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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Environmental Science & Technology, ISSN 0013-936X, 09/1999, Volume 33, Issue 18, pp. 3091 - 3099
Motor vehicles are a significant source of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) emissions. Improved understanding of the relationship between fuel composition... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bray, G.A and Culbert, I.W and Champagne, C.M and Dawson, L and Eberhardt, B and Greenway, F.L and Guillory, F.G and Hebert, A.A and Jeffirs, M.L and Kennedy, B.M and Lovejoy, J.C and Melancon, L.E and Morris, L.H and Perault, J and Ryan, D.H and Sanford, D.A and Smith, K.G and Smith, L.L and St. Amant, J.A and Tucker, E and Tulley, R.T and Vicknair, P.C and Williamson, D and Zachwieja, J.J and Tobian, J.A and Matulik, M.J and Clarke, B and Collins, D.A and Czech, K.B and DeSandre, C and Ehrmann, D.A and Geiger, G and Harding-Clay, B and Hilbrich, R.M and McNabb, W.L and Polonsky, K.S and Semenske, A.R and Stepp, K.A and Watson, P.G and Mendoza, J.T and Smith, K.A and Goldstein, B.J and Lark, C and Liberoni, R and Murphy, L and Pepe, C and Spandorfer, J.M and Goldberg, R.B and Rowe, P and Calles, J and Casanova, P and Donahue, R.P and Florez, H.J and Giannella, A and McLymont, V and Mendez, J and O'Hara, P and Ojito, J and Prineas, R and Haffner, S.M and Montez, M.G and Miettinen, H and Mobley, C.M and Mykkanen, L.A and Rozek, M.M and Hamman, R.F and Nash, P.V and Calonge, B.N and Hill, J.O and Hoyer, S.R and Jortberg, B.T and Miller-Stone, M and Regensteiner, J.G and Seagle, H and Steinke, S.C and Testaverde, L and Van-Dorsten, B and Horton, E.S and Lawton, K.E and Arky, R.A and Bryant, M and Burke, J.P and Caballero, E and Callaghan, K.M and Ganda, O.P and Franklin, T and Jackson, S.D and Jacobsen, A.M and Kula, L.M and Kocal, M and Malloy, M.A and Nicosia, M and Oldmixon, C.F and Pan, J and Quitingon, M and Rubtchinsky, S and Seely, E.W and Schweizer, D and Diabet Prevention Program Res Grp
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The GridPP Collaboration is building a UK computing Grid for particle physics, as part of the international effort towards computing for the Large Hadron... 
Journal Article
Neuroscience, ISSN 0306-4522, 10/2012, Volume 223, p. 465
a* F-spondin gene transfer improves memory and lowers A[beta] in wild-type mice. a* F-spondin upregulates synaptophysin and reduces A[beta] plaques in... 
Neurosciences | Memory | Low density lipoproteins | Genes | Amyloid beta-protein | Physiological aspects | Mice | Gene therapy | Apolipoproteins | Alzheimer's disease
Journal Article
Histopathology, ISSN 0309-0167, 06/1999, Volume 34, Issue 6, pp. 491 - 496
Journal Article