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by Bell, D and Berchuck, A and Birrer, M and Chien, J and Cramer, D.W and Dao, F and Dhir, R and Disaia, P and Gabra, H and Glenn, P and Godwin, A.K and Gross, J and Hartmann, L and Huang, M and Huntsman, D.G and Iacocca, M and Imielinski, M and Kalloger, S and Karlan, B.Y and Levine, D.A and Mills, G.B and Morrison, C and Mutch, D and Olvera, N and Orsulic, S and Park, K and Petrelli, N and Rabeno, B and Rader, J.S and Sikic, B.I and Smith-Mccune, K and Sood, A.K and Bowtell, D and Penny, R and Testa, J.R and Chang, K and Dinh, H.H and Drummond, J.A and Fowler, G and Gunaratne, P and Hawes, A.C and Kovar, C.L and Lewis, L.R and Morgan, M.B and Newsham, I.F and Santibanez, J and Reid, J.G and Trevino, L.R and Wu, Y.-Q and Wang, M and Muzny, D.M and Wheeler, D.A and Gibbs, R.A and Getz, G and Lawrence, M.S and Cibulskis, K and Sivachenko, A.Y and Sougnez, C and Voet, D and Wilkinson, J and Bloom, T and Ardlie, K and Fennell, T and Baldwin, J and Gabriel, S and Lander, E.S and Ding, L and Fulton, R.S and Koboldt, D.C and McLellan, M.D and Wylie, T and Walker, J and O'Laughlin, M and Dooling, D.J and Fulton, L and Abbott, R and Dees, N.D and Zhang, Q and Kandoth, C and Wendl, M and Schierding, W and Shen, D and Harris, C.C and Schmidt, H and Kalicki, J and Delehaunty, K.D and Fronick, C.C and Demeter, R and Cook, L and Wallis, J.W and Lin, L and Magrini, V.J and Hodges, J.S and Eldred, J.M and Smith, S.M and Pohl, C.S and Vandin, F and Raphael, B.J and Weinstock, G.M and Mardis, E.R and ... and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network
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... [2]; Andrew Dunham [2]; Carol Soderlund [2]; Carol E. Scott [2]; David R. Bentley [2]; National Center for Biotechnology Information:; Gregory Schuler [3]; Hsiu... 
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