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precursor cell lymphoblastic leukemia-lymphoma - genetics (11) 11
remission induction (11) 11
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expression (10) 10
hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (10) 10
mutation (10) 10
neuroblastoma (10) 10
time factors (10) 10
acute disease (9) 9
care and treatment (9) 9
cyclophosphamide - administration & dosage (9) 9
dose-response relationship, drug (9) 9
france - epidemiology (9) 9
hematopoietic stem cells (9) 9
management (9) 9
medical research (9) 9
minimal residual disease (9) 9
precursor cell lymphoblastic leukemia-lymphoma - therapy (9) 9
recurrence (9) 9
stem cell transplantation (9) 9
stem cells (9) 9
transplantation, homologous (9) 9
vincristine - administration & dosage (9) 9
antineoplastic agents - adverse effects (8) 8
antineoplastic agents - therapeutic use (8) 8
bone marrow (8) 8
case-control studies (8) 8
genetics & heredity (8) 8
infants (8) 8
lymphoma (8) 8
patients (8) 8
phase-ii (8) 8
radiotherapy (8) 8
survival (8) 8
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antineoplastic combined chemotherapy protocols - administration & dosage (7) 7
bone-marrow (7) 7
bone-marrow-transplantation (7) 7
busulfan (7) 7
carboplatin (7) 7
drug administration schedule (7) 7
genetic aspects (7) 7
hematology, oncology and palliative medicine (7) 7
hiv (7) 7
hiv infections - drug therapy (7) 7
infections (7) 7
infusions, intravenous (7) 7
medicine, experimental (7) 7
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neuroblastoma - drug therapy (7) 7
pediatric-oncology-group (7) 7
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Journal Article