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social sciences (38) 38
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galaxies: evolution (24) 24
high energy physics (24) 24
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by Albert, J and Aliu, E and Anderhub, H and Antonelli, L.A and Antoranz, P and Backes, M and Baixeras, C and Barrio, J.A and Bartko, H and Bastieri, D and Becker, J.K and Bednarek, W and Berger, K and Bernardini, E and Bigongiari, C and Biland, A and Bock, R.K and Bonnoli, G and Bordas, P and Bosch-Ramon, V and Bretz, T and Britvitch, I and Camara, M and Carmona, E and Chilingarian, A and Commichau, S and Contreras, J.L and Cortina, J and Costado, M.T and Covino, S and Curtef, V and Dazzi, F and De Angelis, A and De Cea Del Pozo, E and De Los Reyes, R and De Lotto, B and De Maria, M and De Sabata, F and Delgado Mendez, C and Dominguez, A and Dorner, D and Doro, M and Errando, M and Fagiolini, M and Ferenc, D and Fernández, E and Firpo, R and Fonseca, M.V and Font, L and Galante, N and García López, R.J and Garczarczyk, M and Gaug, M and Goebel, F and Hayashida, M and Herrero, A and Höhne, D and Hose, J and Hsu, C.C and Huber, S and Jogler, T and Kneiske, T.M and Kranich, D and La Barbera, A and Laille, A and Leonardo, E and Lindfors, E and Lombardi, S and Longo, F and López, M and Lorenz, E and Majumdar, P and Maneva, G and Mankuzhiyil, N and Mannheim, K and Maraschi, L and Mariotti, M and Martínez, M and Mazin, D and Meucci, M and Meyer, M and Miranda, J.M and Mirzoyan, R and Mizobuchi, S and Moles, M and Moralejo, A and Nieto, D and Nilsson, K and Ninkovic, J and Otte, N and Oya, I and Panniello, M and Paoletti, R and Paredes, J.M and Pasanen, M and Pascoli, D and Pauss, F and Pegna, R.G and Perez-Torres, M.A and Persic, M and ... and MAGIC Collaboration and The MAGIC Collaboration
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 6/2008, Volume 320, Issue 5884, pp. 1752 - 1754
Journal Article
by Khatri, C and Hall, N and Negida, A and Chapman, S. J and Shiwani, H and Jeyakumar, J and Macdermid, E and Youssef, D and Phillips, N and Brown, J and Mahmud, K and Oosterkamp, A and Imorou Souaibou, Y and Leung Chong, C and Leung Chong, C and Rashid Minhas Qadir, M and Leung Chong, C and Palomino Castillo, V. D and Moreira, G and Barros De Castro Segundo, L. C and Anderson Khouri Ferreira, S and Vega Carreiro De Freitas, A and Altoe, F and Ayres Da Silva, L and Fernandes Giuriato, T and Menegussi, J and Lima, C. Vinícius Barroso and Vinicius dos Santos, D and Brown, J and Azzie, G and Firdouse, M and Kushwaha, S and Agarwal, A and Cameron, B and Marinkovic, T. Razek28B and Grasset, E and Grasset, E and Jimenez, J and Oh, J and Sierra, S and Mendez, M and Montoya Botero, J. A and Quintero Riaza, V. M and Mendoza Arango, M. C and Domini, E and Mihanovic, J and Zamarin, K and Hassan, A and Shimy, G and Asal, M and Abdelkader, M and Karkeet, M and Gomaa, A and Elgebaly, A and Gouda, A and Al‐Mallah, A and Abdulgawad, M and Osman, O and Adel, A and Gharib, A and Sayed, A and Abozaid, M and Hafez El‐Badri Kotb, A and Ahmed Ata, A. A and Saeed, M and Abd El Hamid, N and Abd El Galeel, A and Elbanby, E and Alahmady, O and Mansour, B and Said Elkolaly, S and Adel, A and Saeed, A. M and Youssif, J. H and Magdy Ahmed, S and Elzayat, M and Abdelraheim, M and Elzayat, I and Salama, M and Elkhadrawi, M and Afifi, A. M and Saadeldeen Ebrahim, O and Metwally, M. M and Elbermawy, M and Abo Raya, M and Abdelghany, S and Salma, M and Fakher, R and Elshanwany, S and Ghanem, E and Tammam, A and El Shoura, Y and Khairy, H and Antar52, S and Abdelshafy, M and Farid Hosh, M and Magdy, B and Abouzahra, A and Elgendy, F and Seifelnasr, O and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 07/2016, Volume 103, Issue 8, pp. 971 - 988
Journal Article
Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 1432-0746, 04/2015, Volume 576, p. A135
Journal Article
by J. Aleksić and S. Ansoldi and L. A. Antonelli and P. Antoranz and A. Babic and P. Bangale and J. A. Barrio and J. Becerra González and W. Bednarek and E. Bernardini and B. Biasuzzi and A. Biland and O. Blanch and S. Bonnefoy and G. Bonnoli and F. Borracci and T. Bretz and E. Carmona and A. Carosi and P. Colin and E. Colombo and J. L. Contreras and J. Cortina and S. Covino and P. Da Vela and F. Dazzi and A. De Angelis and G. De Caneva and B. De Lotto and E. de Oña Wilhelmi and C. Delgado Mendez and D. Dominis Prester and D. Dorner and M. Doro and S. Einecke and D. Eisenacher and D. Elsaesser and M. V. Fonseca and L. Font and K. Frantzen and C. Fruck and D. Galindo and R. J. García López and M. Garczarczyk and D. Garrido Terrats and M. Gaug and N. Godinović and A. González Muñoz and S. R. Gozzini and D. Hadasch and Y. Hanabata and M. Hayashida and J. Herrera and D. Hildebrand and J. Hose and D. Hrupec and W. Idec and V. Kadenius and H. Kellermann and K. Kodani and Y. Konno and J. Krause and H. Kubo and J. Kushida and A. La Barbera and D. Lelas and N. Lewandowska and E. Lindfors and S. Lombardi and F. Longo and M. López and R. López-Coto and A. López-Oramas and E. Lorenz and I. Lozano and M. Makariev and K. Mallot and G. Maneva and N. Mankuzhiyil and K. Mannheim and L. Maraschi and B. Marcote and M. Mariotti and M. Martínez and D. Mazin and U. Menzel and J. M. Miranda and R. Mirzoyan and A. Moralejo and P. Munar-Adrover and D. Nakajima and A. Niedzwiecki and K. Nilsson and K. Nishijima and K. Noda and R. Orito and A. Overkemping and S. Paiano and M. Palatiello and D. Paneque and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6213, pp. 1080 - 1084
Journal Article
by Fuchs, Charles S and Shitara, Kohei and Di Bartolomeo, Maria and Lonardi, Sara and Al-Batran, Salah-Eddin and Van Cutsem, Eric and Ilson, David H and Alsina, Maria and Chau, Ian and Lacy, Jill and Ducreux, Michel and Mendez, Guillermo Ariel and Alavez, Alejandro Molina and Takahari, Daisuke and Mansoor, Wasat and Enzinger, Peter C and Gorbounova, Vera and Wainberg, Zev A and Hegewisch-Becker, Susanna and Ferry, David and Lin, Ji and Carlesi, Roberto and Das, Mayukh and Shah, Manish A and Luft, Alexander V and Karaseva, Nina A and Kowalyszyn, Rubén Dario and Hernandez, Carlos Alberto and Csoszi, Tibor and De Vita, Ferdinando and Pfeiffer, Per and Sugimoto, Naotoshi and Kocsis, Judit and Csilla, Andràs and Bodoky, Gyorgy and Garnica Jaliffe, Georgina and Protsenko, Svetlana and Madi, Ayman and Wojcik, Elzbieta and Brenner, Baruch and Folprecht, Gunnar and Sarosiek, Tomasz and Peltola, Katriina Johanna and Bono, Peter and Ayala, Hubert and Aprile, Giuseppe and Gerardo, Cardellino Giovanni and Huitzil Melendez, Fidel David and Falcone, Alfredo and Di Costanzo, Francesco and Tehfe, Moustapha and Mineur, Laurent and García Alfonso, Pilar and Obermannova, Radka and Senellart, Hélène and Petty, Russell and Samuel, Leslie and Acs, Peter Istvan and Hussein, Maen Abdelkarim and Nechaeva, Marina N and Erdkamp, F.L.G and Won, Elizabeth and Bendell, Johanna Chock and Gallego Plazas, Javier and Lorenzen, Sylvie and Melichar, Bohuslav and Escudero, Miguel Angel and Pezet, Denis and Phelip, Jean-Marc and Kaen, Diego Lucas and Reeves, James A. Jr and Longo Muñoz, Federico and Madhusudan, Srinivasan and Barone, Carlo and Fein, Luis Enrique and Gomez Villanueva, Angel and Hebbar, Mohamed and Prausova, Jana and Visa Turmo, Laura and Vidal Barrull, Joana and Yilmaz, Mette Karen Nytoft and Beny, Alex and Van Laarhoven, H.M.W and DiCarlo, Brian Anthony and Esaki, Taito and Fujitani, Kazumasa and Geboes, Karen and Geva, Ravit and Kadowaki, Shigenori and Leong, Stephen and Machida, Nozomu and Raj, Moses Sundar and Ramirez Godinez, Francisco Javier and Ruzsa, Agnes and Ford, Hugo and Lawler, William E and Maisey, Nicolas Robert and Petera, Jiri and Shacham-Shmueli, Einat and Sinapi, Isabelle and ... and RAINFALL Study Group and RAINFALL Study Grp
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 03/2019, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 420 - 435
Journal Article