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by Turner, J. M. W. 1775-1851 artist (Joseph Mallord William) and Monkhouse, W. Cosmo 1840-1901, writer of added text (William Cosmo) and Brandard, Robert, 1805-1862, engraver and Brandard, Edward Paxman, 1819-1898, engraver and Middiman, Samuel, approximately 1750-1831, engraver and Miller, William, 1796-1882, engraver and Willmore, James Tibbetts, 1800-1863, engraver and Willmore, Arthur, 1814-1888, engraver and Richardson, William, active 1835-1873, engraver and Holl, William, 1807-1871, engraver and Prior, Thomas Abiel, 1809-1886, engraver and Goodall, Edward, 1795-1870, engraver and Cousen, John, 1804-1880, engraver and Cousen, Charles, 1819-1889, engraver and Stocks, Lumb, 1812-1892, engraver and Armytage, James Charles, -1897, engraver and Cooke, George, 1781-1834 engraver and Scott, John, 1774-1827 engraver and Cooke, William Bernard, 1778-1855, engraver and Challis, Ebenezer, active 1831-1863, engraver and Rawle, S., engraver and Archer, James, active 1835-1860, engraver and Wallis, Robert, 1794-1878, engraver and Allen, James Baylis, 1803-1876, engraver and Landseer, John, 1769-1852, engraver and Bradshaw, Samuel (Engraver), engraver and Chapman, William, 1817-1879, engraver and Horsburgh, John, 1791-1869, engraver and Jeens, Charles Henry, 1827-1879, engraver and Le Keux, John Henry, 1812-1896, engraver and Pye, John, 1782-1874, engraver and Radclyffe, William, 1780-1855, engraver and Sharpe, Charles William, 1818-1899, engraver and Heath, Charles, 1785-1848, engraver and Smith, William Raymond (Engraver), engraver and Varrall, John Charles, active 1818-1848, engraver and Higham, Thomas, 1796-1844, engraver
1879, 2 volumes
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