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Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 1432-0746, 2014, Volume 572, pp. L5 - 5
Journal Article
IEEE transactions on medical imaging, ISSN 1558-254X, 2015, Volume 34, Issue 10, pp. 1993 - 2024
Journal Article
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Physical review letters, ISSN 1079-7114, 2012, Volume 108, Issue 21, p. 215005
The National Ignition Facility has been used to compress deuterium-tritium to an average areal density of similar to 1.0 +/- 0.1 g cm(-2), which is 67% of the... 
Journal Article
by Marcy, Geoffrey W and Isaacson, Howard and Howard, Andrew W and Rowe, Jason F and Jenkins, Jon M and Bryson, Stephen T and Latham, David W and Howell, Steve B and Gautier, Thomas N and Batalha, Natalie M and Rogers, Leslie and Ciardi, David and Fischer, Debra A and Gilliland, Ronald L and Kjeldsen, Hans and Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen and Huber, Daniel and Chaplin, William J and Basu, Sarbani and Buchhave, Lars A and Quinn, Samuel N and Borucki, William J and Koch, David G and Hunter, Roger and Caldwell, Douglas A and Van Cleve, Jeffrey and Kolbl, Rea and Weiss, Lauren M and Petigura, Erik and Seager, Sara and Morton, Timothy and Johnson, John Asher and Ballard, Sarah and Burke, Chris and Cochran, William D and Endl, Michael and MacQueen, Phillip and Everett, Mark E and Lissauer, Jack J and Ford, Eric B and Torres, Guillermo and Fressin, Francois and Brown, Timothy M and Steffen, Jason H and Charbonneau, David and Basri, Gibor S and Sasselov, Dimitar D and Winn, Joshua and Sanchis-Ojeda, Roberto and Christiansen, Jessie and Adams, Elisabeth and Henze, Christopher and Dupree, Andrea and Fabrycky, Daniel C and Fortney, Jonathan J and Tarter, Jill and Holman, Matthew J and Tenenbaum, Peter and Shporer, Avi and Lucas, Philip W and Welsh, William F and Orosz, Jerome A and Bedding, T. R and Campante, T. L and Davies, G. R and Elsworth, Y and Handberg, R and Hekker, S and Karoff, C and Kawaler, S. D and Lund, M. N and Lundkvist, M and Metcalfe, T. S and Miglio, A and Aguirre, V. Silva and Stello, D and White, T. R and Boss, Alan and Devore, Edna and Gould, Alan and Prsa, Andrej and Agol, Eric and Barclay, Thomas and Coughlin, Jeff and Brugamyer, Erik and Mullally, Fergal and Quintana, Elisa V and Still, Martin and Thompson, Susan E and Morrison, David and Twicken, Joseph D and Désert, Jean-Michel and Carter, Josh and Crepp, Justin R and Hébrard, Guillaume and Santerne, Alexandre and Moutou, Claire and Sobeck, Charlie and Hudgins, Douglas and Haas, Michael R and ...
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Journal Article
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 04/2018, Volume 475, Issue 2, pp. 1427 - 1446
Journal Article