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Journal Article
by Assoumou, L and Bocket, L and Pallier, C and Grude, M and Ait-Namane, R and Izopet, J and Raymond, S and Charpentier, C and Visseaux, B and Wirden, M and Trabaud, MA and Le Guillou-Guillemette, H and Allaoui, C and Henquell, C and Krivine, A and Dos Santos, G and Delamare, C and Bouvier-Alias, M and Montes, B and Ferre, V and De Monte, A and Signori-Schmuck, A and Maillard, A and Morand-Joubert, L and Tumiotto, C and Fafi-Kremer, S and Amiel, C and Barin, F and Marque-Juillet, S and Courdavault, L and Vallet, S and Beby-Defaux, A and de Rougemont, A and Fenaux, H and Avettand-Fenoel, V and Allardet-Servent, A and Plantier, JC and Peytavin, G and Calvez, V and Chaix, ML and Descamps, D and Roussel, C and Ducancelle, A and Alloui, C and Honore, P and Lepiller, Q and Bettinger, D and Bellecave, P and Pinson-Recordon, P and Reigadas, S and Payan, C and Duthe, JC and Leroux, M and Dina, J and Vabret, A and Mirand, A and Simohamed, A and Yerly, S and Gaille, C and Caveng, W and Chapalay, S and Calmy, A and Morand, P and Raho-Moussa, M and Mole, M and Dulucq, MJ and Alidjinou, K and Ranger-Rogez, S and Icard, V and Tardy, JC and Tamalet, C and Schvoerer, E and Rodallec, A and Andre-Garnier, E and Dufayard, J and Guigon, A and Guinard, J and Fillion, M and Soulie, C and Malet, I and Marcelin, AG and Flandre, P and Costagliola, D and Lambert-Niclot, S and Fofana, D and Delaugerre, C and Mahjoub, N and Schneider, V and Giraudeau, G and Plainchamp, D and Alessandri-Gradt, E and Leoz, M and Gantner, P and Fischer, P and Chiabrando, J and Fajole, G and Burgault, O and Chennebault, JM and Hoen, B and Dupon, M and ... and ANRS AC-43 Resistance Study Grp and ANRS AC-43 Resistance Study Group
JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL CHEMOTHERAPY, ISSN 0305-7453, 05/2019, Volume 74, Issue 5, pp. 1417 - 1424
Objectives: We estimated the prevalence of transmitted-drug-resistance-associated mutations (TDRAMs) in antiretroviral-naive chronically HIV-1-infected... 
Journal Article
by Morlat, Philippe and Roussillon, Caroline and Henard, Sandrine and Salmon, Dominique and Bonnet, Fabrice and Cacoub, Patrice and Georget, Aurore and Aouba, Albertine and Rosenthal, Eric and May, Thierry and Chauveau, Marie and Diallo, Bilghissa and Costagliola, Dominique and Chene, Geneviève and Blanc, A.P and Allègre, T and Marquiant, M and Pichard, E and Chennebault, J.M and Quinsat, D and Sutton, L and Genet, P and Gerbe, J and Lepeu, G and Pichancourt, G and Giffo, B and Boulard, F and Bonnal, F and D'Ivernois, C and Hoen, B and Humbert, P and Magy-Bertrand, N and Helder, G and Bourdeaux, C and Bouchaud, O and Honoré, P and Jeantils, V and Tegna, L and Coupard, M and Dupon, M and Lacaze-Buzy, L and Mercié, P and Morlat, Philippe and Caldato, S and Ragnaud, J.M and Rouveix, E and Reimann, E and Verdon, R and Feret, P and Djossou, F and Boué, F and Kansau, I and Schoen, H and Beytout, J and Jacomet, C and Cormerais, L and Blaison, G and Mohseni, M and Pachart, Z.A and Mahe, I and Mortier, E and Zeng, F and Merrien, D and Seghezzi, J.C and Devidas, A and Chevojon, P and Turpault, I and Lévy, Y and Dominguez, S and Dumont, C and Chavanet, P and Faivre, A and Braconnier, C and Cabié, A and Hurtrel, G and Armero, R and Del Giudice, P and Perronne, C and De Truchis, P and Le Du, D and Berthé, H and Brambilla, C and Leclercq, P and Dusfresne, S and Gailland, M.C and Simon, P and Perré, P and Suaud, I and Brottier-Mancini, E and Froguel, E and Tassi, S and Thibous, F and Delfraissy, J and Goujard, C and Bourdic, K and Weinbreck, P and Genet, C and Touraine, J.L and Jeanblanc, F and Zoulim, F and ... and ANRS EN20 Mortalite 2010 Study Grp and ANRS EN20 Mortalité 2010 Study Group
AIDS, ISSN 0269-9370, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 8, pp. 1181 - 1191
Journal Article
Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses, ISSN 0399-077X, 06/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, p. 61
Journal Article
Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses, ISSN 0399-077X, 06/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp. 61 - 61
Journal Article
Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses, ISSN 0399-077X, 06/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp. 61 - 61
Journal Article
Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses, ISSN 0399-077X, 06/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, p. 61
Journal Article
Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses, ISSN 0399-077X, 06/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, p. 61
Journal Article
Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses, ISSN 0399-077X, 06/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, p. 61
Journal Article
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, ISSN 0066-4804, 12/2000, Volume 44, Issue 12, pp. 3451 - 3455
Classifications Services AAC Citing Articles Google Scholar PubMed Related Content Social Bookmarking CiteULike Delicious Digg Facebook Google+ Mendeley Reddit... 
Journal Article
by Raymond, Stéphanie and Nicot, Florence and Pallier, Coralie and Bellecave, Pantxika and Maillard, Anne and Trabaud, Mary Anne and Morand-Joubert, Laurence and Rodallec, Audrey and Amiel, Corinne and Mourez, Thomas and Bocket, Laurence and Beby-Defaux, Agnès and Bouvier-Alias, Magali and Lambert-Niclot, Sidonie and Charpentier, Charlotte and Malve, Brice and Mirand, Audrey and Dina, Julia and Le Guillou-Guillemette, Hélène and Marque-Juillet, Stéphanie and Signori-Schmuck, Anne and Barin, Francis and Si-Mohamed, Ali and Avettand Fenoel, Véronique and Roussel, Catherine and Calvez, Vincent and Saune, Karine and Marcelin, Anne Geneviève and Rodriguez, Christophe and Descamps, Diane and Izopet, Jacques and Lagier, E and Roussel, C and Le Guillou-Guillemette, H and Alloui, C and Bettinger, D and Pallier, Coralie and Fleury, H and Reigadas, S and Bellecave, Pantxika and Recordon-Pinson, P and Payan, C and Vallet, S and Vabret, A and Dina, J and Henquell, C and Mirand, A and Bouvier-Alias, M and De Rougemont, A and Dos Santos, G and Morand, P and Signori-Schmuck, A and Bocket, L and Rogez, S and Andre, P and Tardy, J.C and Trabaud, M.A and Tamalet, C and Delamare, C and Montes, B and Schvoerer, E and Ferré, V and André-Garnier, E and Cottalorda, J and Guinard, J and Guiguon, A and Descamps, D and Brun-Vézinet, F and Charpentier, C and Visseaux, B and Peytavin, G and Krivine, A and Si-Mohamed, A and Avettand-Fenoel, V and Marcelin, A.G and Calvez, V and Lambert-Niclot, S and Soulié, C and Wirden, M and Morand-Joubert, L and Delaugerre, C and Chaix, M.L and Amiel, C and Schneider, V and Giraudeau, G and Beby-Defaux, A and Brodard, V and Maillard, Anne and Plantier, J.C and Chaplain, C and Bourlet, T and Fafi-Kremer, S and Stoll-Keller, F and Schmitt, M.P and Barth, H and Yerly, S and Poggi, C and Izopet, J and Raymond, Stéphanie and Barin, F and ... and AC11 Resistance Study Grp and French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS) AC11 Resistance Study Group
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 05/2018, Volume 66, Issue 10, pp. 1588 - 1594
Journal Article
by Suzan-Monti, Marie and Celse, Michel and Vilotitch, Antoine and Demoulin, Baptiste and Dray-Spira, Rosemary and Yéni, Patrick and Lert, France and Spire, Bruno and Carrieri, Patrizia and Hamelin, Christine and Lorente, Nicolas and Préau, Marie and Suzan-Monti, Marie and Mora, Marion and Le Strat, Yann and Cuzin, Lise and Meyer, Laurence and Rojas-Castro, Daniela and Fischer, Hugues and Allègre, T and Mours, P and Riou, J.M and Sordage, M and Chennebault, J.M and Fialaire, P and Rabier, V and Froidure, M and Huguet, D and Leduc, D and Pichancourt, G and Wajsbrot, A and Bourdeaux, C and Foltzer, A and Hoen, B and Hustache-Mathieu, L and Abgrall, S and Barruet, R and Bouchaud, O and Chabrol, A and Mattioni, S and Mechai, F and Jeantils, V and Bernard, N and Bonnet, F and Hessamfar, M and Lacoste, D and Malvy, D and Mercié, P and Morlat, P and Paccalin, F and Pertusa, M.C and Pistone, T and Receveur, M.C and Vandenhende, M.A and Dupont, C and Freire Maresca, A and Leporrier, J and Rouveix, E and Dargere, S and de la Blanchardière, A and Martin, A and Noyon, V and Verdon, R and Rogeaux, O and Beytout, J and Gourdon, F and Laurichesse, H and Meier, F and Mortier, E and Simonpoli, A.M and Cordier, F and Delacroix, I and Garrait, V and Elharrar, B and Dominguez, S and Lascaux, A.S and Lelièvre, J.D and Levy, Y and Melica, G and Buisson, M and Piroth, L and Waldner, A and Gruat, N and Leprêtre, A and de Truchis, P and Le Du, D and Melchior, J. Cl and Sehouane, R and Troisvallets, D and Blanc, M and Boccon-Gibod, I and Bosseray, A and Brion, J.P and Durand, F and Leclercq, P and Marion, F and Pavese, P and Brottier-Mancini, E and Faba, L and Roncato-Saberan, M and ... and ANRS VESPA2 Study Grp and ANRS VESPA2 study group
AIDS and Behavior, ISSN 1090-7165, 10/2018, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp. 3264 - 3272
Journal Article
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, ISSN 1525-4135, 02/2010, Volume 53, Issue 2, p. 167
  Genotypic predictions of HIV-1 tropism could simplify CCR5 antagonist usage. However, the genotypic algorithms built from subtype B viruses could be... 
Genotype & phenotype | Algorithms | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Amino acids | Comparative analysis
Journal Article
by Duran, S and Savès, M and Spire, B and Cailleton, V and Sobel, A and Carrieri, P and Salmon, D and Moatti, J.-P and Lepor, C and Leport, C and Raffi, F and Chêne, G and Salamon, R and Pierret, J and Brun-Vézinet, F and Fleury, H and Peytavin, G and Costagliola, D and Dellamonica, P and Katlama, C and Meyer, L and Morin, M and Sicard, D and Sobel, A and Vincent-Ballereau, F and Dupon, M and Le Moing, V and Marchou, B and May, T and Morlat, P and Waldner-Combernoux, A and Agid, F and Bourdillon, F and Delfraissy, J.-F and Dormont, J and Lacut, J.-Y and Souteyrand, Y and Vildé, J.-L and Bard, J.M and Basdevant, A and Capeau, J and Chêne, G and Coussieu, C and Krempf, M and Leport, C and Raffi, F and Rozenbaum, W and Savès, M and Alforo, C and Barennes, C and Cailleton, V and Deveaud, C and Droz, C and Dupouy, G and Duran, S and Dutoit, S and Ecobichon, J.L and Egouy, C and Gautier, S and Germain, C and Jadand, C and Journot, V and Lassaile, R and Lawson-Ayayi, S and Latour, L and Le Moing, V and Lewden, C and Masquelier, B and Nouioua, W and Palmer, G and Pereira, E and Roloff, S and Rondé-Oustau, V and Sangue, A and Savès, M and Souville, M and Spire, B and Winelm, R and Schmit, A and Chennebault, A and Faller, B and Estavoyer, B and Laurent, B and Vuitton, B and Beylot, B and Lacut, B and Le Bras, B and Ragnaud, B and Granier, B.-B and Gaerré, B and Bazin, C and Veyssier, C and Essonnes, C and Devidas, C and Sobel, C and Portier, D and Perronne, G and Lagarde, L and Ceccaldi, L and APROCO Study Grp and APROCO Study Group
AIDS, ISSN 0269-9370, 12/2001, Volume 15, Issue 18, pp. 2441 - 2444
In a sample of 277 patients included in the French APROCO cohort study who were initially adherent at follow-up visit 4 months after initiation of a protease... 
Adherence | Lipodystrophy | HIV | HAART | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | VIROLOGY | adherence | HYPERLIPIDEMIA | IMMUNOLOGY | lipodystrophy | Time Factors | Humans | Middle Aged | Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active - adverse effects | Adult | Female | HIV Infections - drug therapy | Lipodystrophy - chemically induced | Male | Surveys and Questionnaires | Patient Compliance | Cohort Studies
Journal Article
by Cuzin, L and Yazdanpanah, Y and Huleux, T and Cotte, L and Pugliese, P and Allavena, C and Reynes, J and Poizot‐Martin, I and Bani‐Sadr, F and Delpierre, C and Brégigeon, S and Zaegel‐Faucher, O and Obry‐Roguet, V and Orticoni, M and Soavi, MJ and Luquet‐Besson, I and Ressiot, E and Carta‐Padovani, M and Ducassou, MJ and Bertone, H and Galie, S and Galinier, A and Monclar, M and Martinet, P and Ritleng, AS and Ivanova, A and Blanco‐Betancourt, C and Lions, C and Alvarez, M and Biezunski, N and Debard, A and Delobel, P and Fourcade, C and Marchou, B and Martin‐Blondel, G and Porte, L and Mularczyk, M and Garipuy, D and Saune, K and Lepain, I and Marcel, M and Puntis, E and Ceppi, C and Cua, E and Cottalorda, J and Dellamonica, P and Demonchy, E and Dunais, B and Durant, J and Etienne, C and Ferrando, S and Fuzibet, JG and Garraffo, R and Risso, K and Mondain, V and Naqvi, A and Oran, N and Perbost, I and Pillet, S and Prouvost‐Keller, B and Pradier, C and Wehrlen‐Pugliese, S and Rosenthal, E and Sausse, S and Roger, PM and Bernaud, C and Billaud, E and Biron, C and Bonnet, B and Bouchez, S and Boutoille, D and Brunet‐Cartier, C and Hall, N and Jovelin, T and Morineau, P and Raffi, F and Reliquet, V and Hue, H and Larmet, L and Pineau, So and Ferré, V and André‐Garnier, E and Rodallec, A and Vivrel, F and Lefebvre, M and Grossi, O and Biron, C and Point, P and Aubry, O and Cheret, A and Choisy, P and Landman, R and Duvivier, C and Valantin, MA and Agher, R and Katlama, C and Lortholary and Avettand‐Fenoel, V and Rouzioux, C and Consigny, PH and ... and Dat AIDS Study Grp and Dat'AIDS Study Group and the Dat'AIDS Study Group
HIV Medicine, ISSN 1464-2662, 03/2018, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp. 238 - 242
Journal Article