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human necessities (91) 91
hygiene (90) 90
medical or veterinary science (90) 90
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (90) 90
beer (85) 85
biochemistry (85) 85
enzymology (85) 85
mutation or genetic engineering (85) 85
specific therapeutic activity of chemical compounds ormedicinal preparations (85) 85
spirits (85) 85
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wine (85) 85
compositions thereof (83) 83
culture media (83) 83
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investigating or analysing materials by determining theirchemical or physical properties (58) 58
measuring (58) 58
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inflammatory bowel disease (48) 48
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biological and medical sciences (29) 29
610 medicine & health (28) 28
treatment outcome (28) 28
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fermentation or enzyme-using processes to synthesise a desiredchemical compound or composition or to separate optical isomersfrom a racemic mixture (27) 27
risk factors (27) 27
adolescent (26) 26
dairy products, e.g. milk, butter, cheese (25) 25
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abridged index medicus (21) 21
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helicobacter pylori (19) 19
immunosuppressive agents - therapeutic use (19) 19
antibodies, monoclonal - therapeutic use (18) 18
cohort studies (18) 18
helicobacter infections - immunology (18) 18
analysis (17) 17
azathioprine (17) 17
colitis, ulcerative - drug therapy (17) 17
crohn disease - complications (17) 17
review (17) 17
helicobacter infections - prevention & control (16) 16
severity of illness index (16) 16
braiding (15) 15
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ceilings (15) 15
chemical composition of glasses, glazes, or vitreousenamels (15) 15
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fixed constructions (15) 15
flexible materials not otherwise provided for (15) 15
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helicobacter pylori - immunology (15) 15
immunology (15) 15
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by Bourrier, A and Carrat, F and Colombel, J.‐F and Bouvier, A.‐M and Abitbol, V and Cosnes, J and Peyrin‐Biroulet, L and Beaugerie, L and Gendre, Jean‐Pierre and Lémann, Marc and Hébuterne, Xavier and Bouhnik, Yoram and Laharie, David and Flourié, Bernard and Lerebours, Eric and Cadiot, Guillaume and Soulé, Jean‐Claude and Veyrac, Michel and Duclos, Bernard and Beau, Philippe and Bourreille, Arnaud and Carbonnel, Franck and Heresbach, Denis and Florent, Christian and Blain, Antoine and Faucheron, Jean‐Luc and Bonaz, Bruno and Roblin, Xavier and Potier, Pascal and Kurtz, Thierry and Nion‐Larmurier, Isabelle and Delchier, Jean‐Charles and Chaussade, Stanislas and Weiss, Anne Marie and Cézard, Jean Pierre and Siproudhis, Laurent and Nahon, Stéphane and Sondag, Daniel and Jian, Raymond and Souquet, Jean‐Christophe and Coffin, Benoit and Delasalle, Patrick and Cavicchi, Maryan and Souffran, Marc‐Henry and Vandromme, Luc and Guedon, Claire and Seksik, Philippe and Renard, Pascal and Gouilloud, Sylvie and Savoye, Guillaume and Mallet, Laurent and Brazier, Franck and Justum, Anne‐Marie and Gerbal, Jean‐Luc and Pierrugues, Robert and Chardonnal, Gérard and Picon, Laurence and Reix, Nicole and D'aubigny, Nicolas Drouët and Uettwiller, Hervé and Mallet, Anne Courillon and Palacci, Alain and Bensaude, Raoul‐Jacques and Bonniaud, Pierre and Empinet, Olivier and Nisard, Andrée and Tubiana, Bernard and Capelle, Philippe and Dabadie, Alain and Evard, Daniel and Julien, Pierre‐Emile and Picon‐Coste, Magali and Goldfain, Denis and Blondelot, Jean‐Pierre and Lemière, Sébastien and Mockly, Jean Francois and Pellat, Benoit and Gatineau‐Sailliant, Gilles and Nalet, Bernard and Nancey, Stéphane and Kusielewicz, Daniel and Loison, Patrick and Merite, François and Roux, Jean‐Pol and Blanquart, Alain and Heyries, Laurent and Reville, Marc and Zerbib, Frank and Claviere, Christophe and Pouderoux, Philippe and Moitry, Alain and Hugot, Jean‐Pierre and Sabate, Jean‐Marc and Lescut, Dominique and Smadja, Lionel and Steinberg, Michel and Brun, Marc and Macaigne, Gilles and Marchal, Jean Luc and Ollivier, Stéphane and ... and CESAME Study Grp and CESAME study group and the CESAME study group
Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, ISSN 0269-2813, 01/2016, Volume 43, Issue 2, pp. 252 - 261
Journal Article
Gastroenterology (New York, N.Y. 1943), ISSN 0016-5085, 05/2019, Volume 156, Issue 6, pp. S-645 - S-645
Journal Article
by Cernoch, Patrick S and Fournier, Nicolas and Zeitz, Jonas and Scharl, Michael and Morell, Bernhard and Greuter, Thomas and Schreiner, Philipp and Misselwitz, Benjamin and Safroneeva, Ekaterina and Schoepfer, Alain M and Vavricka, Stephan R and Rogler, Gerhard and Biedermann, Luc and Anderegg, Claudia and Bauerfeind, Peter and Beglinger, Christoph and Begré, Stefan and Belli, Dominique and Bengoa, José M and Bigler, Beat and Binek, Janek and Blattmann, Mirjam and Boehm, Stephan and Borovicka, Jan and Braegger, Christian P and Brunner, Nora and Bühr, Patrick and Burnand, Bernard and Burri, Emanuel and Buyse, Sophie and Cremer, Matthias and Criblez, Dominique H and de Saussure, Philippe and Degen, Lukas and Delarive, Joakim and Doerig, Christopher and Dora, Barbara and Dorta, Gian and Egger, Mara and Ehmann, Tobias and El-Wafa, Ali and Engelmann, Matthias and Ezri, Jessica and Felley, Christian and Fliegner, Markus and Fraga, Montserrat and Frei, Pascal and Frei, Remus and Fried, Michael and Froehlich, Florian and Funk, Christian and Furlano, Raoul Ivano and Gallot-Lavallée, Suzanne and Geyer, Martin and Girardin, Marc and Golay, Delphine and Grandinetti, Tanja and Gysi, Beat and Haack, Horst and Haarer, Johannes and Helbling, Beat and Hengstler, Peter and Herzog, Denise and Hess, Cyrill and Heyland, Klaas and Hinterleitner, Thomas and Hiroz, Philippe and Hirschi, Claudia and Hruz, Petr and Iwata, Rika and Jost, Res and Juillerat, Pascal and Brondolo, Vera Kessler and Knellwolf, Christina and Knoblauch, Christoph and Köhler, Henrik and Koller, Rebekka and Krieger-Grübel, Claudia and Kullak-Ublick, Gerd and Künzler, Patrizia and Landolt, Markus and Lange, Rupprecht and Lehmann, Frank Serge and Macpherson, Andrew and Maerten, Philippe and Maillard, Michel H and Manser, Christine and Manz, Michael and Marbet, Urs and Marx, George and Matter, Christoph and McLin, Valérie and Meier, Rémy and Mendanova, Martina and Meyenberger, Christa and Michetti, Pierre and Moradpour, Darius and Mosler, Patrick and Mottet, Christian and Müller, Christoph and ... and Swiss IBD Cohort Study Grp and Swiss IBD Cohort Study Group
Digestive diseases and sciences, ISSN 0163-2116, 09/2020, Volume 65, Issue 9, pp. 2654 - 2663
Journal Article
by Safroneeva, E and Vavricka, S. R and Fournier, N and Pittet, V and Peyrin‐Biroulet, L and Straumann, A and Rogler, G and Schoepfer, A. M and Bauerfeind, Peter and Beglinger, Christoph and Begré, Stefan and Bengoa, José and Binek, Janek and Boller, Daniel and Borovicka, Jan and Braegger, Christian and Burnand, Bernard and Camara, Rafael and Criblez, Dominique and Saussure, Philippe and Degen, Lukas and Delarive, Joakim and Ehmann, Tobias and Engelmann, Matthias and Wafa, Ali El and Felley, Christian and Frei, Alain and Frei, Remus and Fried, Michael and Friedt, Michael and Froehlich, Florian and Gallot‐Lavallée, Suzanne and Gerlach, Tilman and Geyer, Martin and Girardin, Marc and Goetze, Oliver and Haack, Horst and Hediger, Serge and Hengstler, Peter and Heyland, Klaas and Janiak, Patrick and Juillerat, Pascal and Brondolo, Vera Kessler and Knoblauch, Christoph and Kullak‐Ublick, Gerd A and Maillard, Michel and Manz, Michael and Marbet, Urs and Meier, Rémy and Meyenberger, Christa and Michetti, Pierre and Mottet, Christian and Müller, Christoph and Müllhaupt, Beat and Nicolet, Thierry and Nydegger, Andreas and Pache, Isabelle and Piccoli, Franziska and Pilz, Julia and Rentsch, Ronald and Rey, Jean‐Pierre and Rihs, Silvia and Rogler, Daniela and Sagmeister, Markus and Sauter, Bernhard and Schaub, Niklaus and Schibli, Susanne and Seibold, Frank and Spalinger, Johannes and Stadler, Philippe and Steuerwald, Michael and Sul, Michael and Tempia‐Caliera, Michela and Thorens, Joël and Vader, John‐Paul and Vögtlin, Jürg and Känel, Roland and Wachter, Gert and Wermuth, Jürg and Wiesel, Paul and Swiss IBD Cohort Study Grp and Swiss IBD Cohort Study Group and the Swiss IBD Cohort Study Group
Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, ISSN 0269-2813, 10/2015, Volume 42, Issue 8, pp. 977 - 989
Journal Article