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by Gyberg, Viveca and de Bacquer, Dirk and Kotseva, Kornelia and de Backer, Guy and Schnell, Oliver and Sundvall, Jouko and Tuomilehto, Jaakko and Wood, David and Rydén, Lars and Kotseva, K and de Backer, G and Amouyel, P and Bruthans, J and Castro Conde, A and Cifkova, R and de Bacquer, D and de Sutter, J and Deckers, J. W and Dilic, M and Dolzhenko, M and Erglis, A and Ferreira, T and Fraz, Z and Gaita, D and Gielen, S and Gotcheva, N and Goudevenos, I and Gyberg, V and Heuschmann, P and Laucevicius, A and Lehto, S and Lovic, D and Manini, M and Maggioni, A. P and Miličić, D and Moore, D and Nicolaides, E and Pajak, A and Pogosova, N and Reiner, Ž and Rydén, L and Schnell, O and Stagmo, M and Störk, S and Sundvall, J and Tokgözoğlu, L and Tuomilehto, J and Vulic, D and Wood, D and Wood, D. A and Jennings, C and Adamska, A and Taylor, C and Konte, M and Glemot, M and Lund, L and Leiviskä, J and de Pauw, M and Ghysbrecht, C and Vervaet, P and Maria Middelares, A. Z and Pardaens, S and Willems, A. M and Sint Lucas, A. Z and Cambier, P and Claeys, R and Deweerdt, N and Nimmegeers, J and Vandekerckhove, H and Verloove, H and Versee, L and Djekic, D and Malesevic, G and Pejicic, S and Srdic, S and Begic, A and Hodzic, E and Kulic, M and Sabanovic-Bajramovic, N and Tahirovic, E and Iveljic, I and Kovcic, J and Kusljugic, Z and Nurkic, M and Baycheva, V and Georgiev, B and Vladimirov, G and Gotchev, D and Ivanov, S and Samardžić, J and Perić, B and Sičaja, M and Eftychiou, C and Eteocleous, N and Georgiou, P and Hadjilouca, C and Moutiris, J. A and Nicolaou, R and Papadopoulos, K and Patsalou, M and ... and EUROASPIRE IV Investigators
European heart journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 2015, Volume 36, Issue 19, pp. 1171 - U98
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Pool, Anne and Rawlings, Alexandra and Sánchez‐Guillén, Luis and Kuiper, Sara and Negoi, Ionut and Buchs, Nicolas and El‐Hussuna, Alaa and Battersby, Nick J and Buchs, Nicolas C and Buskens, Christianne and Chaudri, Sanjay and Frasson, Matteo and Gallo, Gaetano and Minaya‐Bravo, Ana María and Morton, Dion and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Pata, Francesco and Singh, Baljit and Zmora, Oded and Perry, Rita and Magill, Laura and Altomare, Donato and Bemelman, Willem and Brown, Steven and Denost, Christianne Buskens Quentin and Knowles, Charles and Laurberg, Søren and Lefevre, Jérémie H and Möeslein, Gabriela and Pinkney, Tom and Vaizey, Carolynne and Bilali, S and Bilali, V and Salomon, M and Cillo, M and Estefania, D and Patron Uriburu, J and Ruiz, H and Farina, P and Carballo, F and Guckenheimer, S and Proud, D and Brouwer, R and Bui, A and Nguyen, B and Smart, P and Warwick, A and Theodore, J. E and Herbst, F and Birsan, T and Dauser, B and Ghaffari, S and Hartig, N and Stift, A and Argeny, S and Unger, L and Strouhal, R and Heuberger, A and Varabei, A and Lahodzich, N and Makhmudov, A and Selniahina, L and Feryn, T and Leupe, T and Maes, L and Reynvoet, E and Van Langenhove, K and Nachtergaele, M and Monami, B and Francart, D and Jehaes, C and Markiewicz, S and Weerts, J and Van Belle, K and Bomans, B and Cavenaile, V and Nijs, Y and Vertruyen, M and Pletinckx, P and Claeys, D and Defoort, B and Muysoms, F and Van Cleven, S and Lange, C and Vindevoghel, K and Wolthuis, A and Todorovic, M and Dabic, S and Kenjic, B and Lovric, S and Vidovic, J and Delibegovic, S and Mehmedovic, Z and Christiano, A and Lombardi, B and Marchiori, M and Tercioti, V and Dardanov, D and Petkov, P and Simonova, L and ... and 2017 2015 European Soc Coloprocto and 2017 and 2015 European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) collaborating groups and The 2017 and 2015 European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) collaborating groups
Colorectal Disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 09/2018, Volume 20, Issue S6, pp. 69 - 89
BackgroundLaparoscopy has now been implemented as a standard of care for elective colonic resection around the world. During the adoption period, studies... 
Colon cancer | gastrointestinal surgery | laparoscopic surgery | rectal cancer | surgery | COLORECTAL SURGERY | SHORT-TERM OUTCOMES | CLINICAL-TRIAL | OPEN RESECTION | RANDOMIZED-TRIAL | RECTAL-CANCER | OPEN COLECTOMY | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Laparoscopy | Complications | Conversion | Patients | Surgery | Anastomosis
Journal Article
by Pinkney, T and Battersby, N and Bhangu, A and Chaudhri, S and El-Hussuna, A and Frasson, M and Nepogodiev, D and Singh, B and Vennix, S and Zmora, O and Altomare, D and Bemelman, W and Christensen, P and D'Hoore, A and Laurberg, S and Morton, D and Rubbini, M and Vaizey, C and Magill, L and Perry, R and Sheward, N and Ives, N and Mehta, S and Cillo, M and Estefania, D and Patron Uriburu, J and Ruiz, H and Salomon, M and Makhmudov, A and Selnyahina, L and Varabei, A and Vizhynis, Y and Claeys, D and Defoort, B and Muysoms, F and Pletinckx, P and Vergucht, V and Debergh, I and Feryn, T and Reusens, H and Nachtergaele, M and Francart, D and Jehaes, C and Markiewicz, S and Monami, B and Weerts, J and Bouckaert, W and Houben, B and Knol, J and Sergeant, G and Vangertruyden, G and Haeck, L and Lange, C and Sommeling, C and Vindevoghel, K and Castro, S and de Bruyn, H and Huyghe, M and de Wolf, E and Reynders, D and van Overstraeten, A. de Buck and Wolthuis, A and Delibegovic, S and Christiani, A and Marchiori, M and Rocha de Moraes, C and Tercioti, V and Arabadjieva, E and Bulanov, D and Dardanov, D and Stoyanov, V and Yonkov, A and Angelov, K and Maslyankov, S and Sokolov, M and Todorov, G and Toshev, S and Georgiev, Y and Karashmalakov, A and Zafirov, G and Wang, X and Condic, D and Kraljik, D and Mrkovic, H and Pavkovic, V and Raguz, K and Bencurik, V and Holaskova, E and Skrovina, M and Farkasova, M and Grolich, T and Kala, Z and Antos, F and Pruchova, V and Sotona, O and Chobola, M and Dusek, T and Ferko, A and Orhalmi, J and Hoch, J and ... and Local Investigators and European Soc Coloproctology Collab and ESCP Res Comm and Writing Grp ESCP Cohort Studies and Audits Sub-Comm and Logistical Support Data Collation and 2015 European Society of Coloproctology collaborating group and The 2015 European Society of Coloproctology collaborating group and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för kirurgiska vetenskaper and Gastrointestinalkirurgi
Colorectal disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 2017, Volume 19, Issue 8, pp. O296 - O311
Aim The anastomosis technique used following right-sided colonic resection is widely variable and may affect patient outcome. This study aimed to assess the... 
epidemiology | Crohn's disease | colorectal cancer | international | Anastomotic leak | LEAK | DEFINITION | MORTALITY | SURGERY | RISK-FACTORS | COMPLICATIONS | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Emergency procedures | Adjustment | Surgery | Anastomosis | Malignancy | Regression analysis | Patients | Cofactors | Medical and Health Sciences | Medicin och hälsovetenskap
Journal Article