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Годишник на департамент "Администрация и управление", ISSN 1313-4760, 2018, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 776 - 789
Successful economic analyzes in the field of tourism business are related to the methods and indicators of their formation and development. One of the main... 
Tourism | Civil Society | Higher Education | Social Sciences | Economy | Education | Geopolitics | Politics / Political Sciences | Public Administration
Journal Article
2018, ISBN 9789549432751, 9
Every tourist company in the contemporary economic situation faces the problem of attracting additional financial resources for investment needs. Investments... 
Social Sciences | Economy
Book Chapter
by Kazandzhieva, Tanya and Haralampiev, Mihail and Kolarova, Tsetska and Boradzhieva, Elena and Petkova, Ekaterina and Stoyanova, Katya and Al-Khalil, Dalia Jaser and Nyagolova, Mariyana and Georgieva, Anna and Nikolova, Anelia and Granitzka, Vyara and Stoyanova, Aneta and Petkov, Rosen and Ivanova, Kalina and Atanasova, Daniela and Stefanov, Stefan and Stoyanov, Svetlozar and Georgieva, Milena and Kaseva, Eva and Krastev, Velcho and Ivanova, Evgenia I and Yordanov, Yordan and Dimov, Todor and Hristova, Nina and Nikolchev, Dilian and Rogozensky, Victor and Robov, Mirko and Klimukova, Nikolinka and Ivanov, Doncho and Burcea, Raluca Gabriela and Petrova, Svetla and Tachev, Anton and Christova-Bagdassarian, Valentina and Gyurova, Desislava and Ivanova, Mihaela and Pavlova, Vera and Mitreva, Maria and Georgieva, Rositsa and Enikova, Rositsa and Dimitrova, Savina and Mavrodieva, Emilia and Stoyneva-Gertner, Maya and Uzunov, Blagoy and Dimitrova, Petya and Stefanov, Ivan and Tasheva, Radostina and Ivanov, Milen and Neshev, Ivailo and Yankov, Yavor and Nikolov, Nikolay and Grigorov, Rumen and Ninov, Marian and Krastev, Krastyu and Angelov, Pavel and Dimitrov, Ivan and Valchev, Stoyan and Dikova, Petia and Dolchinkov, Nikolay and Hvostova, Marina and Lilyanova, Stelena and Padarev, Nikolay and Ivanov, Stefan and Lazarov, Lazar and Georgiev, Georgi and Petrov, Plamen and Grozdanova, Teodora and Radulov, Nikolay and Dimitrov, Mihael and Atanasov, Plamen and Nedkov, Rumen and Nikolov, Ivaylo and Stoychev, Tihomir and Ivanova, Galina and Hadzhiyski, Deyan and Metodieva, Tsvetelina and Vasileva, Rumyana and Dosev, Nikolay and Kazakov, Konstantin and Petkov, Gosho and Mitevska-Encheva, Mayiana and Lazarov, Vladislav and Teodosiev, Plamen and Yonchev, Dimitar and Sidova, Dafinka and Karolewski, Albert and Rejman-Karolewska, Małgorzata and Chupetlovski, Stamen and Morfov, Stanislav and Minchev, Plamen and Spasov, Kolio and Zlatev, Borislav and Ivanov, Hristo and Sabotinova, Diana and Pencheva, Ivalinka and Stoyanov, Stanimir and Marinova, Nadya Ivanova and Rusev, Rusi and Andreeva, Andreana and Simeonova, Valya and Bosakov, Vesselin and ...
2018, ISBN 6197246201, 1765
Proceedings of the Annual University Scientific Conference 2018 of the National Military University "Vasil Levski" - Veliko Tarnovo, 14 - 15 June 2018 - 9... 
Geography, Regional studies | Political Sciences | Social Sciences | Economy | Politics
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