroparticle physics (3) 3
bacteriophage typing (3) 3
cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics (3) 3
electronics: readout (3) 3
emission (3) 3
flux (3) 3
galaxies (3) 3
gamma radiation (3) 3
lung transplantation (3) 3
middle aged (3) 3
non-thermal [radiation mechanisms] (3) 3
photons (3) 3
physics, particles & fields (3) 3
programming (3) 3
serotyping (3) 3
solar and stellar astrophysics (3) 3
spectral (3) 3
staphylococcus phages (3) 3
stars & galaxies (3) 3
supernova remnant (3) 3
upgrade (3) 3
[phys.astr.im]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (2) 2
[sdu.astr.im]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (2) 2
[sdu.astr]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (2) 2
active [galaxies] (2) 2
activity report (2) 2
aerosols (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
antigens (2) 2
arrays (2) 2
astrophysics - astrophysics of galaxies (2) 2
atmosphere (2) 2
bl lacertae objects (2) 2
blood patch (2) 2
boosted decision trees (2) 2
cameras (2) 2
cattle (2) 2
cherenkov telescopes (2) 2
cosmic radiation (2) 2
data acquisition (2) 2
density (2) 2
detector: design (2) 2
electronics: design (2) 2
energy spectra (2) 2
galaxy (2) 2
headache (2) 2
hess - abteilung hofmann (2) 2
imaging atmospheric cherenkov telescopes (2) 2
immunohistochemistry (2) 2
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (2) 2
integrated circuit (2) 2
knee (2) 2
late stages of stellar evolution (2) 2
luminosity (2) 2
lung transplantation - methods (2) 2
magnetic fields (2) 2
male (2) 2
mechanical engineering (2) 2
misr (2) 2
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by F. Acero and F. Aharonian and A. G. Akhperjanian and G. Anton and A. R. Bazer-Bachi and Y. Becherini and B. Behera and C. Boisson and V. Borrel and J. Brucker and T. Bulik and I. Büsching and T. Boutelier and P. M. Chadwick and R. C. G. Chaves and A. Cheesebrough and L.-M. Chounet and G. Coignet and I. D. Davids and B. Degrange and H. J. Dickinson and W. Domainko and F. Dubois and J. Dyks and M. Dyrda and D. Emmanoulopoulos and P. Espigat and S. Fegan and F. Feinstein and A. Förster and G. Fontaine and L. Gérard and D. Gerbig and B. Giebels and J. F. Glicenstein and B. Glück and P. Goret and D. Hauser and M. Hauser and S. Heinz and G. Heinzelmann and G. Henri and J. A. Hinton and A. Hoffmann and P. Hofverberg and S. Hoppe and D. Horns and A. Jacholkowska and K. Katarzyński and U. Katz and S. Kaufmann and M. Kerschhaggl and B. Khélifi and D. Klochkov and W. Kluźniak and K. Kosack and R. Kossakowski and J.-P. Lenain and O. Martineau-Huynh and A. Marcowith and J. Masbou and D. Maurin and T. J. L. McComb and M. C. Medina and R. Moderski and E. Moulin and M. Naumann-Godo and M. de Naurois and D. Nekrassov and S. J. Nolan and S. Ohm and J-F. Olive and E. de Oña Wilhelmi and M. Punch and M. Raue and S. M. Rayner and M. Renaud and F. Rieger and J. Ripken and L. Rob and G. Rowell and C. B. Rulten and J. Ruppel and V. Sahakian and F. M. Schöck and U. Schwanke and S. Schwarzburg and S. Schwemmer and A. Shalchi and J. L. Skilton and Ł. Stawarz and C. Stegmann and G. Superina and P. H. Tam and G. Vasileiadis and L. Venter and J. P. Vialle and M. Vivier and M. Ward and A. A. Zdziarski
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2009, Volume 326, Issue 5956, pp. 1080 - 1082
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 10/2017, Volume 291-293, pp. 30 - 35
Journal Article
by Aharonian, F and Arakawa, M and Arcaro, C and Armand, C and Ashkar, H and Barnard, M and Becherini, Y and Bernlöhr, K and Böttcher, M and Boisson, C and Bonnefoy, S and Bryan, M and Büchele, M and Bulik, T and Bylund, T and Caroff, S and Carosi, A and Cerruti, M and Chand, T and Chen, A and Colafrancesco, S and Curyło, M and Deil, C and Devin, J and Dewilt, P and Dirson, L and Djannati-Ataï, A and Dyks, J and Egberts, K and Eschbach, S and Feijen, K and Fontaine, G and Funk, S and Grondin, M.-H and Hahn, J and Heinzelmann, G and Henri, G and Hermann, G and Hoischen, C and Holch, T.L and Holler, M and Huber, D and Jamrozy, M and Jankowsky, F and Jardin-Blicq, A and Kastendieck, M.A and Katarzyński, K and Kostunin, D and MacKey, J and Majumdar, J and Marandon, V and Mares, A and Martí-Devesa, G and Moderski, R and Moore, C and Murach, T and Ndiyavala, H and Niemiec, J and Oakes, L and O'Brien, P and De Ona Wilhelmi, E and Petrucci, P.-O and Peyaud, B and Pita, S and Prokhorov, D.A and Prokoph, H and Rowell, G and Sahakian, V and Sanchez, D.A and Sasaki, M and Schüssler, F and Schulz, A and Schutte, H.M and Schwemmer, S and Seglar-Arroyo, M and Senniappan, M and Shafi, N and Simoni, R and Takahashi, T and Tavernier, T and Taylor, A.M and Terrier, R and Van Rensburg, C and Van Soelen, B and Vink, J and Völk, H.J and Wagner, S.J and White, R and Yang, R and Zacharias, M and Zanin, R and Zdziarski, A.A and Zywucka, N and Madsen, K.K and Chiang, J and Baloković, M and Furniss, A.K and Hayashida, M and Ajello, M and Giommi, P and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
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Journal Article
AIP conference proceedings, ISSN 0094-243X, 01/2017, Volume 1792, Issue 1
Journal Article
by Aharonian, F and Angüner, E.O and Arakawa, M and Arcaro, C and Bernlöhr, K and Boisson, C and Breuhaus, M and Brun, F and Bryan, M and Büchele, M and Carosi, A and Curyło, M and Devin, J and Dewilt, P and Dirson, L and Egberts, K and Eichhorn, F and Ernenwein, J.-P and Eschbach, S and Fegan, S and Fontaine, G and Funk, S and Gabici, S and Giavitto, G and Giunti, L and Glawion, D and Glicenstein, J.F and Gottschall, D and Grondin, M.-H and Haupt, M and Heinzelmann, G and Hermann, G and Hofmann, W and Hoischen, C and Holler, M and Horns, D and Huber, D and Jankowsky, D and Jankowsky, F and Jardin-Blicq, A and Katsuragawa, M and Kluź Niak, W and Komin, Nu and Kostunin, D and Lemière, A and Lenain, J.-P and Leser, E and Levy, C and Majumdar, J and Malyshev, D and Marandon, V and Marchegiani, P and Marcowith, A and Martí-Devesa, G and Moderski, R and Moore, C and Nakashima, K and Ndiyavala, H and Niederwanger, F and Ohm, S and De Ona Wilhelmi, E and Ostrowski, M and Prokoph, H and Raab, S and Reimer, O and Remy, Q and Rinchiuso, L and Rowell, G and Ruiz-Velasco, E and Sahakian, V and Sailer, S and Sasaki, M and Scalici, M and Schüssler, F and Schulz, A and Schutte, H.M and Seglar-Arroyo, M and Senniappan, M and Shiningayamwe, K and Simoni, R and Steenkamp, R and Steppa, C and Tavernier, T and Taylor, A.M and Terrier, R and Tiziani, D and Tomankova, L and Trichard, C and Tsuji, N and Tuffs, R and Uchiyama, Y and Van Eldik, C and Van Soelen, B and Venter, C and Vincent, P and Vuillaume, T and Watson, J and Zanin, R and Zech, A and Zywucka, N and H.E.S.S. Collaboration
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article