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Journal Article
by Hou, Liping, PhD and Heilbronner, Urs, PhD and Degenhardt, Franziska, MD and Adli, Mazda, MD and Akiyama, Kazufumi, MD and Akula, Nirmala, PhD and Ardau, Raffaella, MD and Arias, Bárbara, PhD and Backlund, Lena, MD and Banzato, Claudio E M, MD and Benabarre, Antoni, MD PhD and Bengesser, Susanne, MD and Bhattacharjee, Abesh Kumar, MD and Biernacka, Joanna M, PhD and Birner, Armin, MD and Brichant-Petitjean, Clara, MD and Bui, Elise T, MA and Cervantes, Pablo, MD and Chen, Guo-Bo, PhD and Chen, Hsi-Chung, MD and Chillotti, Caterina, MD and Cichon, Sven, PhD and Clark, Scott R, MBBS and Colom, Francesc, PhD and Cousins, David A, PhD and Cruceanu, Cristiana, BSc and Czerski, Piotr M, PhD and Dantas, Clarissa R, MD and Dayer, Alexandre, MD and Étain, Bruno, MD and Falkai, Peter, MD and Forstner, Andreas J, MD and Frisén, Louise, MD and Fullerton, Janice M, PhD and Gard, Sébastien, MD and Garnham, Julie S, BN and Goes, Fernando S, MD and Grof, Paul, MD and Gruber, Oliver, MD and Hashimoto, Ryota, MD and Hauser, Joanna, MD and Herms, Stefan, PhD and Hoffmann, Per, PhD and Hofmann, Andrea, PhD and Jamain, Stephane, PhD and Jiménez, Esther, PhD and Kahn, Jean-Pierre, MD Phd and Kassem, Layla, PhD and Kittel-Schneider, Sarah, MD and Kliwicki, Sebastian, MD and König, Barbara, MSc and Kusumi, Ichiro, MD and Lackner, Nina, MSc and Laje, Gonzalo, MD and Landén, Mikael, MD and Lavebratt, Catharina, PhD and Leboyer, Marion, MD and Leckband, Susan G, BS and Jaramillo, Carlos A López, MD and MacQueen, Glenda, MD and Manchia, Mirko, MD and Martinsson, Lina, MD and Mattheisen, Manuel, PhD and McCarthy, Michael J, MD and McElroy, Susan L, MD and Mitjans, Marina, PhD and Mondimore, Francis M, MD and Monteleone, Palmiero, MD and Nievergelt, Caroline M, PhD and Nöthen, Markus M, MD and Ösby, Urban, MD and Ozaki, Norio, MD and Perlis, Roy H, MD and Pfennig, Andrea, MD and Reich-Erkelenz, Daniela, MA and Rouleau, Guy A, MD and Schofield, Peter R, PhD DSc and Schubert, K Oliver, MD and Schweizer, Barbara W, RN and Seemüller, Florian, MD and Severino, Giovanni, MD and Shekhtman, Tatyana, MSc and Shilling, Paul D, MD and Shimoda, Kazutaka, MD and Simhandl, Christian, MD and Slaney, Claire M, RN and Smoller, Jordan W, MD and Squassina, Alessio, PhD and Stamm, Thomas, MD and Stopkova, Pavla, MD and Tighe, Sarah K, MD and Tortorella, Alfonso, MD and Turecki, Gustavo, MD and Volkert, Julia, PhD and Witt, Stephanie, PhD and Wright, Adam, MCP and Young, L Trevor, MD and Zandi, Peter P, PhD and Potash, James B, MD and DePaulo, J Raymond, MD and ... and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, sektionen för psykiatri och neurokemi and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry and Sahlgrenska Academy
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2016, Volume 387, Issue 10023, pp. 1085 - 1093
Journal Article
by Ruderfer, Douglas M and Ripke, Stephan and McQuillin, Andrew and Boocock, James and Stahl, Eli A and Pavlides, Jennifer M. Whitehead and Mullins, Niamh and Charney, Alexander W and Ori, Anil P.S and Loohuis, Loes M. Olde and Domenici, Enrico and Di Florio, Arianna and Papiol, Sergi and Kalman, Janos L and Trubetskoy, Vassily and Adolfsson, Rolf and Agartz, Ingrid and Agerbo, Esben and Akil, Huda and Albani, Diego and Albus, Margot and Alda, Martin and Alexander, Madeline and Alliey-Rodriguez, Ney and Als, Thomas D and Amin, Farooq and Anjorin, Adebayo and Arranz, Maria J and Awasthi, Swapnil and Bacanu, Silviu A and Badner, Judith A and Baekvad-Hansen, Marie and Bakker, Steven and Band, Gavin and Barchas, Jack D and Barroso, Ines and Bass, Nicholas and Bauer, Michael and Baune, Bernhard T and Begemann, Martin and Bellenguez, Celine and Belliveau, Richard A and Bellivier, Frank and Bender, Stephan and Bene, Judit and Bergen, Sarah E and Berrettini, Wade H and Bevilacqua, Elizabeth and Biernacka, Joanna M and Bigdeli, Tim B and Black, Donald W and Blackburn, Hannah and Blackwell, Jenefer M and Blackwood, Douglas H.R and Pedersen, Marianne Giortz and Pedersen, Carsten Bocker and Boehnke, Michael and Boks, Marco and Borglum, Anders D and Bramon, Elvira and Breen, Gerome and Brown, Matthew A and Bruggeman, Richard and Buccola, Nancy G and Buckner, Randy L and Budde, Monika and Bulik-Sullivan, Brendan and Bumpstead, Suzannah J and Bunney, William and Burmeister, Margit and Buxbaum, Joseph D and Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas and Byerley, William and Cahn, Wiepke and Cai, Guiqing and Cairns, Murray J and Campion, Dominique and Cantor, Rita M and Carr, Vaughan J and Carrera, Noa and Casas, Miquel and Casas, Juan P and Catts, Stanley V and Cervantes, Pablo and Chambert, Kimberley D and Chan, Raymond C.K and Chen, Eric Y.H and Chen, Ronald Y.L and Cheng, Wei and Cheung, Eric F.C and Chong, Siow Ann and Clarke, Toni-Kim and Cloninger, C. Robert and Cohen, David and Cohen, Nadine and Coleman, Jonathan R.I and Collier, David A and Cormican, Paul and Coryell, William and Craddock, Nicholas and ... and Psychosis Endophenotypes Inter and Psychiat Genomics Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case-Control and Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. Electronic address: douglas.ruderfer@vanderbilt.edu
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 06/2018, Volume 173, Issue 7, pp. 1705 - 1715.e16
Journal Article
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, ISSN 1867-1381, 06/2016, Volume 9, Issue 6, pp. 2497 - 2534
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND THEOLOGY, ISSN 0091-6471, 2014, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 30
This article focused on how perceptions of intellectual humility (IH)-humility regarding one's knowledge or influence over ideas affect relationships with... 
Journal Article
LITHOS, ISSN 0024-4937, 09/2004, Volume 76, Issue 1-4, pp. 1 - 27
This paper reviews key characteristics of kimberlites on the Ekati property, NWT, Canada. To date 150 kimberlites have been discovered on the property, five of... 
Geochemistry | Lac de Gras | Diamond | Emplacement | Eruption | Volcaniclastic | emplacement | GEOCHEMISTRY & GEOPHYSICS | ARCHEAN SLAVE PROVINCE | volcaniclastic | diamond | geochemistry | eruption | MINERALOGY | Diamond mining | Rocks, Igneous | Inclusions | Cratons | Kimberlite | Sediments (Geology)
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 05/2009, Volume 4, Issue 5, p. e5416
Journal Article