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Journal Article
by Wahbi, Karim and Ben Yaou, Rabah and Gandjbakhch, Estelle and Anselme, Frédéric and Gossios, Thomas and Lakdawala, Neal K and Stalens, Caroline and Sacher, Frédéric and Babuty, Dominique and Trochu, Jean-Noel and Moubarak, Ghassan and Savvatis, Kostantinos and Porcher, Raphaël and Laforêt, Pascal and Fayssoil, Abdallah and Marijon, Eloi and Stojkovic, Tanya and Béhin, Anthony and Leonard-Louis, Sarah and Sole, Guilhem and Labombarda, Fabien and Richard, Pascale and Metay, Corinne and Quijano-Roy, Susana and Dabaj, Ivana and Klug, Didier and Vantyghem, Marie-Christine and Chevalier, Philippe and Ambrosi, Pierre and Salort, Emmanuelle and Sadoul, Nicolas and Waintraub, Xavier and Chikhaoui, Khadija and Mabo, Philippe and Combes, Nicolas and Maury, Philippe and Sellal, Jean-Marc and Tedrow, Usha B and Kalman, Jonathan M and Vohra, Jitendra and Androulakis, Alexander F.A and Zeppenfeld, Katja and Thompson, Tina and Barnerias, Christine and Bécane, Henri-Marc and Bieth, Eric and Boccara, Franck and Bonnet, Damien and Bouhour, Françoise and Boulé, Stéphane and Brehin, Anne-Claire and Chapon, Françoise and Cintas, Pascal and Cuisset, Jean-Marie and Davy, Jean-Marc and De Sandre-Giovannoli, Annachiara and Demurger, Florence and Desguerre, Isabelle and Dieterich, Klaus and Durigneux, Julien and Echaniz-Laguna, Andoni and Eschalier, Romain and Ferreiro, Ana and Ferrer, Xavier and Francannet, Christine and Fradin, Mélanie and Gaborit, Bénédicte and Gay, Arnaud and Hagège, Albert and Isapof, Arnaud and Jeru, Isabelle and Juntas Morales, Raul and Lagrue, Emmanuelle and Lamblin, Nicolas and Lascols, Olivier and Laugel, Vincent and Lazarus, Arnaud and Leturcq, France and Levy, Nicolas and Magot, Armelle and Manel, Véronique and Martins, Raphaël and Mayer, Michèle and Mercier, Sandra and Meune, Christophe and Michaud, Maud and Minot-Myhié, Marie-Christine and Muchir, Antoine and Nadaj-Pakleza, Aleksandra and Péréon, Yann and Petiot, Philippe and Petit, Florence and Praline, Julien and Rollin, Anne and Sabouraud, Pascal and Sarret, Catherine and Schaeffer, Stéphane and Taithe, Frederic and Tard, Céline and Tiffreau, Vincent and ...
Circulation (New York, N.Y.), ISSN 1524-4539, 2019, Volume 140, Issue 4, pp. 293 - 302
Journal Article
Heart, ISSN 1355-6037, 06/2018, Volume 104, Issue Suppl 6, p. A82
Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for the greatest proportion of deaths in the Western countries. A major cause of heart dysfunction following heart... 
Journal Article
by Baccouch, Najeh and Bahloul, Mabrouk and Abbes, Ahmed and Jenzri, Layla and Nsiri, Afak and Khaleq, Khalid and Hamoudi, Driss and Harrar, Rachid and Lafon, Thomas and Begot, Emmanuelle and Matt, Morgan and François, Bruno and Jamoussi, Amira and Jazia, Amira Ben and Marhbène, Takoua and Lakhdhar, Dhouha and Khelil, Jalila Ben and Joly-Durand, Isabelle and Beague, Sebastien and Aziz, Soufi and Hammoudi, Driss and Fadil, Abdelaziz and Cherif, Samar and Slaoui, Mohamed Taoufik and Khaoudi, A and Cherkab, R and Barrou, L and Ridaii, M and Le Monnier, Alban and Tiercelet, Kelly and Bruel, Cédric and Bailly, Sébastien and Lucet, Jc and L’hériteau, François and Aupée, Martine and Boussat, Sandrine and Machut, Anaïs and Savey, Anne and Rosman, Jérémy and Jansen, Chloe and Barghouth, Manel and Kouatchet, Achille and Weiss, Emmanuel and Sophie, Paktoris-Papine and Sayed, Faten El and Charron, Cyril and Repessé, Xavier and Houcke, Stéphanie and Hommel, Didier and Hajjej, Zied and Fatnassi, Amira and Ferjani, Mustapha and Dachraoui, Fahmi and Adhieb, Ali and Braiek, Dhouha Ben and Ousji, Ali and Ouanes, Islem and Ouanes-Besbes, Lamia and Peigne, Vincent and Daban, Jean-Louis and Derreumaux, Celine and Conil, Jean-Marie and Kelway, Charlotte and Harti, Karim and Reydellet, Laurent and Meddeb, Khaoula and Khedher, Ahmed and Fraj, Nesrine and Chouchene, Imed and Boussarsar, Mohamed and Yedder, Soumaya Ben and Mariem, Bousselmi and Cheikh, Asma Ben and Lakhal, Hend Ben and Pichon, Nicolas and Essafi, Fatma and Foudhaili, Nasreddine and Haoui, Saad El and Benslama, Abdellatif and Abidi, Khalid and Dendane, Tarek and Madani, Naoufal and Abouqal, Redouane and Zeggwagh, Amine Ali and Trabelsi, Insaf and Brahmi, Habib and Samet, Mohamed and Yaakoubi, Sondes and Abdulmalack, Caroline and Hamet, Maël and Doise, Jean-Marc and Cheikh, Chaigar Mohammed and Slama, Michel and Maizel, Julien and Berghmans, Thierry and Paesmans, Marianne and Ledoux, Marie-Pierre and Castelain, Vincent and Couffin, Severine and Lobo, David and ... and REA‑RAISIN Study group and Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis (CRICS network) and Sudden Death Expertise Center and OUTCOMEREA study group and Brain Liver Pitié-Salpêtrière Study Group (BLIPS) and for the HYPER2S Investigators and REVA research network and Cubrea network
Annals of Intensive Care, ISSN 2110-5820, 1/2017, Volume 7, Issue S1, pp. 105 - 207
Journal Article
by Marijon, Eloi and Karam, Nicole and Dumas, Florence and Beganton, Frankie and Cariou, Alain and Jouven, Xavier and Bureau, Côme and Salem, Omar Ben Hadj and Guillemet, Lucie and Ferre, Alexis and Mongardon, Nicolas and Labro, Guylaine and Belon, François and Luu, Vinh-Phuc and Besch, Guillaume and Puyraveau, Marc and Capellier, Gilles and Vinatier, Isabelle and Lebert, Christine and Bachoumas, Konstantinos and Colin, Gwenhaël and Reignier, Jean and Privat, Elodie and Escutnaire, Joséphine and Dumont, Cyrielle and Robert-Edan, Vincent and Cely, Cynthia and Bell, Cynthia and Gandonnière, Charlotte Salmon and Le Tilly, Olivier and De Bretagne, Isabelle Benz and Mercier, Emmanuelle and Hajage, David and Pons, Bertrand and Boulet, Eric and Boyer, Alexandre and Chevrel, Guillaume and Lerolle, Nicolas and de Prost, Nicolas and Lautrette, Alexandre and Mayaux, Julien and Robert, René and Kipnis, Eric and Tetta, Ciro and Ronco, Claudio and Schnell, David and Aurelie, Bourmaud and Vincent, François and Mariat, Christophe and Rouleau, Stephane and Cohen, Yves and Morel, Jerome and Timsit, Jean-François and Stojkovic, Tania and Behin, Anthony and Duboc, Denis and Annane, Djillali and Cholet, Clémentine and Bréchot, Nicolas and Lebreton, Guillaume and Nieszkowska, Ania and Trouillet, Jean Louis and Leprince, Pascal and Combes, Alain and Luyt, Charles-Edouard and De Panthou, Nadia Sibaï and Nouette-Gaulain, Karine and Fossat, Guillaume and Baudin, Florian and Coulanges, Cécile and Courtes, Léa and Bercault, Nicolas and Barbier, François and Jouan, Youenn and Teixera, Noémie and Hassen-Khodja, Claire and Guillon, Antoine and Azoulay, Elie and Misset, Benoit and Ruckly, Stephane and Garrouste-Orgeas, Maïté and Duranteau, Jacques and Kandelman, Stanislas and Pichon, Nicolas and Floccard, Bernard and Seegers, Valérie and Lefrant, Jean Yves and Guisset, Olivier and Seguin, Amélie and Durand-Gasselin, Jacques and Thirion, Marine and Cohen-Solal, Zoé and Schortgen, Frédérique and Asfar, Pierre and Fabien, Grelon and Anguel, Nadia and Sigismond, Lasocki and Matthieu, Henry-Lagarrigue and Gonzalez, Frédéric and François, Legay and ... and ENCEPHALITICA Study Group and GFRUP RMEF and for the EurêClark Study Group and REVA ECMOnet and REA-RAISIN Study Group and Sudden Death Expertise Center and for the HYPER2S Investigators and REVA Research Network and for the Purpura Fulminans Study Group and DO-RE-MI-FA Group and AKIKI Study Group and Groupe Communication et Simulation en Pédiatrie
Annals of Intensive Care, ISSN 2110-5820, 1/2017, Volume 7, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 104
Journal Article
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