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gene expression profiling (10) 10
genes (10) 10
magnetic or electrostatic separation of solid materials from solidmaterials or fluids (10) 10
separation by high-voltage electric fields (10) 10
separation of solid materials using liquids or using pneumatictables or jigs (10) 10
cerebellar neoplasms - genetics (9) 9
chemistry (9) 9
classification (9) 9
dna sequencing (9) 9
gliomas (9) 9
multidisciplinary sciences (9) 9
nucleotide sequencing (9) 9
young adult (9) 9
animals (8) 8
brain neoplasms - pathology (8) 8
brain-tumors (8) 8
cell biology (8) 8
glioblastoma - genetics (8) 8
metallurgy (8) 8
mice (8) 8
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epigenetic inheritance (7) 7
glioblastoma (7) 7
health aspects (7) 7
medical research (7) 7
medulloblastoma - classification (7) 7
risk factors (7) 7
biomarkers, tumor - genetics (6) 6
brain neoplasms - metabolism (6) 6
cancer research (6) 6
deoxyribonucleic acid--dna (6) 6
diagnosis (6) 6
dna (6) 6
dna-binding proteins - genetics (6) 6
epigenetics (6) 6
gene expression regulation, neoplastic (6) 6
hedgehog protein (6) 6
medical colleges (6) 6
medulloblastoma - pathology (6) 6
nuclear proteins - genetics (6) 6
oncology, experimental (6) 6
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amplification (5) 5
biochemistry & molecular biology (5) 5
biotechnology & applied microbiology (5) 5
central nervous system neoplasms - genetics (5) 5
central-nervous-system (5) 5
cerebellar neoplasms - classification (5) 5
cerebellar neoplasms - pathology (5) 5
chemistry, physical (5) 5
cohort studies (5) 5
ependymoma - genetics (5) 5
gene (5) 5
genetics (5) 5
glioblastoma multiforme (5) 5
high-grade gliomas (5) 5
histones - genetics (5) 5
human necessities (5) 5
immunohistochemistry (5) 5
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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2017, Volume 547, Issue 7663, pp. 311 - 317
Current therapies for medulloblastoma, a highly malignant childhood brain tumour, impose debilitating effects on the developing child, and highlight the need... 
MUTATIONAL PROCESSES | METHYLATION | SIGNATURES | DATABASE | GENE | COPY-NUMBER | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SUBGROUPS | CANCER | TUMORS | FAMILY | Medical research | Medulloblastoma | Medicine, Experimental | Genomes | Genetic aspects | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | Varieties | DNA sequencing | Brain | Toxicity | Brain tumors | Brain cancer | Genes | Genomics | Biodiversity | Patients | Heterogeneity | DNA methylation | Mutation | Children
Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2014, Volume 510, Issue 7506, pp. 537 - 541
Journal Article