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eLife, ISSN 2050-084X, 11/2018, Volume 7
Age predictors based on DNA methylation levels at a small set of CpG sites, DNAm clocks, have been developed for humans and extended to several other species.... 
mouse | biological age | lifespan | chromosomes | DNA methylation | aging | clock | gene expression | BIOLOGY | AGE | Liver | Genomes | Gene expression | Datasets | Life span | Aging | Biomarkers | Fibroblasts | Methylation | Age | Deoxyribonucleic acid--DNA | CpG islands | Inhibitory postsynaptic potentials | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, 05/2015, Volume 10, Issue 5
The origin and evolution of novel biochemical functions remains one of the key questions in molecular evolution. We study recently emerged methacrylate... 
Journal Article
by May, Margaret T and Hogg, Robert S and Justice, Amy C and Shepherd, Bryan E and Costagliola, Dominique and Ledergerber, Bruno and Thiébaut, Rodolphe and Gill, M. John and Kirk, Ole and van Sighem, Ard and Saag, Michael S and Navarro, Gemma and Sobrino-Vegas, Paz and Lampe, Fiona and Ingle, Suzanne and Guest, Jodie L and Crane, Heidi M and D'Arminio Monforte, Antonella and Vehreschild, Jörg J and Sterne, Jonathan A. C and Gras, L. A and van Sighem, A. I and Smit, C and de Wolf, F and Prins, J. M and Bos, J. C and Eeftinck-Schattenkerk, J. K. M and Geerlings, S. E and Godfried, M. H and Lange, J. M. A and van der Meer, J. T. M and Nellen, F. J. B and Olszyna, D. P and van der Poll, T and Reiss, P and Sankatsing, S. U. C and van der Valk, M and Vermeulen, J. N and Vrouenraets, S. M. E and van Vugt, M and Wit, F. W. M. N and Schreij, G and van der Geest, S and Oude Lashof, A and Lowe, S and Verbon, A and Bravenboer, B and Pronk, M. J. H and Kuijpers, T. W and Pajkrt, D and Scherpbier, H. J and van der Ende, M. E and Bax, H and van der Feltz, M and Gelinck, L. B. S and de Melo, Mendoca and Nouwen, J. L and Rijnders, B. J. A and de Ruiter, E. D and Slobbe, L and Schurink, C. A. M and de Vries, T. E. M. S and essen, G and van der Flier, M and Hartwig, N. G and Branger, J and Kauffmann, R. H and Schippers, E. F and Groeneveld, P. H. P and Alleman, M. A and Kroon, F. P and Arend, S. M and de Boer, M. G. J and van den Broek, P. J and van Dissel, J. T and van Nieuwkoop, C and den Hollander, J. G and Bronsveld, W and Pogány, K and Haag, Den and Vriesendorp, R and Jeurissen, F. J. F and Leyten, E. M. S and van Houte, D and Polée, M. B and van Vonderen, M and ten Napel, C. H. H and Kootstra, G. J and Brinkman, K and van den Berk, G. E. L and Blok, W. L and Frissen, P. H. J and Schouten, W. E. M and van Eeden, A and Verhagen, D. W. M and Mulder, J. W and van Gorp, E. C. M and Steingrover, A. T. A and Wagenaar, J and Juttmann, J. R and ... and Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort and Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC)
International journal of epidemiology, ISSN 0300-5771, 2012, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp. 1807 - 1820
Journal Article
by Abdoulkarim, Samna and Amir, Osman G and Amstrup, Steven C and Andresen, Leah and Aschenborn, Ortwin and Ashenafi, Zelealem T and Ballou, Jonathan D and Becker, Anne A.M.J and Beckhelling, Annie and Belbachir, Farid and Bingaman Lackey, Laurie and Bissett, Charlene and Boast, Lorraine K and Braun, Birgit and Breitenmoser, Christine and Brewer, Bruce and Broekhuis, Femke and Brummer, Rox and Caro, Tim and Castaneda, Linda and Charruau, Pauline and Chege, Monica and Chelysheva, Elena V and Cherin, Marco and Cilliers, Deon and Citino, Scott and Clements, Hayley and Combes, Guy and Comizzoli, Pierre and Cristescu, Bogdan and Crosier, Adrienne E and Dalton, Desiré L and Davies-Mostert, Harriet T and Davis, Jacqueline T and de Matos Machado, Iracelma B and Depauw, Sarah and Dickman, Amy and Dierenfeld, Ellen S and Durant, Sarah M and Ekard, Susie and Eyre, Simon and Fabiano, Ezequiel and Farhadinia, Mohammad S and Flyman, Michael V and Forsythe, Katherine and Fuller, Angela K and Good, Kyle and Grisham, Jack and Groom, Rosemary and Gusset, Markus and Haefele, Holly and Hartmann, Axel and Hayward, Matt W and Hilker, Cathryn and Horgan, Jane and Hughes, Courtney and Hunter, Luke T.B and Huys, Geert and Ipavec, Audrey and Janssens, Geert P.J and Jeo, Richard M and Johnson, Warren E and Johnson, Sandra and Johnson, Douglas W and Jowkar, Houman and Kaandorp, Jacques and Kaandorp, Christine and Kerr, Katherine R and Kharuxab, Reinold and Kitchell, Kenneth F and Klein, Rebecca and Koester, Diana C and Kotzé, Antoinette and Lüders, Imke and Lehner, Flavio and Leus, Kristin and Lindsey, Peter and Lloyd, Michelle and Louwman, Jan and Louwman, Hanneke and M’soka, Jassiel L.J and Macdonald, David W and Maes, Olivia and Marker, Laurie and Marks, Nikki and Maule, Aaron and McGowan, Natasha and McManus, Jeannine and Meachen, Julie and Meeks, Karen Z and Melzheimer, Joerg and Mengersen, Kerrie and Menotti-Raymond, Marilyn and Mills, Gus and Mitchell, Emily and Mitchell, Nicholas and Mohanun, Ahmed Sh and Morrison, Tess and Mosimane, Alfons W and Msuha, Maurus and ...
2018, ISBN 9780128040881
Book Chapter