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Journal Article
by Palles, Claire and Chegwidden, Laura and Li, Xinzhong and Findlay, John M and Farnham, Garry and Castro Giner, Francesc and Peppelenbosch, Maikel P and Kovac, Michal and Adams, Claire L and Prenen, Hans and Briggs, Sarah and Harrison, Rebecca and Sanders, Scott and MacDonald, David and Haigh, Chris and Tucker, Art and Love, Sharon and Nanji, Manoj and Decaestecker, John and Ferry, David and Rathbone, Barrie and Hapeshi, Julie and Barr, Hugh and Moayyedi, Paul and Watson, Peter and Zietek, Barbara and Maroo, Neera and Gay, Laura and Underwood, Tim and Boulter, Lisa and McMurtry, Hugh and Monk, David and Patel, Praful and Ragunath, Krish and Al Dulaimi, David and Murray, Iain and Koss, Konrad and Veitch, Anew and Trudgill, Nigel and Nwokolo, Chuka and Rembacken, Bjorn and Atherfold, Paul and Green, Elaine and Ang, Yeng and Kuipers, Ernst J and Chow, Wu and Paterson, Stuart and Kai, Sudarshan and Beales, Ian and Grimley, Charles and Mullins, Paul and Beckett, Conrad and Farrant, Mark and Dixon, Anew and Kelly, Sean and Johnson, Matthew and Wajed, Shahjehan and Dhar, Anjan and Sawyer, Elinor and Roylance, Rebecca and Onstad, Lynn and Gammon, Marilie D and Corley, Douglas A and Shaheen, Nicholas J and Bird, Nigel C and Hardie, Laura J and Reid, Brian J and Ye, Weimin and Liu, Geoffrey and Romero, Yvonne and Bernstein, Leslie and Wu, Anna H and Casson, Alan G and Fitzgerald, Rebecca and Whiteman, David C and Risch, Harvey A and Levine, David M and Vaughan, Tom L and Verhaar, Auke P and van den Brande, Jan and Toxopeus, Eelke L and Spaander, Manon C and Wijnhoven, Bas P. L and van der Laan, Luc J. W and Krishnadath, Kausilia and Wijmenga, Cisca and Trynka, Gosia and McManus, Ross and Reynolds, John V and O'Sullivan, Jacintha and MacMathuna, Paaic and McGarrigle, Sarah A and Kelleher, Dermot and Vermeire, Severine and Cleynen, Isabelle and Bisschops, Raf and Tomlinson, Ian and Jankowski, Janusz
Gastroenterology, ISSN 0016-5085, 2015, Volume 148, Issue 2, pp. 367 - 378
Journal Article
Cell Transplantation, ISSN 0963-6897, 8/2016, Volume 25, Issue 8, pp. 1515 - 1523
Journal Article
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 03/2016, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp. 345 - 352
Journal Article
by Drake, T. M and Nepogodiev, D and Chapman, S. J and Glasbey, J. C and Khatri, C and Kong, C. Y and Claireaux, H. A and Bath, M. F and Mohan, M and McNamee, L and Kelly, M and Mitchell, H and Fitzgerald, J. E and Harrison, E. M and Bhangu, A and Claireaux, H. A and Antoniou, I and Dean, R and Davies, N and Trecarten, S and Henderson, I and Holmes, C and Wylie, J and Shuttleworth, R. H and Jindal, A and Hughes, F and Gouda, P and McNamee, L and Fleck, R and Hanrahan, M and Karunakaran, P and Chen, J. H and Sykes, M. C and Sethi, R. K and Suresh, S and Patel, P and Patel, M and Varma, R. K and Mushtaq, J and Gundogan, B and Bolton, W and Mohan, M and Khan, T and Burke, J and Morley, R and Favero, N and Adams, R and Thirumal, V and Kennedy, E. D and Ong, K. K and Tan, Y. H and Gabriel, J and Bakhsh, A and Low, J. Y. L and Yener, A and Paraoan, V and Preece, R and Tilston, T. W and Cumber, E and Dean, S and Ross, T and McCance, E and Amin, H and Satterthwaite, L and Clement, K. D and Gratton, R and Mills, E. D and Chiu, S. M and Hung, G and Rafiq, N. M and Hayes, J. D. B and Robertson, K. L and Dynes, K and Huang, H. C and Assadullah, S and Duncumb, J. W and Moon, R. D. C and Poo, S. X and Mehta, J. K and Joshi, K. R and Callan, R and Norris, J. M and Chilvers, N. J and Keevil, H and Jull, P and Mallick, S and Elf, D and Carr, L and Player, C and Barton, E. C and Martin, A. L and Ratu, S. G and Roberts, E. J and Phan, P. N and Dyal, A. R and Rogers, J. E and Henson, A. D and Reid, N. B and Burke, D and Culleton, G and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 08/2016, Volume 103, Issue 9, pp. 1157 - 1172
Journal Article
by McLean, K.A and McLean, R.C and Glasbey, J.C and Borakati, A and Brooks, T.M and Chang, H.M and Choi, S.M and Goodson, R and Nielsen, M and Pronin, S and Salloum, N.L and Sewart, E and Vanniasegaram, D and Drake, T.M and Gillies, M.A and Harrison, E.M and Harrison, P.L.M and Chapman, S.J and Khatri, C and Kong, C and Kong, C.Y and Claireaux, H.A and Bath, M.F and Mohan, M and Mohan, K and McNamee, L and Kelly, N and Kelly, M.E and Kelly, M and Mitchell, H and Fitzgerald, J.E and Bhangu, A and Nepogodiev, D and Antoniou, I and Dean, R and Dean, S and Dean, W and Davies, J.E and Davies, N and Davies, K and Davies, J and Trecarten, S and Henderson, C and Henderson, L.A and Henderson, I and Holmes, M.J.V and Holmes, C and Wylie, J and Shuttleworth, R.H and Jindal, A and Hughes, B.A and Hughes, F and Hughes, R.K and Gouda, P and Fleck, R and Hanrahan, M and Karunakaran, P and Chen, J.H and Chen, M and Chen, X and Sykes, M.C and Sethi, R.K and Suresh, S and Suresh, R.S and Patel, K and Patel, J.B and Patel, V and Patel, B.Y and Patel, B and Patel, T and Patel, B.A and Patel, S and Patel, M and Patel, P and Patel, N and Varma, R.K and Varma, N and Varma, D and Mushtaq, J and Gundogan, B and Bolton, W and Bolton, L and Khan, T and Khan, A and Khan, S and Khan, U and Khan, M and Burke, D and Burke, J and Burke, E and Morley, R and Favero, N and Adams, R.D and Adams, R and Thirumal, V and Kennedy, H.R and Kennedy, E.D and Ong, K.K and Tan, E.S.M and Tan, Y and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0007-0912, 01/2019, Volume 122, Issue 1, pp. 42 - 50
Patient selection for critical care admission must balance patient safety with optimal resource allocation. This study aimed to determine the relationship... 
critical care | mortality | risk surgical | gastrointestinal surgery | intensive care | laparotomy | SURVIVAL | INTENSIVE-CARE | ADMISSION | HIGH-RISK SURGERY | ANESTHESIOLOGY | COMPLICATIONS | COHORT | OUTCOMES | ELECTIVE SURGERY
Journal Article