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Lancet Global Health, ISSN 2214-109X, 2016, Volume 4, Issue S1, pp. S7 - S7
Journal Article
by Starmer, Amy J and Spector, Nancy D and West, Daniel C and Srivastava, Rajendu and Sectish, Theodore C and Landrigan, Christopher P and Menon, Aravind Ajakumar and Ali, Arshia and Allair, Brenda K and Allen, April D and Almaddah, Nureddin and Alminde, Claire and Alvarado-Little, Wilma and Anson, Elizabeth and Ashland, Michele and Atsatt, Marisa and Aylor, Megan and Baird, Jennifer D and Bale, James F and Balmer, Dorene and Barber, Aisha and Barton, Kevin and Bates, Kimberly and Beck, Carolyn and Berchelmann, Kathleen and Bhan, Renuka and Bismilla, Zia and Blankenburg, Rebecca L and Boa-Hocbo, Aileen and Bordin-Wosk, Talya and Brooks, Michelle and Calaman, Sharon and Campe, Julie and Campos, Maria Lucia and Chandler, Debra and Cheung, Yvonne and Choudhary, Amanda and Christensen, Eileen and Clark, Katherine and Coffey, Maitreya and Coghlan-McDonald, Sally and Cohen, Ellen and Cole, F. Sessions and Corless, Elizabeth and Cray, Sharon and Da Silva, Roxi and Dahale, Devesh and Dalal, Anuj K and Destino, Lauren A and Doroshow, Jonathan and Dreyer, Benard and duPont, Katharine and Eagle, Steven and Edgar-Zarate, Courtney and Etzenhouser, Angie and Everhart, Jennifer L and Feraco, Angela M and Ferrer, Alexandra and Galardy, Paul and Garcia, Briana M and Gaspar-Oishi, Maria and Goldstein, Jenna and Good, Brian P and Graham, Dionne A and Growdon, Amanda S and Gubler, LeAnn and Guiot, Amy and Hanlon, Charin and Hanna-Attisha, Mona and Harris, Roben and Haskell, Helen and Hecht, Melvyn and Hehn, Rebecca S and Held, Justin and Hepps, Jennifer H and Hillier, Debra and Hiraoka, Mark and Howell, Eric and Hrach, Christine and Hughes, Helen and Huskins, Charles and Kaatz, Scott and Kanala, Vishnu and Kantrowitz, Michael and Kaplan, Peter and Kashiwagi, Deanne and Kaul, Rajat and Keohane, Carol A and Kern, Jeremy and Khan, Alisa and Khan, Nazia Naz S and Kitch, Barry and Kocolas, Irene and Kothari, Lara and Kruvand, Elizabeth and Kuzma, Nicholas and Lacy, Mary and Lane, Michele and Langrish, Kate and Ledford, Christy J.W and ... and I-PASS Study Group
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, ISSN 1553-7250, 07/2017, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. 319 - 329
In 2009 the I-PASS Study Group was formed by patient safety, medical education, health services research, and clinical experts from multiple institutions in... 
Journal Article
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