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Journal Article
by Nievergelt, Caroline M and Maihofer, Adam X and Klengel, Torsten and Atkinson, Elizabeth G and Chen, Chia-Yen and Choi, Karmel W and Coleman, Jonathan R and Dalvie, Shareefa and Duncan, Laramie E and Gelernter, Joel and Levey, Daniel F and Logue, Mark W and Polimanti, Renato and Provost, Allison C and Ratanatharathorn, Anew and Stein, Murray B and Torres, Katy and Aiello, Allison E and Almli, Lynn M and Amstadter, Ananda B and Andersen, Sren B and Aneassen, Ole A and Arbisi, Paul A and Ashley-Koch, Allison E and Austin, S. Bryn and Avdibegovic, Esmina and Babic, gan and Baekvad-Hansen, Marie and Baker, Dewleen G and Beckham, Jean C and Bierut, Laura J and Bisson, Jonathan and Boks, Marco P and Bolger, Elizabeth A and Brglum, Anders D and Bradley, Bekh and Brashear, Megan and Breen, Gerome and Bryant, Richard A and Bustamante, Angela C and Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas and Calabrese, Joseph R and Caldas-de-Almeida, Jose M and Dale, Anders M and Daly, Mark J and Daskalakis, Nikolaos P and Deckert, Juergen and Delahanty, Douglas L and Dennis, Michelle F and Disner, Seth G and Domschke, Katharina and Dzubur-Kulenovic, Alma and Erbes, Christopher R and Evans, Alexana and Farrer, Lindsay A and Feeny, Norah C and Flory, Janine D and Forbes, David and Franz, Carol E and Galea, Sano and Garrett, Melanie E and Gelaye, Bizu and Geuze, Elbert and Gillespie, Charles and Uka, Aferdita Goci and Gordon, Scott D and Guffanti, Guia and Hammamieh, Rasha and Harnal, Supriya and Hauser, Michael A and Heath, Anew C and Hemmings, Sian M. J and Hougaard, David Michael and Jakovljevic, Miro and Jett, Marti and Johnson, Eric Otto and Jones, Ian and Jovanovic, Tanja and Qin, Xue-Jun and Junglen, Angela G and Karstoft, Karen-Inge and Kaufman, Milissa L and Kessler, Ronald C and Khan, Alaptagin and Kimbrel, Nathan A and King, Anthony P and Koen, Nastassja and Kranzler, Henry R and Kremen, William S and Lawford, Bruce R and Lebois, Lauren A. M and Lewis, Catrin E and Linnstaedt, Sarah D and Lori, Aiana and Lugonja, Bozo and Luykx, Jurjen J and Lyons, Michael J and Maples-Keller, Jessica and Marmar, Charles and Martin, Alicia R and ...
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 10/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 4558 - 16
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of clinical oncology, ISSN 0732-183X, 04/2009, Volume 27, Issue 12, pp. 2052 - 2058
Journal Article
by Olivotto, Iacopo and Oreziak, Artur and Barriales-Villa, Roberto and Abraham, Theodore P and Masri, Ahmad and Garcia-Pavia, Pablo and Saberi, Sara and Lakdawala, Neal K and Wheeler, Matthew T and Owens, Anjali and Kubanek, Milos and Wojakowski, Wojciech and Jensen, Morten K and Gimeno-Blanes, Juan and Afshar, Kia and Myers, Jonathan and Hegde, Sheila M and Solomon, Scott D and Sehnert, Amy J and Zhang, David and Li, Wanying and Bhattacharya, Mondira and Edelberg, Jay M and Waldman, Cynthia Burstein and Lester, Steven J and Wang, Andrew and Ho, Carolyn Y and Jacoby, Daniel and Bartunek, Jozef and Bondue, Antoine and Van Craenenbroeck, Emeline and Kubanek, Milos and Zemanek, David and Jensen, Morten and Mogensen, Jens and Thune, Jens Jakob and Charron, Philippe and Hagege, Albert and Lairez, Olivier and Trochu, Jean-Noël and Axthelm, Christoph and Duengen, Hans-Dirk and Frey, Norbert and Mitrovic, Veselin and Preusch, Michael and Schulz-Menger, Jeanette and Seidler, Tim and Arad, Michael and Halabi, Majdi and Katz, Amos and Monakier, Daniel and Paz, Offir and Viskin, Samuel and Zwas, Donna and Olivotto, Iacopo and Brunner-La Rocca, Hans Peter and Michels, Michelle and Dudek, Dariusz and Oko-Sarnowska, Zofia and Oreziak, Artur and Wojakowski, Wojciech and Cardim, Nuno and Pereira, Helder and Barriales-Villa, Roberto and García Pavia, Pablo and Gimeno Blanes, Juan and Hidalgo Urbano, Rafael and Rincón Diaz, Luis Miguel and Elliott, Perry and Yousef, Zaheer and Abraham, Theodore and Afshar, Kia and Alvarez, Paulino and Bach, Richard and Becker, Richard and Choudhury, Lubna and Fermin, David and Jacoby, Daniel and Jefferies, John and Kramer, Christopher and Lakdawala, Neal and Lester, Steven and Marian, Ali and Masri, Ahmad and Maurer, Mathew and Nagueh, Sherif and Owens, Anjali and Owens, David and Rader, Florian and Saberi, Sara and Sherrid, Mark and Shirani, Jamshid and Symanski, John and Turer, Aslan and Wang, Andrew and Wever-Pinzon, Omar and Wheeler, Matthew and Wong, Timothy and Yamani, Mohamad and EXPLORER-HCM study investigators and EXPLORER-HCM Study Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2020, Volume 396, Issue 10253, pp. 759 - 769
Journal Article