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by Decking, W and Abeghyan, S and Abramian, P and Abramsky, A and Aguirre, A and Albrecht, C and Alou, P and Altarelli, M and Altmann, P and Amyan, K and Anashin, V and Apostolov, E and Appel, K and Auguste, D and Ayvazyan, V and Baark, S and Babies, F and Baboi, N and Bak, P and Balandin, V and Baldinger, R and Baranasic, B and Barbanotti, S and Belikov, O and Belokurov, V and Belova, L and Belyakov, V and Berry, S and Bertucci, M and Beutner, B and Block, A and Blöcher, M and Böckmann, T and Bohm, C and Böhnert, M and Bondar, V and Bondarchuk, E and Bonezzi, M and Borowiec, P and Bösch, C and Bösenberg, U and Bosotti, A and Böspflug, R and Bousonville, M and Boyd, E and Bozhko, Y and Brand, A and Branlard, J and Briechle, S and Brinker, F and Brinker, S and Brinkmann, R and Brockhauser, S and Brovko, O and Brück, H and Brüdgam, A and Butkowski, L and Büttner, T and Calero, J and Castro-Carballo, E and Cattalanotto, G and Charrier, J and Chen, J and Cherepenko, A and Cheskidov, V and Chiodini, M and Chong, A and Choroba, S and Chorowski, M and Churanov, D and Cichalewski, W and Clausen, M and Clement, W and Cloué, C and Cobos, J. A and Coppola, N and Cunis, S and Czuba, K and Czwalinna, M and D’Almagne, B and Dammann, J and Danared, H and de Zubiaurre Wagner, A and Delfs, A and Delfs, T and Dietrich, F and Dietrich, T and Dohlus, M and Dommach, M and Donat, A and Dong, X and Doynikov, N and Dressel, M and Duda, M and Duda, P and Eckoldt, H and Ehsan, W and Eidam, J and Eints, F and Engling, C and ...
Nature photonics, ISSN 1749-4885, 07/2020
Journal Article
11/1995, 6
An amplifier output stage that can be operated with low supply voltages and has a voltage amplification greater than one has two complementary transconductance... 
01/1995, 6
Eine Verstärkerausgangsstufe, die mit geringen Versorgungsspannungen betrieben werden kann und eine Spannungsverstärkung größer eins aufweist, hat zwei... 
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