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Library Location Library Location
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by Wiedorn, Max O and Oberthür, Dominik and Bean, Richard and Schubert, Robin and Werner, Nadine and Abbey, Brian and Aepfelbacher, Martin and Adriano, Luigi and Allahgholi, Aschkan and Al-Qudami, Nasser and Andreasson, Jakob and Aplin, Steve and Awel, Salah and Ayyer, Kartik and Bajt, Saša and Barák, Imrich and Bari, Sadia and Bielecki, Johan and Botha, Sabine and Boukhelef, Djelloul and Brehm, Wolfgang and Brockhauser, Sandor and Cheviakov, Igor and Coleman, Matthew A and Cruz-Mazo, Francisco and Danilevski, Cyril and Darmanin, Connie and Doak, R. Bruce and Domaracky, Martin and Dörner, Katerina and Du, Yang and Fangohr, Hans and Fleckenstein, Holger and Frank, Matthias and Fromme, Petra and Gañán-Calvo, Alfonso M and Gevorkov, Yaroslav and Giewekemeyer, Klaus and Ginn, Helen Mary and Graafsma, Heinz and Graceffa, Rita and Greiffenberg, Dominic and Gumprecht, Lars and Göttlicher, Peter and Hajdu, Janos and Hauf, Steffen and Heymann, Michael and Holmes, Susannah and Horke, Daniel A and Hunter, Mark S and Imlau, Siegfried and Kaukher, Alexander and Kim, Yoonhee and Klyuev, Alexander and Knoška, Juraj and Kobe, Bostjan and Kuhn, Manuela and Kupitz, Christopher and Küpper, Jochen and Lahey-Rudolph, Janine Mia and Laurus, Torsten and Le Cong, Karoline and Letrun, Romain and Xavier, P. Lourdu and Maia, Luis and Maia, Filipe R. N. C and Mariani, Valerio and Messerschmidt, Marc and Metz, Markus and Mezza, Davide and Michelat, Thomas and Mills, Grant and Monteiro, Diana C. F and Morgan, Andrew and Mühlig, Kerstin and Munke, Anna and Münnich, Astrid and Nette, Julia and Nugent, Keith A and Nuguid, Theresa and Orville, Allen M and Pandey, Suraj and Pena, Gisel and Villanueva-Perez, Pablo and Poehlsen, Jennifer and Previtali, Gianpietro and Redecke, Lars and Riekehr, Winnie Maria and Rohde, Holger and Round, Adam and Safenreiter, Tatiana and Sarrou, Iosifina and Sato, Tokushi and Schmidt, Marius and Schmitt, Bernd and Schönherr, Robert and Schulz, Joachim and Sellberg, Jonas A and Seibert, M. Marvin and Seuring, Carolin and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and BioXFEL
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 4025 - 11
Journal Article
by Wang, Mingxun and Carver, Jeremy J and Phelan, Vanessa V and Sanchez, Laura M and Garg, Neha and Peng, Yao and Nguyen, Don Duy and Watrous, Jeramie and Kapono, Clifford A and Luzzatto-Knaan, Tal and Porto, Carla and Bouslimani, Amina and Melnik, Alexey V and Meehan, Michael J and Liu, Wei-Ting and Crüsemann, Max and Boudreau, Paul D and Esquenazi, Eduardo and Sandoval-Calderón, Mario and Kersten, Roland D and Pace, Laura A and Quinn, Robert A and Duncan, Katherine R and Hsu, Cheng-Chih and Floros, Dimitrios J and Gavilan, Ronnie G and Kleigrewe, Karin and Northen, Trent and Dutton, Rachel J and Parrot, Delphine and Carlson, Erin E and Aigle, Bertrand and Michelsen, Charlotte F and Jelsbak, Lars and Sohlenkamp, Christian and Pevzner, Pavel and Edlund, Anna and McLean, Jeffrey and Piel, Jörn and Murphy, Brian T and Gerwick, Lena and Liaw, Chih-Chuang and Yang, Yu-Liang and Humpf, Hans-Ulrich and Maansson, Maria and Keyzers, Robert A and Sims, Amy C and Johnson, Andrew R and Sidebottom, Ashley M and Sedio, Brian E and Klitgaard, Andreas and Larson, Charles B and Boya, Cristopher A.P and Torres-Mendoza, Daniel and Gonzalez, David J and Silva, Denise B and Marques, Lucas M and Demarque, Daniel P and Pociute, Egle and O'Neill, Ellis C and Briand, Enora and Helfrich, Eric J. N and Granatosky, Eve A and Glukhov, Evgenia and Ryffel, Florian and Houson, Hailey and Mohimani, Hosein and Kharbush, Jenan J and Zeng, Yi and Vorholt, Julia A and Kurita, Kenji L and Charusanti, Pep and McPhail, Kerry L and Nielsen, Kristian Fog and Vuong, Lisa and Elfeki, Maryam and Traxler, Matthew F and Engene, Niclas and Koyama, Nobuhiro and Vining, Oliver B and Baric, Ralph and Silva, Ricardo R and Mascuch, Samantha J and Tomasi, Sophie and Jenkins, Stefan and Macherla, Venkat and Hoffman, Thomas and Agarwal, Vinayak and Williams, Philip G and Dai, Jingqui and Neupane, Ram and Gurr, Joshua and Rodríguez, Andrés M. C and Lamsa, Anne and Zhang, Chen and Dorrestein, Kathleen and Duggan, Brendan M and Almaliti, Jehad and Allard, Pierre-Marie and Phapale, Prasad and ...
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Journal Article
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 05/2016, Volume 352, Issue 6286, pp. 725 - 729
Journal Article
by Frésard, Laure and Smail, Craig and Ferraro, Nicole M and Teran, Nicole A and Li, Xin and Smith, Kevin S and Bonner, Devon and Kernohan, Kristin D and Marwaha, Shruti and Zappala, Zachary and Balliu, Brunilda and Davis, Joe R and Liu, Boxiang and Prybol, Cameron J and Kohler, Jennefer N and Zastrow, Diane B and Reuter, Chloe M and Fisk, Dianna G and Grove, Megan E and Davidson, Jean M and Hartley, Taila and Joshi, Ruchi and Strober, Benjamin J and Utiramerur, Sowmithri and Adams, David R and Aday, Aaron and Alejandro, Mercedes E and Allard, Patrick and Ashley, Euan A and Azamian, Mahshid S and Bacino, Carlos A and Baker, Eva and Balasubramanyam, Ashok and Barseghyan, Hayk and Batzli, Gabriel F and Beggs, Alan H and Behnam, Babak and Bellen, Hugo J and Bernstein, Jonathan A and Berry, Gerard T and Bican, Anna and Bick, David P and Birch, Camille L and Bonner, Devon and Boone, Braden E and Bostwick, Bret L and Briere, Lauren C and Brokamp, Elly and Brown, Donna M and Brush, Matthew and Burke, Elizabeth A and Burrage, Lindsay C and Butte, Manish J and Chen, Shan and Clark, Gary D and Coakley, Terra R and Cogan, Joy D and Colley, Heather A and Cooper, Cynthia M and Cope, Heidi and Craigen, William J and D’Souza, Precilla and Davids, Mariska and Davidson, Jean M and Dayal, Jyoti G and Dell’Angelica, Esteban C and Dhar, Shweta U and Dipple, Katrina M and Donnell-Fink, Laurel A and Dorrani, Naghmeh and Dorset, Daniel C and Douine, Emilie D and Draper, David D and Dries, Annika M and Duncan, Laura and Eckstein, David J and Emrick, Lisa T and Eng, Christine M and Enns, Gregory M and Eskin, Ascia and Esteves, Cecilia and Estwick, Tyra and Fernandez, Liliana and Ferreira, Carlos and Fieg, Elizabeth L and Fisher, Paul G and Fogel, Brent L and Friedman, Noah D and Gahl, William A and Glanton, Emily and Godfrey, Rena A and Goldman, Alica M and Goldstein, David B and Gould, Sarah E and Gourdine, Jean-Philippe F and Groden, Catherine A and Gropman, Andrea L and Haendel, Melissa and Hamid, Rizwan and Hanchard, Neil A and ... and Care4Rare Canada Consortium and Undiagnosed Dis Network and Undiagnosed Diseases Network
Nature medicine, ISSN 1078-8956, 06/2019, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp. 911 - 919
Journal Article