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by Lewis, Steff C and Warlow, C.P and Bodenham, A.R and Colam, B and Rothwell, P.M and Torgerson, D and Dellagrammaticas, D and Horrocks, M and Liapis, C and Banning, A.P and Gough, M and Gough, M.J and Fraser, A and Grant, S and Hunter, J and Leigh-Brown, A and Paterson, M and Soosay, V and Young, A and Williamson, A and Dean, Z and Mazzoli, T and Ricci, S and Valenti, D and Bamford, J and Beard, J and Dearden, M and Murray, G and Ruckley, V and Norman, P.E and Sedivy, P and Idla, A and Schmitz-Rixen, T and Maritati, G and Bodenham, A and Cokic, N and Doppler, W and Hlatky, P and Koelblinger, C and Raith, C and Zölss, C and Dimmitt, S and Gharbi, R and Hankey, G and Maden, A and Mwipatayi, B.P and Sieunarine, K and Tan, A and Turner, G and Wesseldine, A and Davis, T.M.E and Norman, P.E and Audzei, P and Davidovski, I and Dedul, D and Hetsiuk, A and Kornievich, S and Gao, J and Huang, Y.-G and Jing, G and Li, H and Li, Y.-J and Liu, B and Liu, C.-W and Wu, J.-D and Ye, W and Yu, C.-H and Ban, T and Buljan, K and Candrlic, K and Dapic, D and Ilijasevic, M and Istvanic, T and Kovac, B and Kvolik, S and Lehner, V and Pinotic, K and Hudorović, N and Ivanec, Ž and Lovričević, I and Mazul-Sunko, B and Novotny, Z and De Syo, D and Vuković, V and Biebl, O and Dolecek, L and El Samman, C and Kalasova, H and Kubricht, V and Matous, P and Michalek, P and Sedivy, P and Stajnrt, M and Stern, M and Svec, M and Vitasek, P and Vrzal, J and Weiss, K and Janousek, L and Kieslichova, E and ... and GALA Trial Collaborative Grp and GALA Trial Collaborative Group
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Current Rheumatology Reports, ISSN 1523-3774, 12/2018, Volume 20, Issue 12, p. 1
Purpose of ReviewWe aim to review traditional concepts and recent developments on the nosology, pathophysiology, clinical phenotypes and treatment of chronic... 
Retroperitoneal fibrosis | IgG4-related disease | Vasculitis | Fibro-inflammatory disorder | Chronic periaortitis | Aorta | IgG4 | DIAGNOSIS | IDIOPATHIC RETROPERITONEAL FIBROSIS | FOLLOW-UP | RHEUMATOLOGY | PREDNISONE | POSITRON-EMISSION-TOMOGRAPHY | THERAPY | CASE SERIES | DIFFERENTIATION | MYCOPHENOLATE-MOFETIL | Immunogenetics | Corticosteroids | Immunoglobulin G | Immunosuppressive agents
Journal Article
by Castellano, G and Cafiero, C and Divella, C and Sallustio, F and Gigante, M and Gesualdo, L and Kirsch, A. H and Smaczny, N and Riegelbauer, V and Sedej, S and Hofmeister, A and Stojakovic, T and Brodmann, M and Pilger, E and Rosenkranz, A and Eller, K and Eller, P and Meier, P and Lucisano, S and Arena, A and Donato, V and Fazio, M. R and Santoro, D and Buemi, M and Wornle, M and Ribeiro, A and Koppel, S and Pircher, J and Czermak, T and Merkle, M and Rupanagudi, K and Kulkarni, O. P and Lichtnekert, J and Darisipudi, M. N and Mulay, S. R and Schott, B and Hartmann, G and Anders, H.-J and Pletinck, A and Glorieux, G and Schepers, E and Van Landschoot, M and Eloot, S and Van Biesen, W and Vanholder, R and Castoldi, A and Oliveira, V and Amano, M and Aguiar, C and Caricilli, A and Vieira, P and Burgos, M and Hiyane, M and Festuccia, W and Camara, N and Djudjaj, S and Rong, S and Lue, H and Bajpai, A and Klinkhammer, B and Moeller, M and Floege, J and Bernhagen, J and Ostendorf, T and Boor, P and Ito, S and Aoki, R and Hamada, K and Edamatsu, T and Itoh, Y and Osaka, M and Yoshida, M and Oliva, E and Maritati, F and Palmisano, A and Alberici, F and Buzio, C and Vaglio, A and Grabulosa, C and Cruz, E and Carvalho, J and Manfredi, S and Canziani, M and Cuppari, L and Quinto, B and Batista, M and Cendoroglo, M and Dalboni, M and Niemir, Z and Swierzko, A and Polcyn-Adamczak, M and Cedzynski, M and Sokolowska, A and Szala, A and Baudoux, T and Hougardy, J.-M and Pozdzik, A and Antoine, M.-H and Husson, C and De Prez, E and ...
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Journal Article