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genetic aspects (22) 22
multidisciplinary sciences (22) 22
thermal insulation in general (22) 22
cell biology (21) 21
genes (21) 21
rheumatology (21) 21
stem cells (20) 20
animals (19) 19
fungi (17) 17
general devices for heat treatment of ferrous or non-ferrousmetals or alloys (17) 17
immunology (17) 17
making metal malleable by decarburisation, tempering or othertreatments (17) 17
male (17) 17
metallurgy of iron (17) 17
microbiology (17) 17
modifying the physical structure of ferrous metals (17) 17
genetics (16) 16
osteoarthritis (16) 16
physiological aspects (16) 16
proteins (16) 16
article (15) 15
bearings (15) 15
elements or crankshaft mechanisms (15) 15
flexible shafts (15) 15
genetics & heredity (15) 15
lipids (15) 15
rotary bodies other than gearing elements (15) 15
shafts (15) 15
cells, cultured (14) 14
chemical or physical processes, e.g. catalysis or colloidchemistry (14) 14
identification (14) 14
phylogeny (14) 14
physical or chemical processes or apparatus in general (14) 14
stromal cells (14) 14
their relevant apparatus (14) 14
working of plastics (14) 14
working of substances in a plastic state, in general (14) 14
adult (13) 13
evolution, molecular (13) 13
mutation (13) 13
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bacteria (11) 11
biotechnology & applied microbiology (11) 11
cements (11) 11
ceramics (11) 11
compositions thereof, e.g. mortars, concrete or like buildingmaterials (11) 11
concrete (11) 11
expression (11) 11
food and beverages (11) 11
lime, magnesia (11) 11
macrophages (11) 11
medicine (11) 11
mesenchymal stem cells (11) 11
mycobacterium tuberculosis - metabolism (11) 11
plants (11) 11
refractories (11) 11
slag (11) 11
transposable elements (11) 11
treatment of natural stone (11) 11
adipose tissue - cytology (10) 10
biology (10) 10
diatoms (10) 10
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by Read, Betsy A and Kegel, Jessica and Klute, Mary J and Kuo, Alan and Lefebvre, Stephane C and Maumus, Florian and Mayer, Christoph and Miller, John and Monier, Adam and Salamov, Asaf and Young, Jeremy and Aguilar, Maria and Claverie, Jean-Michel and Frickenhaus, Stephan and Gonzalez, Karina and Herman, Emily K and Lin, Yao-Cheng and Napier, Johnathan and Ogata, Hiroyuki and Sarno, Analissa F and Shmutz, Jeremy and Schroeder, Declan and De Vargas, Colomban and Verret, Frederic and Von Dassow, Peter and Valentin, Klaus and Van De Peer, Yves and Wheeler, Glen and Dacks, Joel B and Delwiche, Charles F and Dyhrman, Sonya T and Glöckner, Gernot and John, Uwe and Richards, Thomas and Worden, Alexandra Z and Zhang, Xiaoyu and Grigoriev, Igor V and Allen, Andrew E and Bidle, Kay and Borodovsky, Mark and Bowler, Chris and Brownlee, Colin and Mark Cock, J and Elias, Marek and Gladyshev, Vadim N and Groth, Marco and Guda, Chittibabu and Hadaegh, Ahmad and Iglesias-Rodriguez, Maria Debora and Jenkins, Jerry and Jones, Bethan M and Lawson, Tracy and Leese, Florian and Lindquist, Erika and Lobanov, Alexei and Lomsadze, Alexandre and Malik, Shehre-Banoo and Marsh, Mary E and MacKinder, Luke and Mock, Thomas and Mueller-Roeber, Bernd and Pagarete, António and Parker, Micaela and Probert, Ian and Quesneville, Hadi and Raines, Christine and Rensing, Stefan A and Riaño-Pachón, Diego Mauricio and Richier, Sophie and Rokitta, Sebastian and Shiraiwa, Yoshihiro and Soanes, Darren M and Van Der Giezen, Mark and Wahlund, Thomas M and Williams, Bryony and Wilson, Willie and Wolfe, Gordon and Wurch, Louie L and Emiliania Huxleyi Annotation and Emiliania huxleyi Annotation Consortium and Joint Genome Institute (JGI)
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