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by Ellis, William, 1794-1872 and Chateaubriand, François-René, vicomte de, 1768-1848 and Abdy, Maria Smith, 1818-1867 and Sigourney, L. H. 1791-1865. (Lydia Howard) and Gilly, William Stephen, 1789-1855 and Howitt, Mary, 1799-1888 and Cox, F. A. 1783-1853. (Francis Augustus) and Montgomery, James, 1771-1854 and Grenville, William Wyndham Grenville, Baron, 1759-1834 and Conder, Josiah, 1789-1855 and Flaminio, Marco Antonio, 1498-1550 and Wrangham, Francis, 1769-1842 and Dale, Thomas, 1797-1870 and Aveling, Thomas William Baxter and Adlard, Henry engraver and Cochran, John, active 1821-1865 engraver and Woodman, Richard, 1784-1859, engraver and Benjamin, E., fl. 1834-1846, engraver and Higham, Thomas, 1796-1844, engraver and Holl, William, 1807-1871 engraver and Barber, Thomas, active 1818-1846 engraver and Chevalier, William, 1804-1866 engraver and Starling, M. J. 1805 or 1806- engraver (Matthew James) and Topham, Francis William, 1808-1877, engraver and Presbury, George, engraver and Pulford, J. F., engraver and Bartlett, W. H. 1809-1854 ill. (William Henry) and Freeman, George, 1789-1868 ill and Room, Henry, 1802-1850, ill and Allom, Thomas, 1804-1872 ill and Roberts, David, 1796-1864 ill and Mardyn, Charlotte, 1789 and Vickers, Alfred Gomersal, 1810-1837 ill and Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519 ill and Franklin, John, active 1800-1861 ill and Jenkins, Joseph John, 1811-1885 ill and Rubens, Peter Paul, 1577-1640 ill and Tombleson, William, 1795- ill and Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover, 1771-1851, association
The Christian keepsake, and missionary annual, 1834
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