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SAE technical paper series, Volume 730875.
Discussion and author closures on Viscometry and its Applications to Automotive Lubricants provides a supplement to SAE SP-382 which included all papers presented at the ASTM-SAE Symposium... 
by Murray, Christopher J L and Ortblad, Katrina F and Guinovart, Caterina and Lim, Stephen S and Wolock, Timothy M and Roberts, D Allen and Dansereau, Emily A and Graetz, Nicholas and Barber, Ryan M and Brown, Jonathan C and Wang, Haidong and Duber, Herbert C and Naghavi, Mohsen and Dicker, Daniel and Dandona, Lalit and Salomon, Joshua A and Heuton, Kyle R and Foreman, Kyle and Phillips, David E and Fleming, Thomas D and Flaxman, Abraham D and Phillips, Bryan K and Johnson, Elizabeth K and Coggeshall, Megan S and Abd-Allah, Foad and Abera, Semaw Ferede and Abraham, Jerry P and Abubakar, Ibrahim and Abu-Raddad, Laith J and Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen Me and Achoki, Tom and Adeyemo, Austine Olufemi and Adou, Arsène Kouablan and Adsuar, José C and Agardh, Emilie Elisabet and Akena, Dickens and Al Kahbouri, Mazin J and Alasfoor, Deena and Albittar, Mohammed I and Alcalá-Cerra, Gabriel and Alegretti, Miguel Angel and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw and Alfonso-Cristancho, Rafael and Alhabib, Samia and Ali, Raghib and Alla, Francois and Allen, Peter J and Alsharif, Ubai and Alvarez, Elena and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amankwaa, Adansi A and Amare, Azmeraw T and Amini, Hassan and Ammar, Walid and Anderson, Benjamin O and Antonio, Carl Abelardo T and Anwari, Palwasha and Ärnlöv, Johan and Arsenijevic, Valentina S Arsic and Artaman, Ali and Asghar, Rana J and Assadi, Reza and Atkins, Lydia S and Badawi, Alaa and Balakrishnan, Kalpana and Banerjee, Amitava and Basu, Sanjay and Beardsley, Justin and Bekele, Tolesa and Bell, Michelle L and Bernabe, Eduardo and Beyene, Tariku Jibat and Bhala, Neeraj and Bhalla, Ashish and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Abdulhak, Aref Bin and Binagwaho, Agnes and Blore, Jed D and Basara, Berrak Bora and Bose, Dipan and Brainin, Michael and Breitborde, Nicholas and Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A and Catalá-López, Ferrán and Chadha, Vineet K and Chang, Jung-Chen and Chiang, Peggy Pei-Chia and Chuang, Ting-Wu and Colomar, Mercedes and Cooper, Leslie Trumbull and Cooper, Cyrus and Courville, Karen J and Cowie, Benjamin C and Criqui, Michael H and Dandona, Rakhi and Dayama, Anand and De Leo, Diego and Degenhardt, Louisa and Del Pozo-Cruz, Borja and Deribe, Kebede and ... and Akademistatistik and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Centre for Applied Biostatistics and Sahlgrenska Academy
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2014, Volume 384, Issue 9947, pp. 1005 - 1070
Journal Article
2014, 3rd edition., Norton anthology edition, ISBN 0393911551, 2 v.
Collaborating on The Norton Anthology of African American Literature, editors Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Nellie Y. McKay have compiled what may be the... 
African Americans | African American authors | American literature
by Dennis, Martin and Cranswick, G and Fraser, A and Grant, S and Gunkel, A and Hunter, J and Perry, D and Williamson, A and Sandercock, P.A.G and Reid, J and Graham, C and Murray, G and Cranswick, G and Dennis, M and Graham, C and Murray, G and Reid, J and Rudd, A and Sandercock, P.A.G and Venables, G and Lindley, R and Celani, M.G and Hautvast, M and Paterson, M and Reid, J and Ting, T and Bamford, J and Beydoun, N and Lindley, R and Romerosa, M and Royan, A and Russell, M and Boers, P and Millar, R and Claxton, A and Hankey, G and Gubitz, G and Jarrett, J and Legg, K and MacKay, M and Nearing, S and Phillips, S and Ehler, E and Geier, P and Mrklovský, M and Anandan, A.M and Kusumakar, G and Rosario, J and Roy, A.K and Farrelly, E and Jadrnickova, M and Masterson, L and Morris, J and Noone, I and Fancello, M.A and Parish, L.D and Pileri, P and Piras, M.P and Zedde, M.L and Bondo, V and Capecchi, D and Celani, M.G and Cupella, S and Macchitella, A and Ottaviani, C and Righetti, E and Rossi, C and Stefanini, V and Tufi, A and Dioguardi, S and Gallinella, E and Mattioni, A and Mazzoli, T and Ricci, S and Procaccianti, G and Beccu, P and Fresu, M and Musselli, M.A and Pala, A and Traccis, S and Musolino, M.R and Rasura, M and Chiarandini, S and Chiodo Grandi, F and Zugna, L and Stefanucci, S and Canhão, P and Melo, T.P and Eadie, E and Keir, S and Smith, L and Taylor, P and Wardlaw, J and Anthony, J and Boynes, A and Clough, R and Colabella, C and Collins, J and Godson, K and McGuiness, A and ... and unav and The CLOTS Trials Collaboration and CLOTS Trials Collaboration
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2009, Volume 373, Issue 9679, pp. 1958 - 1965
Journal Article
2016, Ninth edition, ISBN 9781483374819, xii, 390
by O’Donnell-Luria, Anne H and Pais, Lynn S and Faundes, Víctor and Wood, Jordan C and Sveden, Abigail and Luria, Victor and Abou Jamra, Rami and Accogli, Andrea and Amburgey, Kimberly and Anderlid, Britt Marie and Azzarello-Burri, Silvia and Basinger, Alice A and Bianchini, Claudia and Bird, Lynne M and Buchert, Rebecca and Carre, Wilfrid and Ceulemans, Sophia and Charles, Perrine and Cox, Helen and Culliton, Lisa and Currò, Aurora and McRae, Jeremy F and Clayton, Stephen and Fitzgerald, Tomas W and Kaplanis, Joanna and Prigmore, Elena and Rajan, Diana and Sifrim, Alejandro and Aitken, Stuart and Akawi, Nadia and Alvi, Mohsan and Ambridge, Kirsty and Barrett, Daniel M and Bayzetinova, Tanya and Jones, Philip and Jones, Wendy D and King, Daniel and Krishnappa, Netravathi and Mason, Laura E and Singh, Tarjinder and Tivey, Adrian R and Ahmed, Munaza and Anjum, Uruj and Archer, Hayley and Armstrong, Ruth and Awada, Jana and Balasubramanian, Meena and Banka, Siddharth and Baralle, Diana and Barnicoat, Angela and Batstone, Paul and Baty, David and Bennett, Chris and Berg, Jonathan and Bernhard, Birgitta and Bevan, A. Paul and Bitner-Glindzicz, Maria and Blair, Edward and Blyth, Moira and Bohanna, David and Bourdon, Louise and Bourn, David and Bradley, Lisa and Brady, Angela and Brent, Simon and Brewer, Carole and Brunstrom, Kate and Bunyan, David J and Burn, John and Canham, Natalie and Castle, Bruce and Chandler, Kate and Chatzimichali, Elena and Cilliers, Deirdre and Clarke, Angus and Clasper, Susan and Clayton-Smith, Jill and Clowes, Virginia and Coates, Andrea and Cole, Trevor and Colgiu, Irina and Collins, Amanda and Collinson, Morag N and Connell, Fiona and Cooper, Nicola and Cox, Helen and Cresswell, Lara and Cross, Gareth and Crow, Yanick and D’Alessandro, Mariella and Dabir, Tabib and Davidson, Rosemarie and Davies, Sally and de Vries, Dylan and Dean, John and Deshpande, Charu and Devlin, Gemma and Dixit, Abhijit and Dobbie, Angus and Donaldson, Alan and ... and Deciphering Developmental Disorders (DDD) Study and Deciphering Dev Disorders DDD
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 06/2019, Volume 104, Issue 6, pp. 1210 - 1222
Journal Article
by Blok, Lot Snijders and Rousseau, Justine and Twist, Joanna and Ehresmann, Sophie and Takaku, Motoki and Venselaar, Hanka and Rodan, Lance H and Nowak, Catherine B and Douglas, Jessica and Swoboda, Kathryn J and Steeves, Marcie A and Sahai, Inderneel and Stumpel, Connie T. R. M and Stegmann, Alexander P. A and Wheeler, Patricia and Willing, Marcia and Fiala, Elise and Kochhar, Aaina and Gibson, William T and Cohen, Ana S. A and Agbahovbe, Ruky and Innes, A. Micheil and Au, P. Y. Billie and Rankin, Julia and Anderson, Ilse J and Skinner, Steven A and Louie, Raymond J and Warren, Hannah E and Afenjar, Alexandra and Keren, Boris and Nava, Caroline and Buratti, Julien and Isapof, Arnaud and Rodriguez, Diana and Lewandowski, Raymond and Propst, Jennifer and van Essen, Ton and Choi, Murim and Lee, Sangmoon and Chae, Jong H and Price, Susan and Schnur, Rhonda E and Douglas, Ganka and Wentzensen, Ingrid M and Zweier, Christiane and Reis, André and Bialer, Martin G and Moore, Christine and Koopmans, Marije and Brilstra, Eva H and Monroe, Glen R and van Gassen, Koen L. I and van Binsbergen, Ellen and Newbury-Ecob, Ruth and Bownass, Lucy and Bader, Ingrid and Mayr, Johannes A and Wortmann, Saskia B and Jakielski, Kathy J and Strand, Edythe A and Kloth, Katja and Bierhals, Tatjana and Roberts, John D and Petrovich, Robert M and Machida, Shinichi and Kurumizaka, Hitoshi and Lelieveld, Stefan and Pfundt, Rolph and Jansen, Sandra and Deriziotis, Pelagia and Faivre, Laurence and Thevenon, Julien and Assoum, Mirna and Shriberg, Lawrence and Kleefstra, Tjitske and Brunner, Han G and Wade, Paul A and Fisher, Simon E and Campeau, Philippe M and The DDD study and DDD study
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 02/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 4
The original version of this Article contained an error in the spelling of the author Laurence Faivre, which was incorrectly given as Laurence Faive... 
DNA helicase | Neurodevelopmental disorders | Mutation
Journal Article