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Eur. Phys. J. C (2016) 76:403 This paper presents measurements of distributions of charged particles which are produced in proton--proton collisions at a... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Aad, G and Barnovska, Z and Berger, N and Delmastro, M and Di Ciaccio, L and Elles, S and Grevtsov, K and Hryn’ova, T and Jézéquel, S and Koletsou, I and Lafaye, R and Lévêque, Jérémy and Mastrandea, P and Sauvage, G and Sauvan, E and Simard, O and Todorov, T and Wingerter-Seez, I and Yatsenko, E and Boumediene, D and Busato, E and Calvet, D and Calvet, S and Chomont, A.R and Donini, J and Gris, Ph and Liao, H and Madar, R and Pallin, D and Saez, S.M. Romano and Santoni, C and Simon, D and Vazeille, F and Albrand, S and Berlendis, S and Camincher, C and Collot, J and Crépé-Renaudin, S and Delsart, P.A and Gabaldon, C and Genest, M.H and Hostachy, J.Y and Ledroit-Guillon, F and Lleres, A and Lucotte, A and Malek, F and Petit, E and Stark, J and Trocmé, B and Wu, M and Alio, L and Barbero, M and Calandri, A and Calvet, T.P and Coadou, Y and Diaconu, C and Diglio, S and Djama, F and Ellajosyula, V and Feligioni, L and Gao, J and Hadef, A and Hallewell, G.D and Hubaut, F and Kahn, S.J and Knoops, E. B. F. G and Guirriec, E. Le and Liu, J and Liu, K and Madaffari, D and Mochizuki, K and Monnier, E and Muanza, S and Nagy, E and Pralavorio, P and Rodina, Y and Rozanov, A and Talby, M and Theveneaux-Pelzer, T and Torres, R.E. Ticse and Tisserant, S and Toth, J and Touchard, F and Vacavant, L and Wang, Chen and Ayoub, M.K and Bassalat, A and Binet, S and Becot, C and Bourdarios, C and Regie, J.B. de Vivie de and Delgove, D and Duflot, L and Escalier, M and Fayard, L and Fournier, D and Gkougkousis, E.L and Grivaz, J.-F and Guillemin, T and Hariri, F and ...
European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 2016, Volume 76, p. 403
This paper presents measurements of charged-particle distributions which are produced in proton--proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=8$... 
Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
European Journal of Endocrinology, ISSN 0804-4643, 01/2017, Volume 176, Issue 1, pp. R21 - R38
Journal Article
European Journal of Endocrinology, ISSN 0804-4643, 01/2017, Volume 175, Issue 1, p. R21
Isolated maternal hypothyroxinemia (IMH) during pregnancy is defined as a low maternal T4 in the absence of TSH elevation. As IMH is common, with a prevalence... 
Pregnancy | Thyroid-stimulating hormone | Animal models | Fetuses | Thyroxine | Pregnancy complications | Clinical trials | Management | Iodine | Thyroid
Journal Article
MOTOR CONTROL, ISSN 1087-1640, 07/2017, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp. 299 - 311
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 04/2012, Volume 366, Issue 15, pp. 1451 - 1453
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, ISSN 0021-972X, 05/2017, Volume 102, Issue 5, pp. 1775 - 1778
This article involves the study by Castagna et al. published in this issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism on the association and... 
Journal Article
Techne, ISSN 2239-0243, 01/2018, Volume 16, pp. 308 - 316
The adoption of these informativerepresentative tools allows: - carrying out transparently the design phases in order to produce conventional graphic works... 
Life cycle assessment | Automation | Design for recycling | Mechanical arms | Milling (machining) | Building materials | Construction materials | Construction sites | Computer numerical control | Construction costs | Milling machines | Robot arms | Comminution | Lidar | Digitization | Graphical representations | Business
Journal Article
Techne : Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, ISSN 2239-0243, 01/2018, Issue 16, pp. 308 - 316
ONLINE ONLY. "Abstract: L’apertura ai nuovi scenari offerti dalla sinergia tra digitalizzazione del processo edilizio e nuovi paradigmi di realizzazione di... 
Journal Article
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), ISSN 0302-9743, 2018, Volume 11196, pp. 718 - 727
Conference Proceeding
by Tucker, Marlee A and Böhning-Gaese, Katrin and Fagan, William F and Fryxell, John M and Van Moorter, Bram and Alberts, Susan C and Ali, Abdullahi H and Allen, Andrew M and Attias, Nina and Avgar, Tal and Bartlam-Brooks, Hattie and Bayarbaatar, Buuveibaatar and Belant, Jerrold L and Bertassoni, Alessandra and Beyer, Dean and Bidner, Laura and Van Beest, Floris M and Blake, Stephen and Blaum, Niels and Bracis, Chloe and Brown, Danielle and De Bruyn, P. J. Nico and Cagnacci, Francesca and Calabrese, Justin M and Camilo-Alves, Constança and Chamaillé-Jammes, Simon and Chiaradia, Andre and Davidson, Sarah C and Dennis, Todd and DeStefano, Stephen and Diefenbach, Duane and Douglas-Hamilton, Iain and Fennessy, Julian and Fichtel, Claudia and Fiedler, Wolfgang and Fischer, Christina and Fischhoff, Ilya and Fleming, Christen H and Ford, Adam T and Fritz, Susanne A and Gehr, Benedikt and Goheen, Jacob R and Gurarie, Eliezer and Hebblewhite, Mark and Heurich, Marco and Hewison, A. J. Mark and Hof, Christian and Hurme, Edward and Isbell, Lynne A and Janssen, René and Jeltsch, Florian and Kaczensky, Petra and Kane, Adam and Kappeler, Peter M and Kauffman, Matthew and Kays, Roland and Kimuyu, Duncan and Koch, Flavia and Kranstauber, Bart and LaPoint, Scott and Leimgruber, Peter and Linnell, John D. C and López-López, Pascual and Markham, A. Catherine and Mattisson, Jenny and Medici, Emilia Patricia and Mellone, Ugo and Merrill, Evelyn and De MirandaMourão, Guilherme and Morato, Ronaldo G and Morellet, Nicolas and Morrison, Thomas A and Díaz-Muñoz, Samuel L and Mysterud, Atle and Nandintsetseg, Dejid and Nathan, Ran and Niamir, Aidin and Odden, John and O'Hara, Robert B and Oliveira-Santos, Luiz Gustavo R and Olson, Kirk A and Patterson, Bruce D and De Paula, Rogerio Cunha and Pedrotti, Luca and Reineking, Björn and Rimmler, Martin and Rogers, Tracey L and Rolandsen, Christer Moe and Rosenberry, Christopher S and Rubenstein, Daniel I and Safi, Kamran and Saïd, Sonia and Sapir, Nir and Sawyer, Hall and Schmidt, Niels Martin and Selva, Nuria and Sergiel, Agnieszka and Shiilegdamba, Enkhtuvshin and Silva, João Paulo and Singh, Navinder and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2018, Volume 359, Issue 6374, pp. 466 - 469
Journal Article
by Jan Schipper and Janice S. Chanson and Federica Chiozza and Neil A. Cox and Michael Hoffmann and Vineet Katariya and John Lamoreux and Ana S. L. Rodrigues and Simon N. Stuart and Helen J. Temple and Jonathan Baillie and Luigi Boitani and Thomas E. Lacher and Russell A. Mittermeier and Andrew T. Smith and Daniel Absolon and John M. Aguiar and Giovanni Amori and Noura Bakkour and Ricardo Baldi and Richard J. Berridge and Jon Bielby and Patricia Ann Black and J. Julian Blanc and Thomas M. Brooks and James A. Burton and Thomas M. Butynski and Gianluca Catullo and Roselle Chapman and Zoe Cokeliss and Ben Collen and Jim Conroy and Justin G. Cooke and Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca and Andrew E. Derocher and Holly T. Dublin and J. W. Duckworth and Louise Emmons and Richard H. Emslie and Marco Festa-Bianchet and Matt Foster and Sabrina Foster and David L. Garshelis and Cormack Gates and Mariano Gimenez-Dixon and Susana Gonzalez and Jose Fernando Gonzalez-Maya and Tatjana C. Good and Geoffrey Hammerson and Philip S. Hammond and David Happold and Meredith Happold and John Hare and Richard B. Harris and Clare E. Hawkins and Mandy Haywood and Lawrence R. Heaney and Simon Hedges and Kristofer M. Helgen and Craig Hilton-Taylor and Syed Ainul Hussain and Nobuo Ishii and Thomas A. Jefferson and Richard K. B. Jenkins and Charlotte H. Johnston and Mark Keith and Jonathan Kingdon and David H. Knox and Kit M. Kovacs and Penny Langhammer and Kristin Leus and Rebecca Lewison and Gabriela Lichtenstein and Lloyd F. Lowry and Zoe Macavoy and Georgina M. Mace and David P. Mallon and Monica Masi and Meghan W. McKnight and Rodrigo A. Medellín and Patricia Medici and Gus Mills and Patricia D. Moehlman and Sanjay Molur and Arturo Mora and Kristin Nowell and John F. Oates and Wanda Olech and William R. L. Oliver and Monik Oprea and Bruce D. Patterson and William F. Perrin and Beth A. Polidoro and Caroline Pollock and Abigail Powel and Yelizaveta Protas and Paul Racey and Jim Ragle and Pavithra Ramani and Galen Rathbun and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2008, Volume 322, Issue 5899, pp. 225 - 230
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, ISSN 0021-972X, 01/2017, Volume 102, Issue 1, pp. 69 - 77
Journal Article