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Journal Article
Journal Article
American Journal of Occupational Therapy, ISSN 0272-9490, 07/2017, Volume 71, Issue 4_Supplement_1, p. 7111520274
Journal Article
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, ISSN 0027-8874, 09/2018, Volume 110, Issue 9, pp. 985 - 993
Background: Germline genetic testing is standard practice in oncology. Outcomes of telephone disclosure of a wide range of cancer genetic test results,... 
Journal Article
by Chambers, David and Simpson, Lisa and Neta, Gila and Schwarz, Ulrica von Thiele and Percy-Laurry, Antoinette and Aarons, Gregory A and Brownson, Ross and Vogel, Amanda and Stirman, Shannon Wiltsey and Sherr, Kenneth and Sturke, Rachel and Norton, Wynne E and Varley, Allyson and Vinson, Cynthia and Klesges, Lisa and Heurtin-Roberts, Suzanne and Massoud, M. Rashad and Kimble, Leighann and Beck, Arne and Neely, Claire and Boggs, Jennifer and Nichols, Carmel and Wan, Wen and Staab, Erin and Laiteerapong, Neda and Moise, Nathalie and Shah, Ravi and Essock, Susan and Handley, Margaret and Jones, Amy and Carruthers, Jay and Davidson, Karina and Peccoralo, Lauren and Sederer, Lloyd and Molfenter, Todd and Scudder, Ashley and Taber-Thomas, Sarah and Schaffner, Kristen and Herschell, Amy and Woodward, Eva and Pitcock, Jeffery and Ritchie, Mona and Kirchner, JoAnn and Moore, Julia E and Khan, Sobia and Rashid, Shusmita and Park, Jamie and Courvoisier, Melissa and Straus, Sharon and Blonigen, Daniel and Rodriguez, Allison and Manfredi, Luisa and Nevedal, Andrea and Rosenthal, Joel and Smelson, David and Timko, Christine and Stadnick, Nicole and Regan, Jennifer and Barnett, Miya and Lau, Anna and Brookman-Frazee, Lauren and Guerrero, Erick and Fenwick, Karissa and Kong, Yinfei and Aarons, Gregory and Lengnick-Hall, Rebecca and Henwood, Benjamin and Sayer, Nina and Rosen, Craig and Orazem, Robert and Smith, Brandy and Zimmerman, Lindsey and Lounsbury, David and Kimerling, Rachel and Trafton, Jodie A and Lindley, Steven and Bhargava, Rahul and Roberts, Hal and Gibson, Laura and Escobar, Gabriel J and Liu, Vincent and Turk, Benjamin and Ragins, Arona and Kipnis, Patricia and Gruszkowski, Ashley Ketterer and Kennedy, Michael W and Drobek, Emily Rentschler and Turgeman, Lior and Milicevic, Aleksandra Sasha and Hubert, Terrence L and Myaskovsky, Larissa and Tjader, Youxu C and Monte, Robert J and Sapnas, Kathryn G and Ramly, Edmond and Lauver, Diane R and Bartels, Christie M and Elnahal, Shereef and Ippolito, Andrea and Peabody, Hillary and ... and VCE Physical Activity Leadership Team
Implementation Science, ISSN 1748-5908, 04/2017, Volume 12, Issue S1
Journal Article
by David Chambers and Lisa Simpson and Gila Neta and Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz and Antoinette Percy-Laurry and Gregory A. Aarons and Gila Neta and Ross Brownson and Amanda Vogel and Shannon Wiltsey Stirman and Kenneth Sherr and Rachel Sturke and Wynne E. Norton and Allyson Varley and David Chambers and Cynthia Vinson and Lisa Klesges and Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts and M. Rashad Massoud and Leighann Kimble and Arne Beck and Claire Neely and Jennifer Boggs and Carmel Nichols and Wen Wan and Erin Staab and Neda Laiteerapong and Nathalie Moise and Ravi Shah and Susan Essock and Margaret Handley and Amy Jones and Jay Carruthers and Karina Davidson and Lauren Peccoralo and Lloyd Sederer and Todd Molfenter and Ashley Scudder and Sarah Taber-Thomas and Kristen Schaffner and Amy Herschell and Eva Woodward and Jeffery Pitcock and Mona Ritchie and JoAnn Kirchner and Julia E. Moore and Sobia Khan and Shusmita Rashid and Jamie Park and Melissa Courvoisier and Sharon Straus and Daniel Blonigen and Allison Rodriguez and Luisa Manfredi and Andrea Nevedal and Joel Rosenthal and David Smelson and Christine Timko and Nicole Stadnick and Jennifer Regan and Miya Barnett and Anna Lau and Lauren Brookman-Frazee and Erick Guerrero and Karissa Fenwick and Yinfei Kong and Gregory Aarons and Rebecca Lengnick-Hall and Karissa Fenwick and Benjamin Henwood and Nina Sayer and Craig Rosen and Robert Orazem and Brandy Smith and Craig Rosen and Lindsey Zimmerman and David Lounsbury and Craig Rosen and Rachel Kimerling and Jodie A. Trafton and Steven Lindley and Rahul Bhargava and Hal Roberts and Laura Gibson and Gabriel J. Escobar and Vincent Liu and Benjamin Turk and Arona Ragins and Patricia Kipnis and Ashley Ketterer Gruszkowski and Michael W. Kennedy and Emily Rentschler Drobek and Lior Turgeman and Aleksandra Sasha Milicevic and Terrence L. Hubert and Larissa Myaskovsky and Youxu C. Tjader and Robert J. Monte and Kathryn G. Sapnas and Edmond Ramly and ...
IMPLEMENTATION SCIENCE, ISSN 1748-5908, 04/2017, Volume 12, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 55
Journal Article
The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 07/2005, Volume 56, Issue 1, p. 154
Objectives: There are marked differences in the amount of immunoreactive components such as lipoteichoic acid (LTA) released from Gram-positive bacteria... 
Journal Article
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 07/2005, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp. 154 - 159
OBJECTIVES: There are marked differences in the amount of immunoreactive components such as lipoteichoic acid (LTA) released from Gram-positive bacteria... 
Journal Article
by Chambers, David and Simpson, Lisa and Hill-Briggs, Felicia and Neta, Gila and Vinson, Cynthia and Beidas, Rinad and Marcus, Steven and Aarons, Gregory and Hoagwood, Kimberly and Schoenwald, Sonja and Evans, Arthur and Hurford, Matthew and Rubin, Ronnie and Hadley, Trevor and Barg, Frances and Walsh, Lucia and Adams, Danielle and Mandell, David and Martin, Lindsey and Mignogna, Joseph and Mott, Juliette and Hundt, Natalie and Kauth, Michael and Kunik, Mark and Naik, Aanand and Cully, Jeffrey and McGuire, Alan and White, Dominique and Bartholomew, Tom and McGrew, John and Luther, Lauren and Rollins, Angie and Salyers, Michelle and Cooper, Brittany and Funaiole, Angie and Richards, Julie and Lee, Amy and Lapham, Gwen and Caldeiro, Ryan and Lozano, Paula and Gildred, Tory and Achtmeyer, Carol and Ludman, Evette and Addis, Megan and Marx, Larry and Bradley, Katharine and VanDeinse, Tonya and Wilson, Amy Blank and Stacey, Burgin and Powell, Byron and Bunger, Alicia and Cuddeback, Gary and Barnett, Miya and Stadnick, Nicole and Brookman-Frazee, Lauren and Lau, Anna and Dorsey, Shannon and Pullmann, Michael and Mitchell, Shannon and Schwartz, Robert and Kirk, Arethusa and Dusek, Kristi and Oros, Marla and Hosler, Colleen and Gryczynski, Jan and Barbosa, Carolina and Dunlap, Laura and Lounsbury, David and O’Grady, Kevin and Brown, Barry and Damschroder, Laura and Waltz, Thomas and Ritchie, Mona and Atkins, David and Imel, Zac E and Xiao, Bo and Can, Doğan and Georgiou, Panayiotis and Narayanan, Shrikanth and Berkel, Cady and Gallo, Carlos and Sandler, Irwin and Brown, C. Hendricks and Wolchik, Sharlene and Mauricio, Anne Marie and Mehrotra, Sanjay and Chandurkar, Dharmendra and Bora, Siddhartha and Das, Arup and Tripathi, Anand and Saggurti, Niranjan and Raj, Anita and Hughes, Eric and Jacobs, Brian and Kirkendall, Eric and Loeb, Danielle and Trinkley, Katy and Yang, Michael and Sprowell, Andrew and Nease, Donald and ... and I.S.R.N. Steering Council
Implementation science : IS, ISSN 1748-5908, 08/2016, Volume 11 Suppl 2, Issue S2, p. 100
Journal Article
Newspaper Article
TCA Regional News, 04/2019
Newspaper Article
New Pittsburgh Courier (1966-1981), 05/1980, p. 18
ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST BAPTIST CHURCH, 4535-37 Chatsworth Ave., pastored by the Rev. Alvin Coon, continues the Spring Revival through May 23, with services at... 
Newspaper Article
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