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by Jarvis, E. D and Mirarab, S and Aberer, A. J and Li, B and Houde, P and Li, C and Ho, S. Y. W and Faircloth, B. C and Nabholz, B and Howard, J. T and Suh, A and Weber, C. C and da Fonseca, R. R and Li, J and Zhang, F and Li, H and Zhou, L and Narula, N and Liu, L and Ganapathy, G and Boussau, B and Bayzid, M. S and Zavidovych, V and Subramanian, S and Gabaldon, T and Capella-Gutierrez, S and Huerta-Cepas, J and Rekepalli, B and Munch, K and Schierup, M and Lindow, B and Warren, W. C and Ray, D and Green, R. E and Bruford, M. W and Zhan, X and Dixon, A and Li, S and Li, N and Huang, Y and Derryberry, E. P and Bertelsen, M. F and Sheldon, F. H and Brumfield, R. T and Mello, C. V and Lovell, P. V and Wirthlin, M and Schneider, M. P. C and Prosdocimi, F and Samaniego, J. A and Velazquez, A. M. V and Alfaro-Nunez, A and Campos, P. F and Petersen, B and Sicheritz-Ponten, T and Pas, A and Bailey, T and Scofield, P and Bunce, M and Lambert, D. M and Zhou, Q and Perelman, P and Driskell, A. C and Shapiro, B and Xiong, Z and Zeng, Y and Liu, S and Li, Z and Liu, B and Wu, K and Xiao, J and Yinqi, X and Zheng, Q and Zhang, Y and Yang, H and Wang, J and Smeds, L and Rheindt, F. E and Braun, M and Fjeldsa, J and Orlando, L and Barker, F. K and Jonsson, K. A and Johnson, W and Koepfli, K.-P and O'Brien, S and Haussler, D and Ryder, O. A and Rahbek, C and Willerslev, E and Graves, G. R and Glenn, T. C and McCormack, J and Burt, D and Ellegren, H and Alstrom, P and Edwards, S. V and Stamatakis, A and Mindell, D. P and Cracraft, J and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1320 - 1331
Journal Article
by Marinotti, Osvaldo and Cerqueira, Gustavo C and de Almeida, Luiz Gonzaga Paula and Ferro, Maria Inês Tiraboschi and Loreto, Elgion Lucio da Silva and Zaha, Arnaldo and Teixeira, Santuza M. R and Wespiser, Adam R and Almeida e Silva, Alexandre and Schlindwein, Aline Daiane and Pacheco, Ana Carolina Landim and Silva, Artur Luiz da Costa da and Graveley, Brenton R and Walenz, Brian P and Lima, Bruna de Araujo and Ribeiro, Carlos Alexandre Gomes and Nunes-Silva, Carlos Gustavo and de Carvalho, Carlos Roberto and Soares, Célia Maria de Almeida and de Menezes, Claudia Beatriz Afonso and Matiolli, Cleverson and Caffrey, Daniel and Araújo, Demetrius Antonio M and de Oliveira, Diana Magalhães and Golenbock, Douglas and Grisard, Edmundo Carlos and Fantinatti-Garboggini, Fabiana and de Carvalho, Fabíola Marques and Barcellos, Fernando Gomes and Prosdocimi, Francisco and May, Gemma and Azevedo Junior, Gilson Martins de and Guimarães, Giselle Moura and Goldman, Gustavo Henrique and Padilha, Itácio Q. M and Batista, Jacqueline da Silva and Ferro, Jesus Aparecido and Ribeiro, José M. C and Fietto, Juliana Lopes Rangel and Dabbas, Karina Maia and Cerdeira, Louise and Agnez-Lima, Lucymara Fassarella and Brocchi, Marcelo and de Carvalho, Marcos Oliveira and Teixeira, Marcus de Melo and Diniz Maia, Maria de Mascena and Goldman, Maria Helena S and Cruz Schneider, Maria Paula and Felipe, Maria Sueli Soares and Hungria, Mariangela and Nicolás, Marisa Fabiana and Pereira, Maristela and Montes, Martín Alejandro and Cantão, Maurício E and Vincentz, Michel and Rafael, Miriam Silva and Silverman, Neal and Stoco, Patrícia Hermes and Souza, Rangel Celso and Vicentini, Renato and Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes and Neves, Rogério de Oliveira and Silva, Rosane and Astolfi-Filho, Spartaco and Maciel, Talles Eduardo Ferreira and Ürményi, Turán P and Tadei, Wanderli Pedro and Camargo, Erney Plessmann and de Vasconcelos, Ana Tereza Ribeiro
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2013, Volume 41, Issue 15, pp. 7387 - 7400
Journal Article
Frontiers in immunology, ISSN 1664-3224, 2019, Volume 10, p. 696
..., Maria Paula Cruz Schneider Sirenians share with cetaceans and pinnipeds several convergent traits selected for the aquatic lifestyle. Living in water poses new... 
Molecular evolution | Immunogenetics | Genomics | Pinnipeds | MHC | Manatee | Cetaceans | Marine mammals | MHC DRB | ELEPHANT | manatee | marine mammals | DEATH EVOLUTION | immunogenetics | LOCI | IMMUNOLOGY | molecular evolution | SEA | REGION | SEQUENCE | GENES | genomics | DUPLICATION | DIVERSITY | cetaceans | pinnipeds | Major histocompatibility complex | Usage | Nucleotide sequencing | Research | Aquatic biology | DNA sequencing
Journal Article
International journal of modern physics. A, Particles and fields, gravitation, cosmology, ISSN 1793-656X, 2015, Volume 30, Issue 7, p. 1530022
Journal Article
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 2011, Volume 6, Issue 4, p. e18551
Journal Article
by Ramos, Flavio Nunes and Mortara, Sara Ribeiro and Monalisa‐Francisco, Nathalia and Elias, João Pedro Costa and Neto, Luiz Menini and Freitas, Leandro and Kersten, Rodrigo and Amorim, André Márcio and Matos, Fernando Bittencourt and Nunes‐Freitas, André Felippe and Alcantara, Suzana and Alexandre, Marcia Helena Nagahama and Almeida‐Scabbia, Renata Jimenez and Almeida, Odair José Garcia and Alves, Fernanda Eliane and Oliveira Alves, Rogério Marcos and Alvim, Francine Seehaber and Andrade, Antônio Carlos Silva and Andrade, Simone and Aona, Lidyanne Yuriko Saleme and Araujo, Andréa Cardoso and Araújo, Kelianne Carolina Targino and Ariati, Vanessa and Assis, Julia Camara and Azevedo, Cecília Oliveira and Barbosa, Bruno Ferreira and Barbosa, Daniel Elias Ferreira and Barbosa, Fernando dos Reis and Barros, Fabio and Basilio, Geicilaine Alves and Bataghin, Fernando Antonio and Bered, Fernanda and Bianchi, Juliana Santos and Blum, Christopher Thomas and Boelter, Carlos Renato and Bonnet, Annete and Brancalion, Pedro Henrique Santin and Breier, Tiago Bӧer and Brion, Caio de Toledo and Buzatto, Cristiano Roberto and Cabral, Andressa and Cadorin, Tiago João and Caglioni, Eder and Canêz, Luciana and Cardoso, Pedro Henrique and Carvalho, Fábia Silva and Carvalho, Renan Gonçalves and Catharino, Eduardo Luis Martins and Ceballos, Sergio Javier and Cerezini, Monise Terra and César, Ricardo Gomes and Cestari, Cesar and Chaves, Cleber Juliano Neves and Citadini‐Zanette, Vanilde and Coelho, Luiz Francisco Mello and Coffani‐Nunes, João Vicente and Colares, Renato and Colletta, Gabriel Dalla and Corrêa, Nadjara de Medeiros and Costa, Andrea Ferreira and Costa, Grênivel Mota and Costa, Laís Mara Santana and Costa, Natália Gabriela Souza and Couto, Dayvid Rodrigues and Cristofolini, Caroline and Cruz, Ana Carolina Rodrigues and Del Neri, Leopoldo Angelo and Pasquo, Mercedes and Santos Dias, Aline and Dias, Letícia do Carmo Dutra and Dislich, Ricardo and Duarte, Marília Cristina and Fabricante, Juliano Ricardo and Farache, Fernando Henrique Antoniolli and Faria, Ana Paula Gelli and Faxina, Claudenice and Ferreira, Mariana Terrola Martins and Fischer, Erich and Fonseca, Carlos Roberto and Fontoura, Talita and Francisco, Talitha Mayumi and Furtado, Samyra Gomes and Galetti, Mauro and Garbin, Mário Luís and Gasper, André Luís and Goetze, Márcia and Gomes‐da‐Silva, Janaína and Gonçalves, Mateus Felipe Araujo and Gonzaga, Diego Rafael and Silva, Ana Carolina Granero e and Guaraldo, André de Camargo and Guarino, Ernestino de Souza Gomes and Guislon, Aline Votri and Hudson, Luigy Bitencourt and Jardim, Jomar Gomes and Jungbluth, Patricia and Kaeser, Selma dos Santos and Kessous, Igor Musauer and Koch, Natália Mossmann and Kuniyoshi, Yoshiko Saito and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 02/2019, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp. e02541 - n/a
Epiphytes are hyper‐diverse and one of the frequently undervalued life forms in plant surveys and biodiversity inventories. Epiphytes of the Atlantic Forest,... 
phorophyte | abundance | biodiversity data set | tropical forest | Atlantic Forest | biodiversity hotspot | epiphyte | presence/absence | Lichens | Forests | Endemism | Abundance | Ecology | Epiphytes | Forest ecosystems | Plants | Biodiversity | Pliocene | Datasets | Ferns | Qualitative analysis | Flowers & plants | Sampling | Books | Species | Angiosperms
Journal Article
by Ana Tereza Ribeiro de Vasconcelos and Darcy F. de Almeida and Mariangela Hungria and Claudia Teixeira Guimarães and Regina Vasconcellos Antônio and Francisca Cunha Almeida and Luiz G. P. de Almeida and Rosana de Almeida and José Antonio Alves-Gomes and Elizabeth Mazoni Andrade and Julia Araripe and Magnólia Fernandes Florêncio de Araújo and Spartaco Astolfi-Filho and Vasco Azevedo and Alessandra Jorge Baptista and Luiz Artur Mendes Bataus and Jacqueline da Silva Batista and André Beló and Cássio van den Berg and Maurício Bogo and Sandro Bonatto and Juliano Bordignon and Marcelo Macedo Brigido and Cristiana Alves Brito and Marcelo Brocchi and Helio Almeida Burity and Anamaria Aranha Camargo and Divina das Dores de Paula Cardoso and Newton Portilho Carneiro and Dirce Maria Carraro and Cláudia Márcia Benedetto Carvalho and Júlio Cézar de Mattos Cascardo and Benildo Sousa Cavada and Ligia Maria O. Chueire and Tânia Beatriz Creczynski-Pasa and Nivaldo Costa da Cunha-Junior and Nelson Fagundes and Clarissa Lima Falcão and Fabiana Fantinatti and Izeni Pires Farias and Maria Sueli Soares Felipe and Lilian Pereira Ferrari and Jesus Aparecido Ferro and Maria Inês Tiraboschi Ferro and Gloria Regina Franco and Nara Suzy Aguiar de Freitas and Luiz Roberto Furlan and Ricardo Tostes Gazzinelli and Eliane Aparecida Gomes and Pablo Rodrigues Gonçalves and Thalles Barbosa Grangeiro and Dario Grattapaglia and Edmundo Carlos Grisard and Ebert Seixas Hanna and Sílvia Neto Jardim and Jomar Laurino and Lélia Cristina Tenório Leoi and Lucymara Fassarella Agnez Lima and Maria de Fatima Loureiro and Maria do Carmo Catanho Pereira de Lyra and Humberto Maciel França Madeira and Gilson Paulo Manfio and Andrea Queiroz Maranhão and Wellington Santos Martins and Sônia Marli Zingaretti di Mauro and Silvia Regina Batistuzzo de Medeiros and Rosely de Vasconcellos Meissner and Miguel Angelo Martins Moreira and Fabrícia Ferreira do Nascimento and Marisa Fabiana Nicolás and Jaquelline Germano Oliveira and Sergio Costa Oliveira and Roger Ferreira Cury Paixão and Juliana Alves Parente and Fabio de Oliveira Pedrosa and Sergio Danilo Junho Pena and José Odair Pereira and Maristela Pereira and Luciana Santos Rodrigues Costa Pinto and Luciano da Silva Pinto and Jorge Ivan Rebelo Porto and Deise Porto Potrich and Cicero Eduardo Ramalho-Neto and Alessandra Maria Moreira Reis and Liu Um Rigo and Edson Rondinelli and Elen Bethleen Pedraça do Santos and Fabrício R. Santos and Maria Paula Cruz Schneider and Hector N. Seuanez and Ana Maria Rodrigues Silva and Artur Luiz da Costa da Silva and Denise Wanderlei Silva and Rosane Silva and Isabella de Carmo Simões and Daniel Simon and Célia Maria de Almeida Soares and Renata de Bastos Ascenço Soares and Emanuel Maltempi Souza and Kelly Rose Lobo de Souza and ... and Brazilian National Genome Project Consortium
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 9/2003, Volume 100, Issue 20, pp. 11660 - 11665
Journal Article