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by Cavalcanti, AB and Berwanger, O and Suzumura, EA and Amato, MBP and Tallo, FS and Rezende, EAC and Telles, JMM and Romano, E and Guimaraes, HP and Regenga, MM and Takahashi, LN and Teixeira, C and Oliveira, RP and Carvalho, VO and Diaz-Quijano, FA and Carvalho, CRR and Kodama, AA and Ribeiro, GFM and Abreu, MO and Oliveira, IM and Guyatt, G and Ferguson, N and Walter, S and Vasconcelos, MOM and Segundo, VJ and Ferraz, IL and Silva, RS and de Oliveira, W and Silva, NB and Heirel, DCB and Takatani, RR and Neto, JAS and Neto, JCB and Almeida, SD and Chamy, G and Neto, GJLG and Dias, AP and Silva, RR and Tavares, RC and Souza, MLVD and Decio, JC and Lima, CMLS and Neto, FF and Oliveira, KR and Dias, PPLC and Brandao, ALSB and Ramos, JE and Vasconcelos, PT and Flores, DG and Pinheiro, GR and Andrade, IG and Martinez, A and Franca, GGP and Monteiro, LL and Correia, EIS and Ribeiro, W and Pereira, AJ and Andrade, W and Leite, PA and Feto, JEF and Holanda, MA and Amorim, FF and Margalho, SB and Domingues, SM and Ferreira, CS and Ferreira, CM and Rabelo, LA and Duarte, JN and Lima, FB and Kawaguchi, IAL and Neto, JAA and Maia, MO and Correa, FG and Ribeiro, RAB and Caser, E and Moreira, CLCB and Marcilino, A and Falcao, JG and Jesus, KR and Tcherniakovisk, L and Dutra, VG and Thompson, MM and Piras, C and Giuberti, J and Silva, AS and Santos, JRP and Potratz, JL and Paula, LN and Bozi, GG and Gomes, BC and Vassallo, PF and Rocha, EP and Lima, MHBS and Ferreira, DM and Goncalves, FAF and Pereira, SA and Nobrega, MS and Caixeta, CR and Moraes, APP and Carvalho, AGR and ... and Trial Management Team and Writing Steering Comm and Data Monitoring Comm and ART Investigators and Trial Ctr and The ART Investigators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 08/2012, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 153 - 153
Journal Article
Molecular vision, ISSN 1090-0535, 2018, Volume 24, pp. 105 - 114
To describe the retinal clinical features of a group of Mexican patients with Stargardt disease carrying the uncommon p.Ala1773Val founder mutation in . Ten... 
Phenotypes | Medical imaging | Retina | Nyctalopia | Pigmentation | Visual perception | Acuity | Electroretinograms | Atrophy | Phenotyping | Retinal degeneration | Photoreceptors | Mutation | Dystrophy | Age | Genotypes | Index Medicus
Journal Article
British Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0007-1161, 07/2019, p. bjophthalmol-2019-314355
AIMSDuring diabetic macular oedema (DME), a spectrum of capillary abnormalities is commonly observed, ranging from microaneurysms to large microvascular... 
Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Schönbach, Etienne M and Schönbach, Etienne and Strauss, Rupert W and Kong, Xiangrong and Muñoz, Beatriz and Ibrahim, Mohamed A and Sunness, Janet S and Birch, David and Birch, David G and Hahn, Gesa Astrid and Hahn, Gesa-Astrid and Nasser, Fadi and Zrenner, Eberhart and Sadda, Srinivas and Sadda, SriniVas R and West, Sheila K and West, Sheila and Scholl, Hendrik P.N and Wolfson, Yulia and Bittencourt, Millena and Shah, Syed Mahmood and Ahmed, Mohamed and Fujinami, Kaoru and Traboulsi, Elias and Ehlers, Justis and Marino, Meghan and Crowe, Susan and Briggs, Rachael and Borer, Angela and Pinter, Anne and Fecko, Tami and Burgnoni, Nikki and Applegate, Carol and Russell, Leslie and Michaelides, Michel and Esposti, Simona Degli and Moore, Anthony and Webster, Andrew and Connor, Sophie and Barnfield, Jade and Salchi, Zaid and Alfageme, Clara and McCudden, Victoria and Pefkianaki, Maria and Aboshiha, Jonathan and Liew, Gerald and Holder, Graham and Robson, Anthony and King, Alexa and Narvaez, Daniela Ivanova Cajas and Barnard, Katy and Grigg, Catherine and Dunbar, Hannah and Obadeyi, Yetunde and Girard-Claudon, Karine and Swann, Hilary and Rughani, Avani and Amoah, Charles and Carrington, Dominic and Bibi, Kanom and Co, Emerson Ting and Illiyas, Mohamed Nafaz and Begum, Hamida and Carter, Andrew and Georgiou, Anne and Lewism, Selma and Shaheen, Saddaf and Shinmar, Harpreet and Burton, Linda and Bernstein, Paul and Wegner, Kimberley and Sawyer, Briana Lauren and Carlstrom, Bonnie and Farnsworth, Kellian and Fry, Cyrie and Chandler, Melissa and Jenkins, Dennis and Jenkins, Glen and Creel, Donnel and Wang, Yi-Zhong and Rodriguez, Luis and Locke, Kirsten and Klein, Martin and Mejia, Paulina and Cideciyan, Artur V and Jacobson, Samuel G and Schwartz, Sharon B and Matsui, Rodrigo and Gruzensky, Michaela and Charng, Jason and Roman, Alejandro J and Wilhelm, Barbara and Peters, Tobias and Beier, Benjamin and Koenig, Tilman and Kramer, Susanne and Kramer, Brendan and Sahel, José-Alain and Mohand-Said, Saddek and Audo, Isabelle and ... and Progstar Study Grp and ProgStar Study Group
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 09/2018, Volume 193, pp. 54 - 61
To investigate the natural history of Stargardt disease (STGD1) using fixation location and fixation stability. Multicenter, international, prospective cohort... 
OPHTHALMOLOGY | ATROPHY SECONDARY | VISUAL-ACUITY LOSS | NATURAL-HISTORY | NIDEK MP-1 | PROGRESSION | FEATURES | Medicine, Experimental | Medical research | Atrophy | Studies | Reading | Disease | Clinical trials | Software | Mutation | Ophthalmology | Patients | Age
Journal Article
Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami, ISSN 1793-4311, 06/2016, Volume 10, Issue 2
On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, at 8: 46 p.m. local time in Chile, a subduction earthquake of Mw 8.2 occurred about 100km northwest of the city of Iquique, where... 
Chile | Tsunami | post-tsunami field survey | GEOCHEMISTRY & GEOPHYSICS | Wharves | Plates (tectonics) | Houses | Seismic activity | Earthquake engineering | Subduction (geology) | Earthquake damage | Earthquake resistance | Structural engineering | Surveying | Housing | Coastal zone | Subduction | Residential areas | Shorelines | Earthquakes | Fires | Aseismic buildings | Height | Tsunamis | Damage
Journal Article
Molecular Vision, ISSN 1090-0535, 02/2018, Volume 24, pp. 105 - 114
Purpose: To describe the retinal clinical features of a group of Mexican patients with Stargardt disease carrying the uncommon p.Ala1773Val founder mutation in... 
Journal Article
The Journal of veterinary medical science, ISSN 0916-7250, 06/2019
A 10-year-old American Pit Bull dog was diagnosed with a metastatic undifferentiated carcinoma in scapula. Immunohistochemistry was positive for cytokeratins... 
Journal Article
by Sawhney, Jitendra Pal Singh and Sawhney, Jitendra PS and Sawhney, J.P.S and Kothiwale, V.A and Kothiwale, Veerappa A and Bisne, V and Bisne, Vikas and Durgaprasad, Rajashekhar and Durgaprasad, R and Jadhav, P and Jadhav, Praveen and Jadhav, S and Chopda, Manoj and Chopda, M and Vanajakshamma, V and Vanajakshamma, Velam and Meena, Ramdhan and Meena, R and Vijayaraghavan, Govindan and Vijayaraghavan, G and Chawla, Kamaldeep and Chawla, K and Allu, Jagan and Pieper, Karen S and John Camm, A and Kakkar, Sanjay and Kakkar, Ajay K and Kakkar, S and Bassand, Jean-Pierre and Fitzmaurice, D and Fitzmaurice, David and Fitzmaurice, David A and Goldhaber, S.Z and Goldhaber, Samuel Z and Goto, K and Goto, Shinya and Goto, T and Haas, Sylvia and Hacke, Werner and Mantovani, Lorenzo G and Misselwitz, Frank and Turpie, Alexander G.G and van Eickels, Martin and Verheugt, Freek W.A and Kayani, Gloria and Fox, B and Fox, R and Fox, Keith A.A and Gersh, Bernard J and Luciardi, Hector Lucas and Luciardi, H.L and Gibbs, J and Gibbs, Harry and Gibbs, H and Brodmann, Marianne and Brodmann, M and Cools, F and Cools, Frank and Barretto, A.C.P and Barretto, Antonio Carlos Pereira and Connolly, Stuart J and Connolly, S.J and Spyropoulos, Alex and Spyropoulos, A and Eikelboom, John and Eikelboom, J and Corbalan, R and Corbalan, Ramon and Hu, X.S and Hu, Dayi and Hu, D.Y and Jansky, Petr and Jansky, P and Nielsen, Jørn Dalsgaard and Nielsen, J and Nielsen, H and Ragy, H and Ragy, Hany and Raatikainen, Pekka and Raatikainen, P and Le Heuzey, J.-Y and Le Heuzey, Jean-Yves and Darius, H and Darius, Harald and Keltai, Matyas and Keltai, M and Agnelli, Giancarlo and Agnelli, G and Ambrosio, G and Ambrosio, Giuseppe and Koretsune, Yukihiro and Koretsune, Y and Sánchez Díaz, Carlos Jerjes and Sánchez Díaz, C.J and Ten Cate, Hugo and Atar, Dan and Atar, D and Stepinska, J and Stepinska, Janina and Panchenko, E and ... and GARFIELD-AF Investigators
Indian Heart Journal, ISSN 0019-4832, 11/2018, Volume 70, Issue 6, pp. 828 - 835
Journal Article