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by Maes, Piet and Alkhovsky, Sergey V and Bào, Yīmíng and Beer, Martin and Birkhead, Monica and Briese, Thomas and Buchmeier, Michael J and Calisher, Charles H and Charrel, Rémi N and Choi, Il Ryong and Clegg, Christopher S and Torre, de la, Juan Carlos and Delwart, Eric and DeRisi, Joseph L and Bello, Di, Patrick L and Serio, Di, Francesco and Digiaro, Michele and Dolja, Valerian V and sten, Christian and ciarek, Tobiasz Z and Du, Jiang and Ebihara, Hideki and Elbeaino, Toufic and Gergerich, Rose C and Gillis, Amethyst N and Gonzalez, Jean Paul J and Haenni, Anne Lise and Hepojoki, Jussi and Hetzel, Udo and Hồ, Thiện and Hóng, Ní and Jain, Rakesh K and Jansen van Vuren, Petrus and Jin, Qi and Jonson, Miranda Gilda and Junglen, Sana and Keller, Karen E and Kemp, Alan and Kipar, Anja and Kondov, Nikola O and Koonin, Eugene V and Kormelink, Richard and Korzyukov, Yegor and Krupovic, Mart and Lambert, Amy J and Laney, Alma G and LeBreton, Matthew and Lukashevich, Igor S and Marklewitz, Marco and Markotter, Wanda and Martelli, Giovanni P and Martin, Robert R and Mielke-Ehret, Nicole and Mühlbach, Hans Peter and Navarro, Beatriz and Ng, Terry Fei Fan and Nunes, Márcio Roberto Teixeira and Palacios, Gustavo and Pawęska, Janusz T and Peters, Clarence J and Plyusnin, Alexander and Radoshitzky, Sheli R and Romanowski, Víctor and Salmenperä, Pertteli and Salvato, Maria S and Sanfaçon, Hélène and Sasaya, Takahide and Schmaljohn, Connie and Schneider, Bradley S and Shirako, Yukio and Siddell, Stuart and Sironen, Tarja A and Stenglein, Mark D and Storm, Nadia and Sudini, Harikishan and Tesh, Robert B and Tzanetakis, Ioannis E and Uppala, Mangala and Vapalahti, Olli and Vasilakis, Nikos and Walker, Peter J and Wáng, Guópíng and Wáng, Lìpíng and Wáng, Yànxiăng and Wèi, Tàiyún and Wiley, Michael R and Wolf, Yuri I and Wolfe, Nathan D and Wú, Zhìqiáng and Xú, Wénxìng and Yang, Li and Yāng, Zuòkūn and Yeh, Shyi Dong and Zhāng, Yǒng Zhèn and Zhèng, Yàzhōu and Zhou, Xueping and Zhū, Chénxī and Zirkel, Florian and Kuhn, Jens H
Archives of Virology, ISSN 0304-8608, 2018, Volume 163, Issue 8, pp. 2295 - 2310
Journal Article
Archives of Virology, ISSN 0304-8608, 2019, Volume 164, Issue 3, pp. 927 - 941
Journal Article
by Olldashi, Fatos and Kerçi, Mihal and Zhurda, Tefik and Ruçi, Klotilda and Banushi, Arben and Traverso, Mario Sardón and Jiménez, Juan and Balbi, Jorge and Dellera, Christian and Svampa, Silvana and Quintana, Gustavo and Piñero, Gustavo and Teves, Jorge and Seppelt, Ian and Mountain, David and Hunter, John and Balogh, Zsolt and Zaman, Maniruz and Druwé, Patrick and Rutsaert, Robert and Mazairac, Guy and Pascal, Fogang and Yvette, Zognou and Chancellin, Djeuchon and Okwen, Patrick and Djokam-Liapoe, Jules and Jangwa, Ernest and Mbuagbaw, Lawrence and Fointama, Ninying and Pascal, Nguemo and Baillie, Frank and Jiang, Ji-Yao and Gao, Guo-Yi and Bao, Yin-Hui and Morales, Carlos and Sierra, Juan and Naranjo, Santiago and Correa, Camilo and Gómez, Carolina and Herrera, Jorge and Caicedo, Liliana and Rojas, Alexei and Pastas, Henry and Miranda, Hugo and Constaín, Alfredo and Perdomo, Mayla and Muñoz, Diego and Duarte, Álvaro and Vásquez, Edwin and Ortiz, Camilo and Ayala, Bernardo and Delgado, Hernán and Benavides, Gloria and Mejía-Mantilla, Jorge and Varela, Ana and Calle, Maríaisabel and Castillo, José and Ciro, Juan and Villa, Clara and Panesso, Roberto and Flórez, Luz and Gallego, Argemiro and Puentes-Manosalva, Fabián and Medina, Leonor and Márquez, Kelly and Romero, Adalgiza Reyes and Hernández, Ricardo and Martínez, Julio and Gualteros, Wilson and Urbina, Zulma and Velandia, Julio and Benítez, Federico and Villarreal, Andrés and Pabón, Pamela and López, Héctor and Quintero, Laureano and Rubiano, Andrés and Tamayo, Juan and Piñera, Marjoris and Navarro, Zadis and Rondón, Deborah and Bujan, Bárbara and Palacios, Leonel and Martínez, Daymis and Hernández, Yalisa and Fernández, Yaimara and Casola, Eugenio and Delgado, Rodolfo and Herrera, Carlos and Arbolaéz, Migdacelys and Domínguez, Mario and Iraola, Marcos and Rojas, Omar and Enseñat, Alba and Pastrana, Irene and Rodríguez, Daniel and De La Campa, Sergio Álvarez and Fortún, Thorvald and Larrea, Martha and Aragón, Lensky and ... and CRASH-2 trial collaborators and Crash 2 Trial Collaborators
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2010, Volume 376, Issue 9734, pp. 23 - 32
Journal Article
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 03/2018, Volume 71, Issue 11, pp. A2614 - A2614
Journal Article
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10101, pp. 1499 - 1510
Journal Article
by Robinson, Dan and Van Allen, Eliezer M and Wu, Yi-Mi and Schultz, Nikolaus and Lonigro, Robert J and Mosquera, Juan-Miguel and Montgomery, Bruce and Taplin, Mary-Ellen and Pritchard, Colin C and Attard, Gerhardt and Beltran, Himisha and Abida, Wassim and Bradley, Robert K and Vinson, Jake and Cao, Xuhong and Vats, Pankaj and Kunju, Lakshmi P and Hussain, Maha and Feng, Felix Y and Tomlins, Scott A and Cooney, Kathleen A and Smith, David C and Brennan, Christine and Siddiqui, Javed and Mehra, Rohit and Chen, Yu and Rathkopf, Dana E and Morris, Michael J and Solomon, Stephen B and Durack, Jeremy C and Reuter, Victor E and Gopalan, Anuradha and Gao, Jianjiong and Loda, Massimo and Lis, Rosina T and Bowden, Michaela and Balk, Stephen P and Gaviola, Glenn and Sougnez, Carrie and Gupta, Manaswi and Yu, Evan Y and Mostaghel, Elahe A and Cheng, Heather H and Mulcahy, Hyojeong and True, Lawrence D and Plymate, Stephen R and Dvinge, Heidi and Ferraldeschi, Roberta and Flohr, Penny and Miranda, Susana and Zafeiriou, Zafeiris and Tunariu, Nina and Mateo, Joaquin and Perez-Lopez, Raquel and Demichelis, Francesca and Robinson, Brian D and Schiffman, Marc and Nanus, David M and Tagawa, Scott T and Sigaras, Alexandros and Eng, Kenneth W and Elemento, Olivier and Sboner, Andrea and Heath, Elisabeth I and Scher, Howard I and Pienta, Kenneth J and Kantoff, Philip and de Bono, Johann S and Rubin, Mark A and Nelson, Peter S and Garraway, Levi A and Sawyers, Charles L and Chinnaiyan, Arul M
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 05/2015, Volume 161, Issue 5, pp. 1215 - 1228
Journal Article
Genetics, ISSN 0016-6731, 05/2016, Volume 203, Issue 1, pp. 387 - 402
The Caenorhabditis elegans oxidative stress response transcription factor, SKN-1, is essential for the maintenance of redox homeostasis and is a functional... 
Caenorhabditis elegans | Cell non-autonomous signaling | ASJ neurons | Thioredoxin | Oxidative stress response | ASJ SENSORY NEURONS | REPEAT PROTEIN WDR-23 | OXIDATIVE-STRESS-RESPONSE | oxidative stress response | thioredoxin | SIGNALING MOLECULES | DIETARY RESTRICTION | LARGE GENE LISTS | cell non-autonomous signaling | LIFE-SPAN EXTENSION | GENETICS & HEREDITY | TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR SKN-1 | THIOREDOXIN REDUCTASE | C. ELEGANS | Caenorhabditis elegans - metabolism | Oxidative Stress | Signal Transduction | Caenorhabditis elegans - genetics | Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins - metabolism | Intestines - metabolism | Transcription Factors - genetics | DNA-Binding Proteins - genetics | DNA-Binding Proteins - metabolism | Transcription Factors - metabolism | Animals | Cell Nucleus - metabolism | Thioredoxins - genetics | Thioredoxins - metabolism | Neurons - metabolism | p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases - metabolism | Active Transport, Cell Nucleus | Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins - genetics | Intestines - cytology | Transcription factors | Genetic aspects | Cellular signal transduction | Research | Genetic regulation | Oxidative stress | Homeostasis | Lipids | Kinases | Mammals | Gene expression | Proteins | Rodents | Collagen | Nematodes | Extracellular matrix | Stress response | Localization | Worms | Apoptosis | Investigations
Journal Article
by Abudurexiti, Abulikemu and Adkins, Scott and Alioto, Daniela and Alkhovsky, Sergey V and Avšič-Županc, Tatjana and Ballinger, Matthew J and Bente, Dennis A and Beer, Martin and Bergeron, Éric and Blair, Carol D and Briese, Thomas and Buchmeier, Michael J and Burt, Felicity J and Calisher, Charles H and Cháng, Chénchén and Charrel, Rémi N and Choi, Il Ryong and Clegg, J Christopher S and de la Torre, Juan Carlos and de Lamballerie, Xavier and Dèng, Fēi and Di Serio, Francesco and Digiaro, Michele and Drebot, Michael A and Duàn, Xiǎoméi and Ebihara, Hideki and Elbeaino, Toufic and Ergünay, Koray and Fulhorst, Charles F and Garrison, Aura R and Gāo, George Fú and Gonzalez, Jean-Paul J and Groschup, Martin H and Günther, Stephan and Haenni, Anne-Lise and Hall, Roy A and Hepojoki, Jussi and Hewson, Roger and Hú, Zhìhóng and Hughes, Holly R and Jonson, Miranda Gilda and Junglen, Sandra and Klempa, Boris and Klingström, Jonas and Kòu, Chūn and Laenen, Lies and Lambert, Amy J and Langevin, Stanley A and Liu, Dan and Lukashevich, Igor S and Luò, Tāo and Lǚ, Chuánwèi and Maes, Piet and de Souza, William Marciel and Marklewitz, Marco and Martelli, Giovanni P and Matsuno, Keita and Mielke-Ehret, Nicole and Minutolo, Maria and Mirazimi, Ali and Moming, Abulimiti and Mühlbach, Hans-Peter and Naidu, Rayapati and Navarro, Beatriz and Nunes, Márcio Roberto Teixeira and Palacios, Gustavo and Papa, Anna and Pauvolid-Corrêa, Alex and Pawęska, Janusz T and Qiáo, Jié and Radoshitzky, Sheli R and Resende, Renato O and Romanowski, Víctor and Sall, Amadou Alpha and Salvato, Maria S and Sasaya, Takahide and Shěn, Shū and Shí, Xiǎohóng and Shirako, Yukio and Simmonds, Peter and Sironi, Manuela and Song, Jin-Won and Spengler, Jessica R and Stenglein, Mark D and Sū, Zhèngyuán and Sūn, Sùróng and Táng, Shuāng and Turina, Massimo and Wáng, Bó and Wáng, Chéng and Wáng, Huálín and Wáng, Jūn and Wèi, Tàiyún and Whitfield, Anna E and Zerbini, F Murilo and Zhāng, Jìngyuàn and Zhāng, Lěi and Zhāng, Yànfāng and Zhang, Yong-Zhen and Zhāng, Yújiāng and ...
Archives of Virology, ISSN 0304-8608, 7/2019, Volume 164, Issue 7, pp. 1949 - 1965
In February 2019, following the annual taxon ratification vote, the order Bunyavirales was amended by creation of two new families, four new subfamilies, 11... 
Medical Microbiology | Infectious Diseases | Biomedicine | Virology | Bunyaviridae - genetics | RNA, Viral - genetics | Phylogeny | Genome, Viral - genetics | Bunyaviridae - classification | New species | Taxonomy | New genera | Genera | Index Medicus | Life Sciences | Microbiology and Parasitology
Journal Article