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UofT at Mississauga - Stacks (1) 1
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by Hoglinger, Gunter and Melhem, Nadine and Dickson, Dennis and Sleiman, Patrick and Wang, Li-San and Klei, Lambertus and Rademakers, Rosa and Silva, Rohan and Litvan, Irene and Riley, David and Swieten, John and Heutink, Peter and Wszolek, Zbigniew and Uitti, Ryan and Vanovcova, Jana and Hurtig, Howard and Gross, Rachel and Maetzler, Walter and Goldwurm, Stefano and Tolosa, E and Borroni, Barbara and Pastor, Pau and Cantwell, Laura and Han, M.R and Dillman, Allissa and Brug, Marcel and Gibbs, Raphael and Cookson, Mark and Hernandez, Dena and Singleton, Anew and Farrer, Matthew and Yu, Changen and Golbe, Lawrence and Revesz, Tamas and Hardy, John and Lees, Anew and Devlin, Bernie and Hakonarson, Hakon and Müller, Ulrich and Schellenberg, Gerard and Albin, Roger and Alonso, Elena and Apfelbacher, Manuela and Arnold, Steven and Avila, Jesús and Beach, Thomas and Beecher, Sherry and Berg, Daniela and Bird, Thomas and Bogdanović, Nenad and Boon, Anea and Bordelon, Yvette and Brice, Alexis and Budka, Herbert and Canesi, Margherita and Chiu, Wang Zheng and Cilia, Roberto and Colosimo, Carlo and Deyn, Peter and Yebenes, J.G and Donker Kaat, Laura and Duara, Ranjan and Durr, A and Engelborghs, Sebastiaan and Fabbrini, Giovanni and Finch, Nicole and Flook, Robyn and Frosch, Matthew and Gaig, C and Galasko, Douglas and Gasser, Thomas and Gearing, Marla and Geller, Evan and Ghetti, Bernardino and Graff-Radford, Neill and Grossman, Murray and Hall, Deborah and Hazrati, L.-N and Höllerhage, Matthias and Jankovic, Joseph and Juncos, Jorge and Karydas, Anna and Kretzschmar, Hans and Leber, Isabelle and Lee, Virginia and Lieberman, Anew and Lyons, Kelly and Mariani, Claudio and Masliah, Eliezer and Massey, Luke and McLean, Catriona and Meucci, Nicoletta and Miller, Bruce and Mollenhauer, Brit and Möller, Jens and Morris, Huw and O'Sullivan, Sean and Oertel, W and Ottaviani, Donatella and Padovani, Alessano and ... and PSP Genetics Study Grp and PSP Genetics Study Group
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 07/2011, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. 699 - 705
Journal Article
by Potter, Shelley and Conroy, Elizabeth J and Cutress, Ramsey I and Williamson, Paula R and Whisker, Lisa and Thrush, Steven and Skillman, Joanna and Barnes, Nicola L P and Mylvaganam, Senthurun and Teasdale, Elisabeth and Jain, Abhilash and Gardiner, Matthew D and Blazeby, Jane M and Holcombe, Chris and Achuthan, R and Adwan, I and Aggarwal, S and Ahmed, M and Akelund, M and Akolekar, D and Al-Jibury, O and Amanita, M and Appleton, D and Archampong, D and Asgiersson, K and Athwal, R and Augusti, A and Ayaani, S and Bains, S and Baker, B and Baker, E and Baldota, S and Banerjee, D and Barker, S and Barr, L and Barry, P and Basu, N and Bathla, S and Bishop, N and Boland, G and Branford, O A and Bright-Thomas, R and Brindle, R and Brock, L and Brown, V and Bux, F and Byrne, G and Cain, H and Caldon, L and Callaghan, M and Carbone, A and Carpenter, R and Cawthorn, S and Chagla, L and Challoner, T and Chalmers, C and Chalmers, R and Chambers, S and Chana, M and Chand, N and Chandran, V and Chandrashekar, M and Charfare, H and Chatterjee, J and Chatterjee, S and Chattopadhyay, R and Chaudry, A and Chin, K and Chong, K and Chouhan, A and Choy, C and Christopoulos, P and Clarke, D and Clarke, S and Clayton, E and Clifford, R and Cocker, D and Collin, T and Collis, N and Conroy, F and Constantinou, C and Conway, A and Cook, J and Coombs, N and Cox, K and Critchley, A and Dakka, M and Dani, M and Daoud, R and Darragh, L and Darvesh, S and Dash, I and Datta, S and Davies, E and Dawson, S and De Sousa, E and Debnath, D and Deol, H and Devalia, H and Di Micco, R and ... and iBRA Steering Group and Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative and iBRA Steering Grp and Breast Reconstruction Res Collabor
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 02/2019, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 254 - 266
Journal Article
by Chamberlain, James M and Kapur, Jaideep and Shinnar, Shlomo and Elm, Jordan and Holsti, Maija and Babcock, Lynn and Rogers, Alex and Barsan, William and Cloyd, James and Lowenstein, Daniel and Bleck, Thomas P and Conwit, Robin and Meinzer, Caitlyn and Cock, Hannah and Fountain, Nathan B and Underwood, Ellen and Connor, Jason T and Silbergleit, Robert and Gray, Emily and Gunter, Sonya and Fansler, Amy and Stevenson, Valerie and Bengelink, Erin and Harney, Deneil and Speers, Mickie and Black, Joy and Fisher, Natalie and Harsh, Donna and Ramakrishnan, Arthi and Harris, Lindsey and Bozeman, Nia and Spiteri, Aimee and Palesch, Yuko and Tillman, Holly and Zhao, Wenle and Pauls, Qi and Arnaud, Chris and Dillon, Catherine R and Riley, Jodie and Alford, Teldon and Conner, Cassidy and Coles, Lisa and Sathe, Abhi and Janis, Scott and Hartman, Adam and Fureman, Brandy and Trinka, Eugen and Treiman, David and Wright, David and Ratcliff, Jonathan and Hall, Alex and Williams, Alaina and Simon, Harold and Stanley, Nicholas and Humphries, Roger and Mims, Theresa and Short, Joann and Jones, Elizabeth and Ottman, Misty and Gentile, Nina and Isenberg, Derek and Reimer, Hannah and Sayoc Kalugdan, Vernon and Hemphill, Claude and Yi Madhok, Debbie and Duncan, Jeany and Randazzo, Dominica and Quinn, James and Visweswaran, Anita and Mann, Rosen and Adeoye, Opeolu and McMullan, Jason and Foreman, Brandon and Keegan, Sara and Biros, Michelle and Driver, Brian and Hendrickson, Audrey and Stang, Jamie and Lewandowski, Christopher and Miller, Joseph and Chaudhry, Kaleem and Berry, Shannen and Warden, Craig and Blake, Rachel and Cook, Jennifer NB and Sabolick, Erin and Selman, Antoine and Kissman, Katrina and Moore, Monica and Huff, J. Stephen and Becker, Lea and Claassen, Jan and Velazquez, Angela and Falo, Cristina and Coralic, Zlatan and Grupp-Phelan, Jackie and Baren, Jill and Ellison, Angela and Woodford, Ashley and Samba, Ima and ... and Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network investigators and Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials and Pediat Emergency Care Appl Res Net and Neurological Emergencies Treatment
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 04/2020, Volume 395, Issue 10231, pp. 1217 - 1224
Journal Article
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 5/2010, Volume 328, Issue 5979, pp. 689 - 690
Journal Article
by Amendola, Luca and Appleby, Stephen and Avgoustidis, Anastasios and Bacon, David and Baker, Tessa and Baldi, Marco and Bartolo, Nicola and Blanchard, Alain and Bonvin, Camille and Borgani, Stefano and Branchini, Enzo and Burrage, Clare and Camera, Stefano and Carbone, Carmelita and Casarini, Luciano and Cropper, Mark and de Rham, Claudia and Dietrich, Jörg P and Di Porto, Cinzia and Durrer, Ruth and Ealet, Anne and Ferreira, Pedro G and Finelli, Fabio and García-Bellido, Juan and Giannantonio, Tommaso and Guzzo, Luigi and Heavens, Alan and Heisenberg, Lavinia and Heymans, Catherine and Hoekstra, Henk and Hollenstein, Lukas and Holmes, Rory and Hwang, Zhiqi and Jahnke, Knud and Kitching, Thomas D and Koivisto, Tomi and Kunz, Martin and La Vacca, Giuseppe and Linder, Eric and March, Marisa and Marra, Valerio and Martins, Carlos and Majerotto, Elisabetta and Markovic, Dida and Marsh, David and Marulli, Federico and Massey, Richard and Mellier, Yannick and Montanari, Francesco and Mota, David F and Nunes, Nelson J and Percival, Will and Pettorino, Valeria and Porciani, Cristiano and Quercellini, Claudia and Read, Justin and Rinaldi, Massimiliano and Sapone, Domenico and Sawicki, Ignacy and Scaramella, Roberto and Skordis, Constantinos and Simpson, Fergus and Taylor, Andy and Thomas, Shaun and Trotta, Roberto and Verde, Licia and Vernizzi, Filippo and Vollmer, Adrian and Wang, Yun and Weller, Jochen and Zlosnik, Tom and Euclid Theory Working Grp and Euclid Theory Working Group and Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH (United States)
Living reviews in relativity, ISSN 2367-3613, 12/2018, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 345
Journal Article