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by Silventoinen, Karri and Jelenkovic, Aline and Latvala, Antti and Yokoyama, Yoshie and Sund, Reijo and Sugawara, Masumi and Tanaka, Mami and Matsumoto, Satoko and Aaltonen, Sari and Piirtola, Maarit and Freitas, Duarte L and Maia, José A and Öncel, Sevgi Y and Aliev, Fazil and Ji, Fuling and Ning, Feng and Pang, Zengchang and Rebato, Esther and Saudino, Kimberly J and Cutler, Tessa L and Hopper, John L and Ullemar, Vilhelmina and Almqvist, Catarina and Magnusson, Patrik K.E and Cozen, Wendy and Hwang, Amie E and Mack, Thomas M and Willemsen, Gonneke and Bartels, Meike and van Beijsterveldt, Catharina E.M and Nelson, Tracy L and Whitfield, Keith E and Sung, Joohon and Kim, Jina and Lee, Jooyeon and Lee, Sooji and Llewellyn, Clare H and Fisher, Abigail and Medda, Emanuela and Nisticò, Lorenza and Toccaceli, Virgilia and Baker, Laura A and Tuvblad, Catherine and Corley, Robin P and Huibregtse, Brooke M and Derom, Catherine A and Vlietinck, Robert F and Loos, Ruth J.F and Knafo-Noam, Ariel and Mankuta, David and Abramson, Lior and Burt, S. Alexana and Klump, Kelly L and Silberg, Judy L and Maes, Hermine H and Krueger, Robert F and McGue, Matt and Pahlen, Shandell and Gatz, Margaret and Butler, David A and Harris, Jennifer R and Nilsen, Thomas S and Harden, K. Paige and Tucker-b, Elliot M and Franz, Carol E and Kremen, William S and Lyons, Michael J and Lichtenstein, Paul and Jeong, Hoe Uk and Hur, Yoon Mi and Boomsma, Dorret I and Sørensen, Thorkild I.A and Kaprio, Jaakko and Örebro universitet and Institutionen för juridik, psykologi och socialt arbete
Obesity, ISSN 1930-7381, 05/2019, Volume 27, Issue 5, pp. 855 - 865
Journal Article
by Armstrong, Paul W and Bett, N and Brieger, D and Chew, D and Dick, R and Farshid, A and Garrahy, P and Gunalingham, B and Hendriks, R and Horowitz, J and Jepson, N and Lefkovits, J and Lo, S and Meredith, I and Nelson, G and New, G and Prasan, A and Rankin, J and Thompson, P and Worthley, S and Yadav, R and Huber, K and Maurer, G and Siostrzonek, P and Boland, J and Covens, C and Desmet, W and Dujardin, K and Vrolix, M and Buller, C and Klinke, P and Lazzam, C and Lutchmedial, S and Madan, M and Natarajan, M and Reeves, F and Rodes Cabau, J and Rose, B and Schampaert, E and Theroux, P and Traboulsi, M and Webb, J and Welsh, R and Zimmerman, R and Aschermann, M and Branny, M and Budesinsky, T and Cervinka, P and Frantisek, H and Frantisek, T and Groch, L and Kala, P and Ritcher, M and Rokyta, R and St'asek, J and Stipal, R and Varvarovsky, I and Zamanek, D and Zelizko, M and Toftegaard Nielsen, T and Rasmussen, K and RiisHansen, P and Thayssen, P and Beaufils, P and Geslin, P and Gottwalles, Y and Lebreton, H and LeMarec, H and Montalescot, G and Roul, G and Steg, P.G and Tronc, C and Berger, H.J and Borggrefe, M and Brachmann, J and Braun, P and Buerke, M and Figulla, H.R and Guelker, H and Hasenfuss, G and Heitzer, T and Heuer, H and Hoffman, E and Hoffmann, S and Kuck, K.H and Neumann, F.J and Neuzner, J and Rau, M and Richardt, G and Schunkert, H and Stern, R and Von Schedit, W and Werner, P.C and Zahn, R and Binetti, G and Bramucci, E and Carosio, G and Manari, A and Marzocchi, A and Medda, M and ... and APEX AMI Investigators
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 01/2007, Volume 297, Issue 1, pp. 43 - 51
Journal Article
SCIENCE OF ADVANCED MATERIALS, ISSN 1947-2935, 05/2012, Volume 4, Issue 5-6, pp. 663 - 668
Au NPs (average diameter similar to 20 nm) incorporated MO2 (M = Ti, Zr and Si) films on glass substrate were synthesized using an ex situ approach. Au NPs... 
Journal Article
by Silventoinen, K and Jelenkovic, A and Yokoyama, Y and Sund, R and Sugawara, M and Tanaka, M and Matsumoto, S and Bogl, L H and Freitas, D L and Maia, J A and Hjelmborg, J V B and Aaltonen, S and Piirtola, M and Latvala, A and Calais-Ferreira, L and Oliveira, V C and Ferreira, P H and Ji, F and Ning, F and Pang, Z and Ordoñana, J R and Sánchez-Romera, J F and Coloo-Conde, L and Burt, S A and Klump, K L and Martin, N G and Medland, S E and Montgomery, G W and Kandler, C and McAdams, T A and Eley, T C and Gregory, A M and Saudino, K J and Dubois, L and Boivin, M and Brendgen, M and Dionne, G and Vitaro, F and Tarnoki, A D and Tarnoki, D L and Haworth, C M A and Plomin, R and Öncel, S Y and Aliev, F and Medda, E and Nisticò, L and Toccaceli, V and Craig, J M and Saffery, R and Siribaddana, S H and Hotopf, M and Sumathipala, A and Rijsdijk, F and Jeong, H-U and Spector, T and Mangino, M and Lachance, G and Gatz, M and Butler, D A and Gao, W and Yu, C and Li, L and Bayasgalan, G and Narandalai, D and Harden, K P and Tucker-b, E M and Christensen, K and Skytthe, A and Kyvik, K O and Derom, C A and Vlietinck, R F and Loos, R J F and Cozen, W and Hwang, A E and Mack, T M and He, M and Ding, X and Silberg, J L and Maes, H H and Cutler, T L and Hopper, J L and Magnusson, P K E and Pedersen, N L and Dahl Aslan, A K and Baker, L A and Tuvblad, C and Bjerregaard-Andersen, M and Beck-Nielsen, H and Sodemann, M and Ullemar, V and Almqvist, C and Tan, Q and Zhang, D and Swan, G E and Krasnow, R and Jang, K L and Knafo-Noam, A and Mankuta, D and Abramson, L and Lichtenstein, P and ... and HHJ, Institutet för gerontologi and Högskolan i Jönköping and Hälsohögskolan and HHJ. ARN-J (Aging Research Network - Jönköping)
Twin research and human genetics : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies, ISSN 1832-4274, 07/2019, pp. 1 - 9
Journal Article
by Valgimigli, Marco and Costa, Francesco and Byrne, Robert and Haude, Michael and Baumbach, Andreas and Windecker, Stephan and Aaroe, J and Aasa, M and Abdel-Salam, A.M and Alaarag, A.F and Accardi, R and Adel, A and Alcazar De La Torre, E and Alejos, R and Alfonso Jimenez, V and Alhashimi, H.M.M and Aljeboury, A and Almeida De Sousa, J and Almusawi, A and Alshaikha, M and Altaf, S and Altahmody, K.E.A and Alvarez Contreras, L.R and Amarasena, N and Amoroso, G and Anderson, R and Andò, G and Andrade, J and Andreou, A.Y and Angulo, J and Antonio, T and Aprigliano, G and Aquilina, M and Arafa, S.E.O and Aramberry, L and Arampatzis, C.A and Araujo, J.J and Asher, E and Ates, I and Athanasias, D and Auer, J and Auffret, V and Ayala, F.J and Baba, C and Baglioni, P and Bagur, R and Balam-Ortiz, E and Balducelli, M and Bam Pas, G and Barbash, I.M and Barbosa, A.H.P and Barbosa, R and Barnay, P and Barroso, L and Basti, A and Bax, M and Bayet, G and Beijk, M.A and Beltran, R and Berenguer Jofresa, A and Berroth, R and Berti, S and Berumen Dominguez, L.E and Bhasin, A and Bhaya, M and Bianco, M and Biasco, L and Bikicki, M and Bonarjee, V.V.S and Bonechi, F and Borges Santos, M and Boshev, M and Bouferrouk, A and Bounartzidi, M and Bousoula, E and Brie, D and Brtko, M and Brugaletta, S and Brull, D.J and Buchter, B and Buendia, R and Burzotta, F and Butz, T and Buzzetti, F and Bychowiec, B and Cadeddu, M and Campanile, A and Carneiro, J.G and Carrilho-Ferreira, P and Carrillo Guevara, J.E and Carter, A.J and Casal-Heredia, H and Castiglioni, B and Castro Fabiano, L and Cavalcante Silva, R and Cavalcanti De Oliveira, D and Cavalcanti, R.C and Cavazza, C and Centemero, M.P and Chabane, H.K and ...
EuroIntervention, ISSN 1774-024X, 05/2015, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 74
Aims: Our aim was to report on a survey initiated by the EuropeanAssociation of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) concerning opinion on the... 
clopidogrel | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | acute coronary syndrome | drug-eluting stent | GUIDELINES | dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) | INTERVENTION | stable coronary artery disease
Journal Article
Science of Advanced Materials, ISSN 1947-2935, 05/2012, Volume 4, Issue 5-6, pp. 663 - 668
Au NPs (average diameter ~20 nm) incorporated MO2 (M = Ti, Zr and Si) films on glass substrate were synthesized using an ex situ approach. Au NPs were first... 
Gold | Annealing | Heat treatment | Silicon substrates | Titanium | Plasmons | Zirconium dioxide | Titanium dioxide
Journal Article
Science of Advanced Materials, ISSN 1947-2935, 05/2012, Volume 4, Issue 5-6, pp. 663 - 668
Journal Article
Journal Article
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 01/2015, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 27 - 40
Journal Article
by Khazaei, Mohamad and Baig, Sara and Merchant, Jainetri and Chan, Priscilla and Fehlings, Michael and Fehlings, Michael and Fehlings, Michael and Giudice, J. Sebastian and Forman, Jason and Panzer, Matthew B and Dalton, Jay and Mauria, Rohit and Chapple, Kristina and Cook, Alan and Turner, Jay and McCrea, Michael A and Nelson, Lindsay D and Tummala, Shanti and Meaney, David and Hawryluk, Gregory and Nielson, Jessica and Huie, J. Russell and Zimmermann, Lara and Saigal, Rajiv and Ding, Quan and Ferguson, Adam and Manley, Geoffrey and Lee, Stephanie and Gajavelli, Shyam and Gajavelli, Shyam and Gajavelli, Shyam and Spurlock, Markus and Spurlock, Markus and Rivera, Karla and Rivera, Karla and Rivera, Karla and Androni, Cody and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and Keane, Robert and Bulock, Ross and Dietrich, Dalton and Meeker, Kole and Bullock, Kristin and Banks, William and Cook, David and Main, Bevan and Villapol, Sonia and Barton, David and Sloley, Stephanie and Stefos, Kathryn and Burns, Mark and Swanson, Randel and Johnson, Victoria and Parker, Andrew and Elliott, Mark and Weber, Maura and Acharya, Nimish and Cognetti, John and Cullen, Kacy and Verma, Ragini and Smith, Douglas and Pat, Betty and Pat, Betty and McAllister, Sean and Floyd, Candace and Floyd, Candace and Harris, Neil G and Reynolds, Joshua and Turtle, Joel and Leal, Gizelle and Huang, Yung-Jen and Strain, Misty and Grau, James and Greco, Tiffany and Giza, Christopher and Prins, Mayumi and Folkerts, Michael and Russo, Robin and Koch, Paul and Koch, Paul and Adam, Christopher and Weber, Maura and Johnson, Victoria and Johnson, Victoria and Wolf, John and Wolf, John and Cai, Yan and Perigo, Shauna and Bhaduri, Srija and Rosenbaum, Philip and Harris, Neil G and Giza, Christopher C and Kumar, Raj and Kumar, Raj and Ranganathan, Prerna and Ranganathan, Prerna and Ranganathan, Prerna and Oh, Byung-Mo and Wagner, Amy and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 07/2017, Volume 34, Issue 13, pp. A-1 - A-163
Journal Article
by Kulle, A E and Lv, H and Gnarini, V L and Valente, F O. F and Duntas, L H and Celik, O and Ginde, A A and Tirabassi, G and Galardo, M N and Cassio, A and Öztürk, Z A and Salmanoglu, M and Piro, S and Gordon, B A and Yılmaz, B Aktas and Carone, D and Corona, G and Menabò, S and Tanriverdi, F and Behan, L A and Weber, G and Negro, R and Tirabassi, G and Insenser, M and Kim, T N and Akyel, A and Kucukardali, Y and Li, C and O’Sullivan, E P and Kola, B and Fraser, S F and Rastrelli, G and Giovannini, L and da Silva, M R. Dias and Agha, A and Wolfe, P and Corbetta, C and Welzel, M and Kuyumcu, M E and Riera, M F and Kim, J M and Caropreso, C and Balsamo, A and Brigante, G and Rabbiosi, S and Escobar-Morreale, H F and Rabuazzo, A M and Kadioglu, P and Glynn, N and Ferretti, M and Bird, S R and Won, J C and Camacho, C P and Kucukodaci, Z and Regueira, M and Kan, E and Holterhus, P.-M and Baldazzi, L and Maseroli, E and Zamproni, I and Vitti, A and Yesil, Y and Gui, S and Aimaretti, G and Renis, M and Antonozzi, I and Camargo Jr, C A and Paggi, F and Della Valle, E and Ercin, U and Fenercioglu, A and Panin, G and Barbaro, M and Balercia, G and Diazzi, C and Calaciura, F and Pellizzari, E H and Savas, E and Papa, R and Park, M S and Schwartz, R S and Kunii, I S and Benson, A C and Zhang, Y and Purrello, F and Casanueva, F F and Woods, C and Riepe, F G and Fugazzola, L and Chiappetta, R and Caruso, U and Madeo, B and Crowley, R K and Solmazgul, E and Yildiz, H and Nicoletti, A and Mancini, T and Kelestimur, F and Cigorraga, S B and Sforza, A and ...
Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, ISSN 0391-4097, 7/2011, Volume 34, Issue 11, pp. 590 - 48
Background: We previously identified a four-generation family with medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) and a germline p.Y791 F RET mutation whose cancer lacked a... 
Adrenal glands | biopsy-needle | hyperparathyroidism | hyperprolactinemia | microvascular complication | thyroid nodules | Medicine/Public Health, general | decision tree | Hypopituitarism | steroid | parathyroid hormone | pregnancy | traumatic brain injury | Adrenal | growth factor | Estrogen receptor α | mutation | NEIL1 | women | treatment | Chorionic gonadotropin | hypothyroidism | thyroid cancer | p.Y791F | Differentiated thyroid cancer | polycystic ovary syndrome | hirsutism | gonadal | CREB | Medicine & Public Health | inflammation | islets | cardiac structure | neonatal screening | plant oils | genetic | disconnection | vitamin D | Diabetes mellitus | metformin | health | insulin secretion | hypogonadotropic hypogonadism | ovulation induction | sensitivity and specificity | cardiac functions | tumor | Exercise therapy | hypovitaminosis D | Diabetes | plasma | oxidative stress | FFA | RET | prolactinoma | ultrasonography | rural | Congenital hypothyroidism | testis | Epidemiology | follow-up | dual oxidase maturation factor (DUOXA) | dual oxidase (DUOX) | tandem mass spectrometry | visceral adiposity | medullary thyroid carcinoma | thyroid dysfunction | paracrine factors | obesity | sexual dysfunction | signal transduction | Hyperthyroidism | hydrogen peroxide | diagnosis | CAH | luteinizing hormone | MEN 2A | Sertoli cells | metabolic syndrome | clinical | Androgens | thyroid | hypothyroxinemia | CYP21A2 | ROS | The French-paradox | quality of life | Endocrinology | glucose tolerance test | hyperandrogenism | sirtuins | elderly | Acromegaly | neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio | Data mining | congenital adrenal hyperplasia | genetics | Androgen excess | surveillance | thyroid abnormalities | resveratrol | insulin resistance | 21-hydroxylase | prolactin | proteomics | p.C634Y | Metabolic Diseases | glucose intolerance | 3’UTR | thyroid screening | training frequency | application | urban | 5ARI | cancer | depression | Asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism
Journal Article