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cardiovascular diseases (1) 1
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chromosomes (1) 1
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by McManus, Richard J and Mant, Jonathan and Franssen, Marloes and Nickless, Alecia and Schwartz, Claire and Hodgkinson, James and Bradburn, Peter and Farmer, Andrew and Grant, Sabrina and Greenfield, Sheila M and Heneghan, Carl and Jowett, Susan and Martin, Una and Milner, Siobhan and Monahan, Mark and Mort, Sam and Ogburn, Emma and Perera-Salazar, Rafael and Shah, Syed Ahmar and Yu, Ly-Mee and Tarassenko, Lionel and Hobbs, F D Richard and Bradley, Brendan and Lovekin, Chris and Judge, David and Castello, Luis and Dawson, Maureen and Brice, Rebecca and Dunbabin, Bethany and Maslen, Sophie and Rutter, Heather and Norris, Mary and French, Lauren and Loynd, Michael and Whitbread, Pippa and Saldana Ortaga, Luisa and Noel, Irene and Madronal, Karen and Timmins, Julie and Hughes, Lucy and Hinks, Beth and Bailey, Sheila and Read, Sue and Weston, Andrea and Spannuth, Somi and Maiden, Sue and Chermahini, Makiko and McDonald, Ann and Rajan, Shelina and Allen, Sue and Deboys, Brenda and Fell, Kim and Johnson, Jenny and Jung, Helen and Lister, Rachel and Osborne, Ruth and Secker, Amy and Qasim, Irene and William, Kirsty and Harris, Abi and Zhao, Susan and Butcher, Elaine and Darbyshire, Pauline and Joshi, Sarah and Davies, Jon and Talbot, Claire and Hoverd, Eleanor and Field, Linda and Adcock, Tracey and Rooney, Julia and Cooter, Nina and Butler, Aaron and Allen, Naomi and Abdul-Wahab, Maria and McNicholas, Kathryn and Peniket, Lara and Dodd, Kate and Mugurza, Julie and Baskerville, Richard and Syed, Rakshan and Bailey, Clare and Adams, Jill and Uglow, Paul and Townsend, Neil and Macleod, Alison and Hawkins, Charlotte and Behura, Suparna and Crawshaw, Jonathan and Fox, Robin and Doski, Waleed and Aylward, Martin and A'Court, Christine and Rapley, David and Walsh, Jo and Batra, Paul and Seoane, Ana and Mukherjee, Sluti and Dixon, Jonathan and Arthur, Peter and Sutcliffe, Karen and ... and TASMINH4 investigators and TASMINH4 Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2018, Volume 391, Issue 10124, pp. 949 - 959
Journal Article
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2020, Volume 48, Issue D1, pp. D689 - D695
Ensembl Genomes (http://www.ensemblgenomes.org) is an integrating resource for genome-scale data from non-vertebrate species, complementing the resources for... 
BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | User-Computer Interface | Computational Biology - methods | Genome, Bacterial | Caenorhabditis elegans - genetics | Genomics | Molecular Sequence Annotation | Databases, Genetic | Reference Values | Genome, Plant | Genetic Variation | Phenotype | Algorithms | Animals | Genome, Fungal | Plants - genetics | Software | Internet | Database Issue
Journal Article
by Ndila, Carolyne M and Uyoga, Sophie and Macharia, Alexander W and Nyutu, Gideon and Peshu, Norbert and Ojal, John and Shebe, Mohammed and Awuondo, Kennedy O and Mturi, Neema and Tsofa, Benjamin and Sepúlveda, Nuno and Clark, Taane G and Band, Gavin and Clarke, Geraldine and Rowlands, Kate and Hubbart, Christina and Jeffreys, Anna and Kariuki, Silvia and Marsh, Kevin and Mackinnon, Margaret and Maitland, Kathryn and Kwiatkowski, Dominic P and Rockett, Kirk A and Williams, Thomas N and Abathina, Amadou and Abubakar, Ismaela and Achidi, Eric and Agbenyega, Tsiri and Aiyegbo, Mohammed and Akoto, Alex and Allen, Angela and Allen, Stephen and Amenga-Etego, Lucas and Amodu, Folakemi and Amodu, Olukemi and Anchang-Kimbi, Judith and Ansah, Nana and Ansah, Patrick and Ansong, Daniel and Antwi, Sampson and Anyorigiya, Thomas and Apinjoh, Tobias and Asafo-Agyei, Emmanuel and Asoala, Victor and Atuguba, Frank and Auburn, Sarah and Bah, Abdou and Bamba, Kariatou and Bancone, Germana and Barnwell, David and Barry, Abdoulaye and Bauni, Evasius and Besingi, Richard and Bojang, Kalifa and Bougouma, Edith and Bull, Susan and Busby, George and Camara, Abdoulie and Camara, Landing and Campino, Susana and Carter, Richard and Carucci, Dan and Casals-Pascual, Climent and Ceesay, Ndey and Ceesay, Pa and Chau, Tran and Chuong, Ly and Clark, Taane and Cole-Ceesay, Ramou and Conway, David and Cook, Katharine and Cook, Olivia and Cornelius, Victoria and Corran, Patrick and Correa, Simon and Cox, Sharon and Craik, Rachel and Danso, Bakary and Davis, Timothy and Day, Nicholas and Deloukas, Panos and Dembele, Awa and deVries, Jantina and Dewasurendra, Rajika and Diakite, Mahamadou and Diarra, Elizabeth and Dibba, Yaya and Diss, Andrea and Djimdé, Abdoulaye and Dolo, Amagana and Doumbo, Ogobara and Doyle, Alan and Drakeley, Chris and Drury, Eleanor and Duffy, Patrick and Dunstan, Sarah and Ebonyi, Augustine and Elhassan, Ahmed and Elhassan, Ibrahim and Elzein, Abier and ... and MalariaGEN Consortium
The Lancet. Haematology, ISSN 2352-3026, 2018, Volume 5, Issue 8, pp. e333 - e345
Human genetic factors are important determinants of malaria risk. We investigated associations between multiple candidate polymorphisms—many related to the... 
RESISTANCE | HEMATOLOGY | PUMP | PLASMODIUM-FALCIPARUM | Genetic Predisposition to Disease - genetics | Gene Frequency | Humans | Child, Preschool | Female | Male | Kenya | Child | Case-Control Studies | Malaria - genetics | Polymorphism, Genetic | Life Sciences | Microbiology and Parasitology | Parasitology | Quantitative Methods | Genetics | Santé publique et épidémiologie | Human genetics
Journal Article
eLife, ISSN 2050-084X, 2016, Volume 5, p. e15266
Journal Article
by Busby, George B. J and Band, Gavin and Le, Quang Si and Jallow, Muminatou and Bougama, Edith and Mangano, Valentina D and Amenga-Etego, Lucas N and Enimil, Anthony and Apinjoh, Tobias and Ndila, Carolyne M and Manjurano, Alphaxard and Nyirongo, Vysaul and Doumba, Ogobara and Rockett, Kirk A and Kwiatkowski, Dominic P and Spencer, Chris C. A and Vanderwal, Aaron and Elzein, Abier and Nyika, Aceme and Mendy, Alieu and Miles, Alistair and Diss, Andrea and Kerasidou, Angeliki and Green, Angie and Jeffreys, Anna E and MacInnis, Bronwyn and Hughes, Catherine and Moyes, Catherine and Hubbart, Christina and Malangone, Cinzia and Potter, Claire and Mead, Daniel and Barnwell, David and Jyothi, Dushyanth and Drury, Eleanor and Somaskantharajah, Elilan and Hilton, Eliza and Leffler, Ellen and Maslen, Gareth and Busby, George and Clarke, Geraldine M and Ragoussis, Ioannis and Garcia, Jacob Almagro and Rogers, Jane and deVries, Jantina and Shelton, Jennifer and Ragoussis, Jiannis and Stalker, Jim and Rodford, Joanne and O'Brien, John and Evans, Julie and Rowlands, Kate and Cook, Katharine and Fitzpatrick, Kathryn and Kivinen, Katja and Small, Kerrin and Johnson, Kimberly J and Hart, Lee and Manske, Magnus and McCreight, Marilyn and Stevens, Marryat and Pirinen, Matti and Hennsman, Meike and Parker, Michael and SanJoaquin, Miguel and Seplúveda, Nuno and Cook, Olivia and Miotto, Olivo and Deloukas, Panos and Craik, Rachel and Wrigley, Rebecca and Watson, Renee and Pearson, Richard and Hutton, Robert and Oyola, Samuel and Auburn, Sarah and Shah, Shivang and Le, Si Quang and Molloy, Sile and Bull, Susan and Campino, Susana and Clark, Taane G and Ruano-Rubio, Valentín and Cornelius, Victoria and Teo, Yik Ying and Corran, Patrick and De Silva, Nilupa and Risley, Paul and Doyle, Alan and Evans, Jennifer and Horstmann, Rolf and Plowe, Chris and Duffy, Patrick and Carucci, Dan and Gottleib, Michael and Tall, Adama and Ly, Alioune Badara and Dolo, Amagana and Sakuntabhai, Anavaj and Puijalon, Odile and ...
eLife, 06/2016, Volume 5, Issue 2016
Journal Article
Daily Telegraph (London, England), ISSN 0307-1235, 09/2011, p. 3
FORWARD THINKING As well as the 12 different categories of awards - the winners of which are showcased on this page - there is an annual design competition,... 
Houses | Landscape architecture | Architects | Housing
Newspaper Article
Daily Telegraph (London, England), ISSN 0307-1235, 01/2011, p. 12
Now she's 10, in Maisie's "I'm reading these now so don't move them" pile by her bedside is an Agatha Christie, Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy... 
Potter, Harry | Maslen, Maisie
Newspaper Article
Sunday times (London, England : 1931), ISSN 0956-1382, 10/2010
"We couldn't even flush the loos properly because the drains were backed up," he says. "We sorted that out, updated the kitchen, upgraded the central heating,... 
Newspaper Article
The Age (Melbourne, Vic.), ISSN 0312-6307, 10/2008
Newspaper Article
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