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performing operations (1926) 1926
transporting (1926) 1926
basic electric elements (1365) 1365
human necessities (1223) 1223
humans (1070) 1070
heating (1041) 1041
mechanical engineering (1038) 1038
blasting (1035) 1035
lighting (1035) 1035
weapons (1035) 1035
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (997) 997
general tagging of new technological developments (997) 997
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (997) 997
electric communication technique (914) 914
semiconductor devices (892) 892
electric solid state devices not otherwise provided for (878) 878
compositions based thereon (852) 852
organic macromolecular compounds (852) 852
their preparation or chemical working-up (852) 852
organic chemistry (845) 845
photography (842) 842
cinematography (840) 840
electrography (840) 840
holography (840) 840
male (816) 816
counting (788) 788
calculating (787) 787
computing (787) 787
hygiene (774) 774
medical or veterinary science (774) 774
basic electronic circuitry (739) 739
female (691) 691
index medicus (680) 680
resonators (639) 639
impedance networks, e.g. resonant circuits (638) 638
technical subjects covered by former uspc (619) 619
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (590) 590
electrophotography (570) 570
magnetography (570) 570
pictorial communication, e.g. television (557) 557
animals (527) 527
technical subjects covered by former us classification (492) 492
compositions of macromolecular compounds (490) 490
middle aged (490) 490
aged (472) 472
dyes (445) 445
adhesives (442) 442
testing (442) 442
miscellaneous applications of materials (441) 441
miscellaneous compositions (441) 441
natural resins (441) 441
paints (441) 441
polishes (441) 441
electric digital data processing (438) 438
measuring (437) 437
heterocyclic compounds (421) 421
information storage (420) 420
macromolecular compounds obtained otherwise than by reactionsonly involving unsaturated carbon-to-carbon bonds (416) 416
information storage based on relative movement between recordcarrier and transducer (405) 405
technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (402) 402
specific therapeutic activity of chemical compounds ormedicinal preparations (376) 376
optics (372) 372
engineering elements and units (366) 366
general measures for producing and maintaining effectivefunctioning of machines or installations (366) 366
thermal insulation in general (366) 366
adult (351) 351
vehicles in general (338) 338
physical or chemical processes or apparatus in general (303) 303
use of inorganic or non-macromolecular organic substances ascompounding ingredients (289) 289
chemical surface treatment (286) 286
coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering, by ion implantationor by chemical vapour deposition, in general (286) 286
coating material with metallic material (286) 286
coating metallic material (286) 286
diffusion treatment of metallic material (286) 286
inhibiting corrosion of metallic material or incrustation ingeneral (286) 286
printing (279) 279
lining machines (277) 277
stamps (277) 277
typewriters (277) 277
transmission of digital information, e.g. telegraphiccommunication (269) 269
coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering, by ionimplantation or by chemical vapour deposition, in general (267) 267
optical elements, systems, or apparatus (267) 267
surface treatment of metallic material by diffusion into thesurface, by chemical conversion or substitution (267) 267
fixed constructions (260) 260
surgery (258) 258
chemical paint or ink removers (238) 238
coating compositions, e.g. paints, varnishes orlacquers (238) 238
correcting fluids (238) 238
filling pastes (238) 238
inks (238) 238
pastes or solids for colouring or printing (238) 238
use of materials therefor (238) 238
woodstains (238) 238
amusements (230) 230
games (230) 230
sports (230) 230
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Library Location Library Location
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Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1924 - 11
Prognostic impact of anemia complicating severe aortic stenosis (AS) remains unclear. We assessed the impact of anemia on cardiovascular and bleeding outcomes... 
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2017, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 15035 - 12
Journal Article