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by Aab, A and Abreu, P and Aglietta, M and Al Samarai, I and Albuquerque, I. F. M and Allekotte, I and Almela, A and Alvarez Castillo, J and Alvarez-Muniz, J and Anastasi, G. A and Anchordoqui, L and Anada, B and Aninga, S and Aramo, C and Arqueros, F and Arsene, N and Asorey, H and Assis, P and Aublin, J and Avila, G and Badescu, A. M and Balaceanu, A and Barreira Luz, R. J and Beatty, J. J and Bellido, J. A and Berat, C and Bertaina, M. E and Bertou, X and Biermann, P. L and Billoir, P and Biteau, J and Blaess, S. G and Blanco, A and Blazek, J and Bleve, C and Bohacova, M and Boncioli, D and Bonifazi, C and Borodai, N and Botti, A. M and Brack, J and Brancus, I and Bretz, T and Bridgeman, A and Briechle, F. L and Buchholz, P and Bueno, A and Buitink, S and Buscemi, M and Caballero-Mora, K. S and Caccianiga, L and Cancio, A and Canfora, F and Caramete, L and Caruso, R and Castellina, A and Cataldi, G and Cazon, L and Chavez, A. G and Chinellato, J. A and Chudoba, J and Clay, R. M and Colalillo, R and Coleman, A and Collica, L and Coluccia, M. R and Conceicao, R and Contreras, F and Cooper, M. J and Coutu, S and Covault, C. E and Cronin, J and D'Amico, S and Daniel, B and Dasso, S and Daumiller, K and Dawson, B. R and de Almeida, R. M and de Jong, S. J and De Mauro, G and de Mello Neto, J. R. T and De Mitri, I and de Oliveira, J and de Souza, V and Debatin, J and Deligny, O and Di Ginlio, C and di Matteo, A and Diaz Castro, M. L and Diogo, F and Dobrigkeit, C and D'Olivo, J. C and Dorosti, Q and dos Anjos, R. C and Dova, M. T and Dundovic, A and Ebr, J and Engel, R and Erdmann, M and Erfani, M and ... and Pierre Auger Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 04/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 4, pp. 38 - 38
Journal Article
by Abraham, J and Abreu, P and Aglietta, M and Ahn, E.J and Allard, D and Allen, J and Alvarez-Muñiz, J and Ambrosio, M and Anchordoqui, L and Andringa, S and Antičić, T and Anzalone, A and Aramo, C and Arganda, E and Arisaka, K and Arqueros, F and Asorey, H and Assis, P and Aublin, J and Ave, M and Avila, G and Bäcker, T and Badagnani, D and Balzer, M and Barber, K.B and Barbosa, A.F and Barroso, S.L.C and Baughman, B and Bauleo, P and Beatty, J.J and Becker, B.R and Becker, K.H and Bellétoile, A and Bellido, J.A and BenZvi, S and Berat, C and Bergmann, T and Bertou, X and Biermann, P.L and Billoir, P and Blanch-Bigas, O and Blanco, F and Blanco, M and Bleve, C and Blümer, H and Boháčová, M and Boncioli, D and Bonifazi, C and Bonino, R and Borodai, N and Brack, J and Brogueira, P and Brown, W.C and Bruijn, R and Buchholz, P and Bueno, A and Burton, R.E and Busca, N.G and Caballero-Mora, K.S and Caramete, L and Caruso, R and Castellina, A and Catalano, O and Cataldi, G and Cazon, L and Cester, R and Chauvin, J and Chiavassa, A and Chinellato, J.A and Chou, A and Chudoba, J and Clay, R.W and Colombo, E and Coluccia, M.R and Conceição, R and Contreras, F and Cook, H and Cooper, M.J and Coppens, J and Cordier, A and Cotti, U and Coutu, S and Covault, C.E and Creusot, A and Criss, A and Cronin, J and Curutiu, A and Dagoret-Campagne, S and Dallier, R and Daumiller, K and Dawson, B.R and de Almeida, R.M and De Domenico, M and De Donato, C and de Jong, S.J and De La Vega, G and de Mello Junior, W.J.M and de Mello Neto, J.R.T and De Mitri, I and de Souza, V and ... and Pierre Auger Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 03/2010, Volume 685, Issue 4-5, pp. 239 - 246
We report a measurement of the flux of cosmic rays with unprecedented precision and statistics using the Pierre Auger Observatory. Based on fluorescence... 
Energy spectrum | Cosmic rays | Pierre Auger Observatory
Journal Article
by Esquivel‐Muelbert, Adriane and Baker, Timothy R and Dexter, Kyle G and Lewis, Simon L and Brienen, Roel J. W and Feldpausch, Ted R and Lloyd, Jon and Monteagudo‐Mendoza, Abel and Arroyo, Luzmila and Álvarez-Dávila, Esteban and Higuchi, Niro and Marimon, Beatriz S and Marimon-Junior, Ben Hur and Silveira, Marcos and Vilanova, Emilio and Gloor, Emanuel and Malhi, Yadvinder and Chave, Jerôme and Barlow, Jos and Bonal, Damien and Davila Cardozo, Nallaret and Erwin, Terry and Fauset, Sophie and Hérault, Bruno and Laurance, Susan and Poorter, Lourens and Qie, Lan and Stahl, Clement and Sullivan, Martin J. P and ter Steege, Hans and Vos, Vincent Antoine and Zuidema, Pieter A and Almeida, Everton and Almeida de Oliveira, Edmar and Andrade, Ana and Vieira, Simone Aparecida and Aragão, Luiz and Araujo‐Murakami, Alejandro and Arets, Eric and Aymard C, Gerardo A and Baraloto, Christopher and Camargo, Plínio Barbosa and Barroso, Jorcely G and Bongers, Frans and Boot, Rene and Camargo, José Luís and Castro, Wendeson and Chama Moscoso, Victor and Comiskey, James and Cornejo Valverde, Fernando and Lola da Costa, Antonio Carlos and del Aguila Pasquel, Jhon and Di Fiore, Anthony and Fernanda Duque, Luisa and Elias, Fernando and Engel, Julien and Flores Llampazo, Gerardo and Galbraith, David and Herrera Fernández, Rafael and Honorio Coronado, Eurídice and Hubau, Wannes and Jimenez‐Rojas, Eliana and Lima, Adriano José Nogueira and Umetsu, Ricardo Keichi and Laurance, William and Lopez‐Gonzalez, Gabriela and Lovejoy, Thomas and Aurelio Melo Cruz, Omar and Morandi, Paulo S and Neill, David and Núñez Vargas, Percy and Pallqui Camacho, Nadir C and Parada Gutierrez, Alexander and Pardo, Guido and Peacock, Julie and Peña‐Claros, Marielos and Peñuela‐Mora, Maria Cristina and Petronelli, Pascal and Pickavance, Georgia C and Pitman, Nigel and Prieto, Adriana and Quesada, Carlos and Ramírez‐Angulo, Hirma and Réjou‐Méchain, Maxime and Restrepo Correa, Zorayda and Roopsind, Anand and Rudas, Agustín and Salomão, Rafael and Silva, Natalino and Silva Espejo, Javier and Singh, James and Stropp, Juliana and Terborgh, John and Thomas, Raquel and Toledo, Marisol and Torres‐Lezama, Armando and Valenzuela Gamarra, Luis and van de Meer, Peter J and van der Heijden, Geertje and van der Hout, Peter and ...
Global change biology, ISSN 1365-2486, 11/2018, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 39 - 56
Journal Article
by Marinotti, Osvaldo and Cerqueira, Gustavo C and de Almeida, Luiz Gonzaga Paula and Ferro, Maria Inês Tiraboschi and Loreto, Elgion Lucio da Silva and Zaha, Arnaldo and Teixeira, Santuza M. R and Wespiser, Adam R and Almeida e Silva, Alexandre and Schlindwein, Aline Daiane and Pacheco, Ana Carolina Landim and Silva, Artur Luiz da Costa da and Graveley, Brenton R and Walenz, Brian P and Lima, Bruna de Araujo and Ribeiro, Carlos Alexandre Gomes and Nunes-Silva, Carlos Gustavo and de Carvalho, Carlos Roberto and Soares, Célia Maria de Almeida and de Menezes, Claudia Beatriz Afonso and Matiolli, Cleverson and Caffrey, Daniel and Araújo, Demetrius Antonio M and de Oliveira, Diana Magalhães and Golenbock, Douglas and Grisard, Edmundo Carlos and Fantinatti-Garboggini, Fabiana and de Carvalho, Fabíola Marques and Barcellos, Fernando Gomes and Prosdocimi, Francisco and May, Gemma and Azevedo Junior, Gilson Martins de and Guimarães, Giselle Moura and Goldman, Gustavo Henrique and Padilha, Itácio Q. M and Batista, Jacqueline da Silva and Ferro, Jesus Aparecido and Ribeiro, José M. C and Fietto, Juliana Lopes Rangel and Dabbas, Karina Maia and Cerdeira, Louise and Agnez-Lima, Lucymara Fassarella and Brocchi, Marcelo and de Carvalho, Marcos Oliveira and Teixeira, Marcus de Melo and Diniz Maia, Maria de Mascena and Goldman, Maria Helena S and Cruz Schneider, Maria Paula and Felipe, Maria Sueli Soares and Hungria, Mariangela and Nicolás, Marisa Fabiana and Pereira, Maristela and Montes, Martín Alejandro and Cantão, Maurício E and Vincentz, Michel and Rafael, Miriam Silva and Silverman, Neal and Stoco, Patrícia Hermes and Souza, Rangel Celso and Vicentini, Renato and Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes and Neves, Rogério de Oliveira and Silva, Rosane and Astolfi-Filho, Spartaco and Maciel, Talles Eduardo Ferreira and Ürményi, Turán P and Tadei, Wanderli Pedro and Camargo, Erney Plessmann and de Vasconcelos, Ana Tereza Ribeiro
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 08/2013, Volume 41, Issue 15, pp. 7387 - 7400
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 04/2011, Volume 473, Issue 7346, pp. 174 - 180
Journal Article