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Journal of Coastal Research, ISSN 0749-0208, 11/2015, Volume 31, Issue 6, pp. 1449 - 1458
Journal Article
by Jan Schipper and Janice S. Chanson and Federica Chiozza and Neil A. Cox and Michael Hoffmann and Vineet Katariya and John Lamoreux and Ana S. L. Rodrigues and Simon N. Stuart and Helen J. Temple and Jonathan Baillie and Luigi Boitani and Thomas E. Lacher and Russell A. Mittermeier and Andrew T. Smith and Daniel Absolon and John M. Aguiar and Giovanni Amori and Noura Bakkour and Ricardo Baldi and Richard J. Berridge and Jon Bielby and Patricia Ann Black and J. Julian Blanc and Thomas M. Brooks and James A. Burton and Thomas M. Butynski and Gianluca Catullo and Roselle Chapman and Zoe Cokeliss and Ben Collen and Jim Conroy and Justin G. Cooke and Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca and Andrew E. Derocher and Holly T. Dublin and J. W. Duckworth and Louise Emmons and Richard H. Emslie and Marco Festa-Bianchet and Matt Foster and Sabrina Foster and David L. Garshelis and Cormack Gates and Mariano Gimenez-Dixon and Susana Gonzalez and Jose Fernando Gonzalez-Maya and Tatjana C. Good and Geoffrey Hammerson and Philip S. Hammond and David Happold and Meredith Happold and John Hare and Richard B. Harris and Clare E. Hawkins and Mandy Haywood and Lawrence R. Heaney and Simon Hedges and Kristofer M. Helgen and Craig Hilton-Taylor and Syed Ainul Hussain and Nobuo Ishii and Thomas A. Jefferson and Richard K. B. Jenkins and Charlotte H. Johnston and Mark Keith and Jonathan Kingdon and David H. Knox and Kit M. Kovacs and Penny Langhammer and Kristin Leus and Rebecca Lewison and Gabriela Lichtenstein and Lloyd F. Lowry and Zoe Macavoy and Georgina M. Mace and David P. Mallon and Monica Masi and Meghan W. McKnight and Rodrigo A. Medellín and Patricia Medici and Gus Mills and Patricia D. Moehlman and Sanjay Molur and Arturo Mora and Kristin Nowell and John F. Oates and Wanda Olech and William R. L. Oliver and Monik Oprea and Bruce D. Patterson and William F. Perrin and Beth A. Polidoro and Caroline Pollock and Abigail Powel and Yelizaveta Protas and Paul Racey and Jim Ragle and Pavithra Ramani and Galen Rathbun and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2008, Volume 322, Issue 5899, pp. 225 - 230
Journal Article
WATER, ISSN 2073-4441, 04/2019, Volume 11, Issue 4, p. 635
Low-crested detached breakwaters (LCDBs) have been widely employed as a mitigation measure against beach erosion. However, only a few studies have assessed... 
BEACH | YUCATAN | PERFORMANCE | WATER RESOURCES | UAV flights | Reef Balls | beach morphodynamics | beach surveys | sand-filled geosystems | GEOTEXTILE TUBES
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Aburto-Oropeza, Octavio and Johnson, Andrew F and Agha, Mickey and Allen, Edith B and Allen, Michael F and González, Jesús Arellano and Arenas Moreno, Diego M and Beas-Luna, Rodrigo and Butterfield, Scott and Caetano, Gabriel and Caselle, Jennifer E and Gaytán, Gamaliel Castañeda and Castorani, Max C.N and Cat, Linh Anh and Cavanaugh, Kyle and Chambers, Jeffrey Q and Cooper, Robert D and Arafeh-Dalmau, Nur and Dawson, Todd and de la Vega Pérez, Aníbal Díaz and DiMento, Joseph F.C and Guerrero, Saúl Domínguez and Edwards, Matthew and Ennen, Joshua R and Estrada-Medina, Hector and Fierro-Estrada, Natalia and Gadsden, Héctor and Galina-Tessaro, Patricia and Gibbons, Paul M and Goode, Eric V and Gorris, Morgan E and Harmon, Thomas and Hecht, Susanna and Heredia Fragoso, Marco Antonio and Hernández-Solano, Alan and Hernández-Cortés, Danae and Hernández-Carmona, Gustavo and Hillard, Scott and Huey, Raymond B and Hufford, Matthew B and Jenerette, G. Darrel and Jiménez-Osornio, Juan and López-Nava, Karla Joana and Lara Reséndiz, Rafael A and Leslie, Heather M and López-Feldman, Alejandro and Luja, Víctor H and Méndez, Norberto Martínez and Mautz, William J and Medellín-Azuara, Josué and Meléndez-Torres, Cristina and de la Cruz, Fausto R. Méndez and Micheli, Fiorenza and Miles, Donald B and Montagner, Giovanna and Montaño-Moctezuma, Gabriela and Müller, Johannes and Oliva, Paulina and Ortinez Álvarez, José Abraham and Ortiz-Partida, J. Pablo and Palleiro-Nayar, Julio and Páramo Figueroa, Víctor Hugo and Parnell, P. Ed and Raimondi, Peter and Ramírez-Valdez, Arturo and Randerson, James T and Reed, Daniel C and Riquelme, Meritxell and Torres, Teresita Romero and Rosen, Philip C and Ross-Ibarra, Jeffrey and Sánchez-Cordero, Victor and Sandoval-Solis, Samuel and Santos, Juan Carlos and Sawers, Ruairidh and Sinervo, Barry and Sites, Jack W and Sosa-Nishizaki, Oscar and Stanton, Travis and Stapp, Jared R and Stewart, Joseph A.E and Torre, Jorge and Torres-Moye, Guillermo and Treseder, Kathleen K and Valdez-Villavicencio, Jorge and Valle Jiménez, Fernando I and Vaughn, Mercy and Welton, Luke and Westphal, Michael F and Woolrich-Piña, Guillermo and Yunez-Naude, Antonio and Zertuche-González, José A and Taylor, J. Edward and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Environmental Science and Policy, ISSN 1462-9011, 09/2018, Volume 87, Issue C, pp. 128 - 132
The US and Mexico share a common history in many areas, including language and culture. They face ecological changes due to the increased frequency and... 
Research integration | Environmental innovation | Northern Mexico | US southwest | Cross-border transformation | Binational collaborations | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | DIVERSITY | Environmental aspects | Global temperature changes
Journal Article
Chemical Engineering Journal, ISSN 1385-8947, 12/2014, Volume 258, pp. 136 - 145
[Display omitted] •The size and shape of the Gd2O2S:Tb3+ can be modulated by the synthesis parameters.•The Tb3+ dopant ions were dispersed uniformly in the... 
Photoluminescent | Oxysulfide particles | Electrophoretic mobility | Colloidal synthesis | GADOLINIUM | TB3 | NANOCRYSTALS | OPTICAL-PROPERTIES | LUMINESCENCE PROPERTIES | EUROPIUM | ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL | SHAPE | GD2O2STB3 | PHOSPHOR | ENGINEERING, ENVIRONMENTAL | METAL NANOPARTICLES | Analysis | Photoluminescence | Chemical properties
Journal Article
Journal Article
Marine Geology, ISSN 0025-3227, 11/2019, Volume 417, p. 106013
The present study investigates the seasonal and interannual morphodynamics on a micro-tidal sea-breeze dominated tropical beach located in the northern Yucatan... 
CACS events | EOF analysis | Sea breezes | Shoreline variability | Tropical beach | Coastal structures | Yucatan peninsula | ROTATION | SURF ZONE | NEARSHORE | PATTERNS | ORTHOGONAL FUNCTION-ANALYSIS | OSCILLATION | IMPACT | GEOSCIENCES, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | OCEANOGRAPHY | MORPHOLOGY | INSIGHTS
Journal Article
Water (Switzerland), ISSN 2073-4441, 12/2018, Volume 10, Issue 12, p. 1806
The understanding of the beach capability to resist and recover from a disturbance is of paramount importance in coastal engineering. However, few efforts have... 
Beach resilience | GSb model | Resilience index | Sea breezes | Temporary groin | Beach resistance | Yucatan peninsula | WAVES | beach resistance | EVOLUTION | beach resilience | temporary groin | sea breezes | resilience index | WATER RESOURCES | LONGSHORE TRANSPORT
Journal Article
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, ISSN 2077-1312, 04/2020, Volume 8, Issue 4, p. 283
Beach erosion, ubiquitous of sandy coasts around the world, can be exacerbated or mitigated with the use of hard engineering solutions including groins. The... 
field experiments | swash zone | sea breezes | permeable groins | Central American cold surges
Journal Article
Acta Zoologica Mexicana (nueva serie), ISSN 0065-1737, 05/2013, Volume 29, Issue 2, p. 304
Capturamos tres ejemplares de la ardilla de Peters (Sciurus oculatus), especie listada en proteccion especial y endemica del centro de Mexico. Las capturas... 
Cytochrome b
Journal Article
Salud mental, ISSN 0185-3325, 04/2012, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp. 147 - 154
El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la relación existente entre el funcionamiento familiar y las redes de apoyo social en una muestra de padres de familia... 
Journal Article
by Belkebir, Souad and Zand, Farid and Myatra, Sheila Nainan and Afeef, Majeda and Tanzi, Vito L and Muralidharan, S and Al-Abdely, Hail M and El-Kholy, Amani and AlKhawaja, Safa A. Aziz and Sen, Suha and Mehta, Yatin and Rai, Vineya and Sayed, Amani F and Elahi, Naheed and Morfin-Otero, María del Rayo and Velinova, Velmira Angelova and Anguseva, Tanja and Ikram, Aamer and Aguilar-de-Moros, Daisy and Belskiy, Vladislav and Mioljevic, Vesna and Di-Silvestre, Gabriela and Gamar-Elanbya, May Osman and Jayatilleke, Kushlani and Ben-Jaballah, Najla and Gikas, Achilleas and Sandoval-Castillo, Harrison Ronald and Trotter, Andrew and Valderrama-Beltrán, Sandra L and Maurizi, D.M and Desse, J.E and Pérez, I and Bianchi, A.C and Vimercati, J and Domínguez, C.V and Chediack, V and Piastrelini, M and Olivieri, M.S and Botta, P and Alvarez, G and Arregui, N.V and ALSayegh, S and Humood, M.Z and Mohamed-Ali, K and Magray, T.A.S and Aguiar-Portela, T.B and Serpa-Maia, F.I and Fernandes-Alves-de-Lima, L and Alves-De-Oliveira, A and Vasconcelos-Carneiro, A.P and Pinto-Coelho, K.H and Maciel-Canuto, M.L and Rocha-Batista, M.X and Moreira, T and de-Lima-Silva, F.J and Santos-Mota, E and Karla, L and Ferreira-de-Souza, M.C and Azevedo-Ferreira-Lima, D and Faheina, J and do-Nascimento, S.C and Machado-Silva, V.L and Bento-Ferreira and Tenorio, M.T and Ramos-Feijó, C.A and Correa-Barbosa, M.A and Assunção-Ponte, G and da-Silva-Escudero, D.V and Servolo-Medeiros, E.A and Andrade-Oliveira-Reis, M and Kostadinov, E.D and Petrov, M.M and Guo, C and Yu, H and Song, G and Cañas-Giraldo, L.M and Marin-Tobar, D.A and Álvarez-Moreno, C and González-Rubio, P.A and Ariza-Ayala, B.E and Gamba-Moreno, L.J and Rodriguez-Pena, J and Olarte, N and Pardo-Lopez, Y.A and Vargas-Garcia, A.R and Roncancio, E.G and Gomez-Nieto, K and Barahona-Guzman, N and Avila-Acosta, C and Raigoza-Martinez, W and Villamil-Gomez, W and Mindiola-Rochel, A.E and Corchuelo-Martinez, A.H and Lagares-Guzman, A and Zuniga-Chavarria, M.A and Valverde-Hernández, M and Chavarria-Ugalde, O and Tolari, G and Rojas-Fermin, R.A and Huascar, S and ... and International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium and Int Nosocomial Infection Control C
AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 04/2020, Volume 48, Issue 4, pp. 423 - 432
Journal Article