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by Carbon, S and Dietze, H and Lewis, S.E and Mungall, C.J and Munoz-Torres, M.C and Basu, S and Chisholm, R.L and Dodson, R.J and Fey, P and Thomas, Paul D and Mi, H and Muruganujan, A and Huang, X and Poudel, S and Hu, J.C and Aleksander, S.A and McIntosh, B.K and Renfro, D.P and Siegele, D.A and Antonazzo, G and Attrill, H and Brown, N.H and Marygold, S.J and Mc-Quilton, P and Ponting, L and Millburn, G.H and Rey, A.J and Stefancsik, R and Tweedie, S and Falls, K and Schroeder, A.J and Courtot, M and Osumi-Sutherland, D and Parkinson, H and Roncaglia, P and Lovering, R.C and Foulger, R.E and Huntley, R.P and Denny, P and Campbell, N.H and Kramarz, B and Patel, S and Buxton, J.L and Umrao, Z and Deng, A.T and Alrohaif, H and Mitchell, K and Ratnaraj, F and Omer, W and Rodríguez-López, M and C. Chibucos, M and Giglio, M and Nadendla, S and Duesbury, M.J and Koch, M and Meldal, B.H.M and Melidoni, A and Porras, P and Orchard, S and Shrivastava, A and Chang, H.Y and Finn, R.D and Fraser, M and Mitchell, A.L and Nuka, G and Potter, S and Rawlings, N.D and Richardson, L and Sangrador-Vegas, A and Young, S.Y and Blake, J.A and Christie, K.R and Dolan, M.E and Drabkin, H.J and Hill, D.P and Ni, L and Sitnikov, D and Harris, M.A and Hayles, J and Oliver, S.G and Rutherford, K and Wood, V and Bahler, J and Lock, A and De Pons, J and Dwinell, M and Shimoyama, M and Laulederkind, S and Hayman, G.T and Tutaj, M and Wang, S.-J and D'Eustachio, P and Matthews, L and Balhoff, J.P and Balakrishnan, R and Binkley, G and Cherry, J.M and Costanzo, M.C and Engel, S.R and Miyasato, S.R and ...
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 01/2017, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp. D331 - D338
Journal Article
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