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Annals of hematology, ISSN 0939-5555, 1/2016, Volume 95, Issue 2, pp. 253 - 262
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Álvarez-Lerma, Francisco and Marín-Corral, Judith and Vila, Clara and Masclans, Joan Ramón and González de Molina, Francisco Javier and Martín Loeches, Ignacio and Barbadillo, Sandra and Rodríguez, Alejandro and Cobo, Pedro and Martins, Javier and Carbayo, Cecilia and Robles-Musso, Emilio and Cárdenas, Antonio and Fierro, Javier and Fernández, Dolores Ocaña and Sierra, Rafael and Huertos, Ma Jesús and Pérez, Ma Luz Carmona and Laderas, Juan Carlos Pozo and Guerrero, R and Robles, Juan Carlos and León, Melissa Echevarría and Gómez, Alberto Bermejo and Márquez, Enrique and Rodríguez-Carvajal, Manuel and Estella, ángel and Pomares, José and Ballesteros, José Luis and Romero, Olga Moreno and Fernández, Yolanda and Lobato, Francisco and Prieto, José F and Albofedo-Sánchez, José and Martínez, Pilar and de la Torre, María Victoria and Nieto, María and Sola, Estefanía Cámara and Castellanos, Miguel ángel Díaz and Soler, Guillermo Sevilla and Leyba, Carlos Ortiz and Garnacho-Montero, José and Hinojosa, Rafael and Fernández, Esteban and Loza, Ana and León, Cristóbal and López, Samuel González and Arenzana, ángel and Ocaña, Dolores and Navarrete, Inés and Beryanaki, Medhi Zaheri and Sánchez, Ignacio and Alé, Manuel Pérez and Brea, Ana Ma Poullet and Casas, Juan Francisco Machado and Serón, Carlos and Avellanas, Manuel Luis and Lander, Arantxa and de Arellano, S. Garrido Ramírez and Marquina Lacueva, M.I and Luque, Pilar and Serrano, Elena Plumed and Lázaro, Juan Francisco Martín and Polo, Carlos Sánchez and Cía, Isabel Gutiérrez and Bartolomé, Belén Jiménez and Núñez, Carlos López and González, Ignacio and Marsilla, José Ignacio Tomás and Andrés, Clara Jaques and Ibañes, Pablo Gutiérrez and Aguilar, Pilar Araujo and Montón, Jose Ma and Regil, Paloma Dorado and Iglesias, Lisardo and González, Carmen Pascual and Fernández, Brígida Quindós and Iglesias, Lorena Martín and Soria, Lucía Viña and Escudero, Raquel Yano and Revuelta, Ma del Rosario Martínez and Ruiz, José Ma Quiroga and García-Rodríguez, águeda and Cuadrado, Marta Martín and Mariño, Ana Luz Balán and Socias, Lorenzo and Ibáñez, Pedro and Borges-Sa, Marcío and Socias, A and Del Castillo, A and Marcos, Ricard Jordà and Muñoz, Cristina and Goytisolo, José M. Bonell and Carbonero, José Antonio Morales and Ayestarán, Ignacio and López, M. ángeles González and Pàmies, Cecilia Vilanova and Senoff, Rossana Pérez and de Medrano, Marta Generelo López and Ruiz-Santana, Sergio and Díaz, Juan José and ... and H1N1 GETGAG SEMICYUC Study Grp and H1N1 GETGAG/SEMICYUC Study Group and on behalf of the H1N1 GETGAG/SEMICYUC Study Group
Critical care (London, England), ISSN 1364-8535, 10/2016, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp. 337 - 337
Journal Article
International journal of cancer, ISSN 1097-0215, 03/2019, Volume 145, Issue 7, pp. 1970 - 1981
Journal Article
Journal Article
ACS chemical biology, ISSN 1554-8929, 01/2020, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 179 - 188
Lactose intolerance is a common digestive disorder that affects a large proportion of the adult human population. The severity of the symptoms is highly... 
Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Anguiano, Lidia and Riera, Marta and Pascual, Julio and Valdivielso, José Manuel and Barrios, Clara and Betriu, Angels and Mojal, Sergi and Fernández, Elvira and Soler, María José and Faura, Anna and Castro, Eva and María, Virtudes and Molí, Teresa and Soria, Meritxell and Aladrén Regidor, Ma José and Almirall, Jaume and Ponz, Esther and Arteaga Coloma, Jesús and Bajo Rubio, Ma Auxiliadora and Belart Rodríguez, Montserrat and Bielsa-García, Sara and Bover Sanjuan, Jordi and Bronsoms Artero, Josep and Cabezuelo Romero, Juan B and Muray Cases, Salomé and Calviño Varela, Jesús and Caro Acevedo, Pilar and Carreras Bassa, Jordi and Cases Amenós, Aleix and Massó Jiménez, Elisabet and Castilla Pérez, Jesús and Cigarrán Guldris, Secundino and López Prieto, Saray and Comas Mongay, Lourdes and Comerma, Isabel and Compte Jové, Ma Teresa and Cuberes Izquierdo, Marta and De Álvaro, Fernando and Hevia Ojanguren, Covadonga and De Arriba De La Fuente, Gabriel and Del Pino Pino, Ma Dolores and Diaz-Tejeiro Izquierdo, Rafael and Dotori, Marta and Duarte, Verónica and Estupiñan Torres, Sara and Fernández Reyes, Ma José and Fernández Rodríguez, Ma Loreto and Fernández, Guillermina and Galán Serrano, Antonio and García Cantón, Cesar and García Herrera, Antonio L and García Mena, Mercedes and Gil Sacaluga, Luis and Aguilar, Maria and Górriz, José Luis and Huarte Loza, Emma and Lerma, José Luis and Liebana Cañada, Antonio and Marín Álvarez, Jesús Pedro and Martín Alemany, Nàdia and Martín García, Jesús and Martínez Castelao, Alberto and Martínez Villaescusa, María and Martínez, Isabel and Moina Eguren, Iñigo and Moreno Los Huertos, Silvia and Mouzo Mirco, Ricardo and Munar Vila, Antonia and Muñoz Díaz, Ana Beatriz and Navarro González, Juan F and Nieto, Javier and Carreño, Agustín and Novoa Fernández, Enrique and Ortiz, Alberto and Fernandez, Beatriz and Paraíso, Vicente and Pérez Fontán, Miguel and Peris Domingo, Ana and Piñera Haces, Celestino and Prados Garrido, Ma Dolores and Prieto Velasco, Mario and Puig Marí, Carmina and Rivera Gorrín, Maite and Rubio, Esther and Ruiz, Pilar and Salgueira Lazo, Mercedes and Martínez Puerto, Ana Isabel and Sánchez Tomero, José Antonio and Sánchez, José Emilio and Sans Lorman, Ramon and Saracho, Ramon and Sarrias, Maria and Prat, Oreto and Sousa, Fernando and Toran, Daniel and Tornero Molina, Fernando and Usón Carrasco, José Javier and Valera Cortes, Ildefonso and Vilaprinyo Del Perugia, Ma Merce and Virto Ruiz, Rafael C and Investigators NEFRONA Study and NEFRONA study
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 07/2015, Volume 30, Issue 7, pp. 1176 - 1185
Journal Article