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Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 2011, Volume 128, Issue 5, pp. 996 - 1005
Journal Article
by Teslovich, Tanya M and Musunuru, Kiran and Smith, Albert V and Edmondson, Andrew C and Stylianou, Ioannis M and Koseki, Masahiro and Pirruccello, James P and Ripatti, Samuli and Chasman, Daniel I and Willer, Cristen J and Johansen, Christopher T and Fouchier, Sigrid W and Isaacs, Aaron and Peloso, Gina M and Barbalic, Maja and Ricketts, Sally L and Bis, Joshua C and Aulchenko, Yurii S and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Feitosa, Mary F and Chambers, John and Orho-Melander, Marju and Melander, Olle and Johnson, Toby and Li, Xiaohui and Guo, Xiuqing and Li, Mingyao and Shin Cho, Yoon and Jin Go, Min and Jin Kim, Young and Lee, Jong-Young and Park, Taesung and Kim, Kyunga and Sim, Xueling and Twee-Hee Ong, Rick and Croteau-Chonka, Damien C and Lange, Leslie A and Smith, Joshua D and Song, Kijoung and Hua Zhao, Jing and Yuan, Xin and Luan, Jian’an and Lamina, Claudia and Ziegler, Andreas and Zhang, Weihua and Zee, Robert Y. L and Wright, Alan F and Witteman, Jacqueline C. M and Wilson, James F and Willemsen, Gonneke and Wichmann, H.-Erich and Whitfield, John B and Waterworth, Dawn M and Wareham, Nicholas J and Waeber, Gérard and Vollenweider, Peter and Voight, Benjamin F and Vitart, Veronique and Uitterlinden, Andre G and Uda, Manuela and Tuomilehto, Jaakko and Thompson, John R and Tanaka, Toshiko and Surakka, Ida and Stringham, Heather M and Spector, Tim D and Soranzo, Nicole and Smit, Johannes H and Sinisalo, Juha and Silander, Kaisa and Sijbrands, Eric J. G and Scuteri, Angelo and Scott, James and Schlessinger, David and Sanna, Serena and Salomaa, Veikko and Saharinen, Juha and Sabatti, Chiara and Ruokonen, Aimo and Rudan, Igor and Rose, Lynda M and Roberts, Robert and Rieder, Mark and Psaty, Bruce M and Pramstaller, Peter P and Pichler, Irene and Perola, Markus and Penninx, Brenda W. J. H and Pedersen, Nancy L and Pattaro, Cristian and Parker, Alex N and Pare, Guillaume and Oostra, Ben A and O’Donnell, Christopher J and Nieminen, Markku S and Nickerson, Deborah A and Montgomery, Grant W and Meitinger, Thomas and McPherson, Ruth and McCarthy, Mark I and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2010, Volume 466, Issue 7307, pp. 707 - 713
Journal Article
by Freathy, Rachel and Mook-Kanamori, Dennis and Sovio, Ulla and Prokopenko, Inga and Timpson, Nicholas and Berry, Diane and Warrington, Nicole and Widen, Elisabeth and Hottenga, Jouke Jan and Kaakinen, Marika and Lange, Leslie and Bradfield, Jonathan and Kerkhof, Marjan and Marsh, Julie and Mägi, Reedik and Chen, Chao and Lyon, Helen and Kirin, Mirna and Adair, Linda and Aulchenko, Yurii and Bennett, Amanda and Borja, Judith and Bouatia-Naji, Nabila and Charoen, Pimphen and Coin, Lachlan and Cousminer, Diana and Geus, Eco and Deloukas, Panagiotis and Elliott, Paul and Evans, David and Froguel, Philippe and Glaser, Beate and Groves, Christopher and Hartikainen, A.L and Hassanali, Neelam and Hirschhorn, Joel and Hofman, Albert and Holly, Jeff and Hyppönen, Elina and Kanoni, Stavroula and Knight, Bridget and Laitinen, Jaana and Lindgren, Cecilia and McArdle, Wendy and O'Reilly, Paul and Pennell, Craig and Postma, Dirkje and Pouta, Anneli and Ramasamy, Adaikalavan and Rayner, Nigel William and Ring, Susan and Rivadeneira Ramirez, Fernando and Shields, Beverley and Strachan, David and Surakka, Ida and Taanila, Anja and Tiesler, Carla and Uitterlinden, Ané and Tikka-Kleemola, Päivi and Wijga, Alet and Willemsen, Gonneke and Zhang, Haitao and Zhao, Jing Hua and Wilson, James and Steegers-Theunissen, Régine and Hattersley, Anew and Hagen, Knut and Peltonen, Leena Johanna and Mohlke, Karen and Grant, Struan and Hakonarson, Hakon and Koppelman, Gerard and Dedoussis, George and Heinrich, Joachim and Gillman, Matthew W and Palmer, Cameron and Frayling, Timothy and Boomsma, Dorret and Smith, Davey and Power, Christopher and Jaddoe, Vincent and Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta and McCarthy, Mark and EGG Consortium and MAGIC and WTCCC and GIANT Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and Meta-Analyses of Glucose and Insulin-related traits Consortium and Early Growth Genetics (EGG) Consortium and Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium and The Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC) and the Early Growth Genetics (EGG) Consortium and The Meta-Analyses of Glucose and Insulin-related traits Consortium (MAGIC) and The Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 05/2010, Volume 42, Issue 5, pp. 430 - 435
Journal Article
by Bønnelykke, Klaus and Matheson, Melanie C and Pers, Tune H and Granell, Raquel and Strachan, David P and Alves, Alexessander Couto and Linneberg, Allan and Curtin, John A and Warrington, Nicole M and Standl, Marie and Kerkhof, Marjan and Jonsdottir, Ingileif and Bukvic, Blazenka K and Kaakinen, Marika and Sleimann, Patrick and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur and Schramm, Katharina and Baltic, Svetlana and Kreiner-Møller, Eskil and Simpson, Angela and Pourcain, Beate St and Coin, Lachlan and Hui, Jennie and Walters, Eugene H and Tiesler, Carla M T and Duffy, David L and Jones, Graham and Ring, Susan M and McArdle, Wendy L and Price, Loren and Robertson, Colin F and Pekkanen, Juha and Tang, Clara S and Thiering, Elisabeth and Montgomery, Grant W and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and Dharmage, Shyamali C and Husemoen, Lise L and Herder, Christian and Kemp, John P and Elliot, Paul and James, Alan and Waldenberger, Melanie and Abramson, Michael J and Fairfax, Benjamin P and Knight, Julian C and Gupta, Ramneek and Thompson, Philip J and Holt, Patrick and Sly, Peter and Hirschhorn, Joel N and Blekic, Mario and Weidinger, Stephan and Hakonarsson, Hakon and Stefansson, Kari and Heinrich, Joachim and Postma, Dirkje S and Custovic, Adnan and Pennell, Craig E and Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta and Koppelman, Gerard H and Timpson, Nicholas and Ferreira, Manuel A and Bisgaard, Hans and the EArly Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) Consortium and Australian Asthma Genetics Consortium (AAGC) and AAGC and EAGLE Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2013, Volume 45, Issue 8, pp. 902 - 906
Journal Article
by Repapi, Emmanouela and Sayers, Ian and Wain, Louise V and Burton, Paul R and Johnson, Toby and Obeidat, Ma'en and Zhao, Jing Hua and Ramasamy, Adaikalavan and Zhai, Guangju and Vitart, Veronique and Huffman, Jennifer E and Igl, Wilmar and Albrecht, Eva and Deloukas, Panos and Henderson, John and Granell, Raquel and McArdle, Wendy L and Rudnicka, Alicja R and Barroso, Inês and Loos, Ruth J F and Wareham, Nicholas J and Mustelin, Linda and Rantanen, Taina and Surakka, Ida and Imboden, Medea and Wichmann, H Erich and Grkovic, Ivica and Jankovic, Stipan and Zgaga, Lina and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and Peltonen, Leena and Gyllensten, Ulf and Johansson, Åsa and Zaboli, Ghazal and Campbell, Harry and Wild, Sarah H and Wilson, James F and Gläser, Sven and Homuth, Georg and Völzke, Henry and Mangino, Massimo and Soranzo, Nicole and Spector, Tim D and Polašek, Ozren and Rudan, Igor and Wright, Alan F and Heliövaara, Markku and Ripatti, Samuli and Pouta, Anneli and Naluai, Åsa Torinsson and Olin, Anna-Carin and Torén, Kjell and Cooper, Matthew N and James, Alan L and Palmer, Lyle J and Hingorani, Aroon D and Wannamethee, S Goya and Whincup, Peter H and Smith, George Davey and Ebrahim, Shah and McKeever, Tricia M and Pavord, Ian D and MacLeod, Andrew K and Morris, Andrew D and Porteous, David J and Cooper, Cyrus and Dennison, Elaine and Shaheen, Seif and Karrasch, Stefan and Schnabel, Eva and Schulz, Holger and Grallert, Harald and Bouatia-Naji, Nabila and Delplanque, Jérôme and Froguel, Philippe and Blakey, John D and Britton, John R and Morris, Richard W and Holloway, John W and Lawlor, Debbie A and Hui, Jennie and Nyberg, Fredrik and Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta and Jackson, Cathy and Kähönen, Mika and Kaprio, Jaakko and Probst-Hensch, Nicole M and Koch, Beate and Hayward, Caroline and Evans, David M and Elliott, Paul and Strachan, David P and Hall, Ian P and Tobin, Martin D and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and The NSHD Respiratory Study Team and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and NSHD Resp Study Team and NSHD Respiratory Study Team and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Medicine, School of Public Health and Community Medicine and Institutionen för biomedicin, avdelningen för mikrobiologi och immunologi and Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2009, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp. 36 - 44
Pulmonary function measures are heritable traits that predict morbidity and mortality and define chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We tested... 
MORTALITY | POPULATION | IN-VITRO | VARIANTS | ADVANCED GLYCATION ENDPRODUCTS | GENETICS & HEREDITY | RECEPTOR | HEALTH | IDIOPATHIC PULMONARY-FIBROSIS | HEIGHT | CANCER | Spirometry | Meta-Analysis as Topic | Thrombospondins - genetics | Humans | Male | Gene Expression Profiling | Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive - physiopathology | Receptors, Serotonin, 5-HT4 - genetics | RNA, Messenger - metabolism | Forced Expiratory Volume | Glutathione Transferase - genetics | Female | Lung - metabolism | Microfilament Proteins - genetics | Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products | Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive - genetics | RNA, Messenger - genetics | Lung - physiopathology | Lung - physiology | Genome, Human - genetics | Tensins | Vital Capacity | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Respiratory Function Tests | Genome-Wide Association Study - methods | Receptors, Immunologic - genetics | Usage | Lung diseases, Obstructive | Care and treatment | Messenger RNA | Physiological aspects | Pulmonary function tests | Research | Diagnosis | Risk factors | Genetics | Statistics | Expected values | Meta-analysis | Genetik | lung function | Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology | Lungmedicin och allergi | Folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi | whole genome association | Respiratory Medicine and Allergy | genetic epidemiology
Journal Article
by Vries, Paul and Sabater-Lleal, Maria and Chasman, Daniel and Trompet, Stella and Ahluwalia, Tarunveer Singh and Teumer, Alexander and Kleber, Marcus and Chen, Ming-Huei and Wang, Jie Jin and Attia, John and Marioni, Riccardo and Steri, Maristella and Weng, L.-C and Pool, Reńe and Grossmann, Vera and Brody, Jennifer A and Venturini, Cristina and Tanaka, Toshiko and Rose, Lynda and Oldmeadow, Christopher and Mazur, Johanna and Basu, Saonli and Frånberg, Mattias and Yang, Qiong and Ligthart, Symen and Hottenga, Jouke Jan and Rumley, Ann and Mulas, A and Craen, Anton and Grotevendt, Anne and Taylor, Kent D and Delgado, G and Kifley, Annette and Lopez, Lorna and Berentzen, Tina L and Mangino, Massimo and Bandinelli, Stefania and Morrison, A.C and Hamsten, Anders and Tofler, Geoffrey and Maat, Moniek and isma, Gerrit and Lowe, Gordon D and Zoledziewska, Magdalena and Sattar, Naveed and Lackner, K.J and Völker, Uwe and McKnight, B and Huang, Jian and Holliday, Elizabeth and McEvoy, M.A and Starr, John and Hysi, Pirro and Hernandez, Dena and Guan, Weihua and Rivadeneira Ramirez, Fernando and McArdle, Wendy and Slagboom, Eline and Zeller, T and Psaty, Bruce and Uitterlinden, Ané and Geus, Eco and Stott, David J and Binder, Harald and Hofman, Albert and Franco, Oscar and Rotter, Jerome I and Ferrucci, Luigi and Spector, T.D and Deary, Ian and März, Winfried and Greinacher, Aneas and Wild, Philipp S and Cucca, Francesco and Boomsma, Dorret and Watkins, H and Tang, W and Ridker, Paul and Jukema, J.W and Scott, Rodney J and Mitchell, Paul and Hansen, T and O'Donnell, C.J and Smith, N.L and Strachan, David P and Dehghan, Abbas
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 01/2017, Volume 12, Issue 1, p. e0167742
Journal Article