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Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34 Suppl 2 - ESH 2016 Abstract Book, pp. e66 - e66
OBJECTIVE:Renalase is a protein produced mainly by kidneys. Renalase inactivates circulating catecholamines catalyzing process of their oxidation. Studies in... 
Journal Article
by Kiryluk, Krzysztof and Li, Yifu and Scolari, Francesco and Sanna-Cherchi, Simone and Choi, Murim and Verbitsky, Miguel and Fasel, David and Lata, Sneh and Prakash, Sindhuri and Shapiro, Samantha and Fischman, Clara and Snyder, Holly J and Appel, Gerald and Izzi, Claudia and Viola, Battista Fabio and Dallera, Nadia and Del Vecchio, Lucia and Barlassina, Cristina and Salvi, Erika and Bertinetto, Francesca Eleonora and Amoroso, Antonio and Savoldi, Silvana and Rocchietti, Marcella and Amore, Alessandro and Peruzzi, Licia and Coppo, Rosanna and Salvadori, Maurizio and Ravani, Pietro and Magistroni, Riccardo and Ghiggeri, Gian Marco and Caridi, Gianluca and Bodria, Monica and Lugani, Francesca and Allegri, Landino and Delsante, Marco and Maiorana, Mariarosa and Magnano, Andrea and Frasca, Giovanni and Boer, Emanuela and Boscutti, Giuliano and Ponticelli, Claudio and Mignani, Renzo and Marcantoni, Carmelita and Di Landro, Domenico and Santoro, Domenico and Pani, Antonello and Polci, Rosaria and Feriozzi, Sandro and Chicca, Silvana and Galliani, Marco and Gigante, Maddalena and Gesualdo, Loreto and Zamboli, Pasquale and Battaglia, Giovanni Giorgio and Garozzo, Maurizio and Maixnerová, Dita and Tesar, Vladimir and Eitner, Frank and Rauen, Thomas and Floege, Jürgen and Kovacs, Tibor and Nagy, Judit and Mucha, Krzysztof and Pazek, Leszek and Zaniew, Marcin and Mizerska-Wasiak, Maa'Gorzata and Roszkowska-Blaim, Maria and Pawlaczyk, Krzysztof and Gale, Daniel and Barratt, Jonathan and Thibaudin, Lise and Berthoux, Francois and Canaud, Guillaume and Boland, Anne and Metzger, Marie and Panzer, Ulf and Suzuki, Hitoshi and Goto, Shin and Narita, Ichiei and Caliskan, Yasar and Xie, Jingyuan and Hou, Ping and Chen, Nan and Zhang, Hong and Wyatt, Robert J and Novak, Jan and Julian, Bruce A and Feehally, John and Stengel, Benedicte and Cusi, Daniele and Lifton, Richard P and Gharavi, Ali G
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 11/2014, Volume 46, Issue 11, pp. 1187 - 1196
Journal Article
by Lopez-Rivera, Esther and Liu, Qingxue and Liu, Yangfan P and Verbitsky, Miguel and Anderson, Blair R and Capone, Valentina P and Otto, Edgar A and Yan, Zhonghai and Mitrotti, Adele and Martino, Jeremiah and Steers, Nicholas J and Fasel, David A and Vukojevic, Katarina and Deng, Rong and Racedo, Silvia E and Werth, Max and Westland, Rik and Vivante, Asaf and Makar, Gabriel S and Bodria, Monica and Sampson, Matthew G and Gillies, Christopher E and Vega-Warner, Virginia and Maiorana, Mariarosa and Petrey, Donald S and Honig, Barry and Lozanovski, Vladimir J and Salomon, Rémi and Heidet, Laurence and Carpentier, Wassila and Gaillard, Dominique and Carrea, Alba and Gesualdo, Loreto and Cusi, Daniele and Izzi, Claudia and Scolari, Francesco and van Wijk, Joanna A.E and Arapovic, Adela and Saraga-Babic, Mirna and Saraga, Marijan and Kunac, Nenad and Samii, Ali and McDonald-McGinn, Donna M and Crowley, Terrence B and Zackai, Elaine H and Drozdz, Dorota and Miklaszewska, Monika and Tkaczyk, Marcin and Sikora, Przemyslaw and Szczepanska, Maria and Mizerska-Wasiak, Malgorzata and Krzemien, Grazyna and Szmigielska, Agnieszka and Zaniew, Marcin and Darlow, John M and Puri, Prem and Barton, David and Casolari, Emilio and Furth, Susan L and Warady, Bradley A and Gucev, Zoran and Hakonarson, Hakon and Flogelova, Hana and Tasic, Velibor and Latos-Bielenska, Anna and Materna-Kiryluk, Anna and Allegri, Landino and Wong, Craig S and Drummond, Iain A and D’Agati, Vivette and Imamoto, Akira and Barasch, Jonathan M and Hildebrandt, Friedhelm and Kiryluk, Krzysztof and Lifton, Richard P and Morrow, Bernice E and Jeanpierre, Cecile and Papaioannou, Virginia E and Ghiggeri, Gian Marco and Gharavi, Ali G and Katsanis, Nicholas and Sanna-Cherchi, Simone
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2017, Volume 376, Issue 8, pp. 742 - 754
Journal Article
by Sadowski, Carolin E and Lovric, Svjetlana and Ashraf, Shazia and Pabst, Werner L and Gee, Heon Yung and Kohl, Stefan and Engelmann, Susanne and Vega-Warner, Virginia and Fang, Humphrey and Halbritter, Jan and Somers, Michael J and Tan, Weizhen and Shril, Shirlee and Fessi, Inès and Lifton, Richard P and Bockenhauer, Detlef and El-Desoky, Sherif and Kari, Jameela A and Zenker, Martin and Kemper, Markus J and Mueller, Dominik and Fathy, Hanan M and Soliman, Neveen A and Hildebrandt, Friedhelm and Repetto, H.A and MacTaggart, P and Johnstone, L and Alexander, S and Hodson, E and Mache, C and Jungraithmayr, T.C and Aufricht, C and Arbeiter, K and Lilova, M and Sweeny, C and Filler, G and Licht, C and Chan, S.Y and Skalova, S and Seeman, T and Nuutinen, M and Antignac, C and Briese, S and Querfeld, U and Franke, I and Bachmann, H and Kirschstein, M and Weber, L.T and Hoppe, B and Beck, B.B and Habbig, S and Mayer, B and Büscher, R and Mallmann, R and Vester, U and Latta, K and Pohl, M and Häffner, K and Patzer, L and Henne, T and Pape, L and Schiffer, M and Schwarz, A and Kiepe, D and Schäfer, F and Tönshoff, B and Rönnefarth, G and Strehlau, J.S and Schumacher, M and Beetz, R and Klaus, G and Fehrenbach, H and Kuwertz-Broeking, E and Konrad, M and Schulze-Everding, A and Benz, M.R and Griebel, M and Hoefele, J and Muscheistes, J and Wigger, M and Bald, M and Leichter, H and Reusz, G and Louis, D and Senguttuvan, P and Aravind, R and Padmaraj, R and Manorajan, M and Nampoothiri, S and Sharma, J.S and Bagga, A and Choudry, S and Schreiber, R and Frishberg, Y and Cleper, R and Chenin, G and Gianviti, A and Al-Kandari, F and Tasic, V and Ch'ng, G.S and ... and SRNS Study Grp and SRNS Study Group and the SRNS Study Group
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, ISSN 1046-6673, 06/2015, Volume 26, Issue 6, pp. 1279 - 1289
Journal Article
by Barbour, Sean J and Espino-Hernandez, Gabriela and Reich, Heather N and Coppo, R and Coppo, Rosanna and Roberts, Ian S.D and Roberts, I and Feehally, John and Feehally, J and Herzenberg, Andrew M and Cattran, Daniel C and Cattran, D.C and Bavbek, N and Cook, H.T and Cook, T and Troyanov, S and Alpers, C and Amore, A and Barratt, J and Berthoux, F and Bonsib, S and Bruijn, J and D’Agati, V and D’Amico, G and D’Amico, M and Emancipator, S and Emmal, F and Ferrario, F and Fervenza, F and Florquin, S and Fogo, A and Geddes, C and Groene, H.J and Groene, H and Haas, M and Hill, P and Hogg, R and Hsu, S and Hunley, T and Hladunewich, M and Jennette, C and Joh, K and Julian, B and Kawamura, T and Lai, F and Leung, C and Li, L and Li, P and Liu, Z and Massat, A and Mackinnon, B and Mezzano, S and Schena, F and Tomino, Y and Walker, P and Wang, H and Weening, J and Yoshikawa, N and Zhang, H and Tesar, V and Maixnerova, D and Lundberg, S and Gesualdo, L and Emma, F and Fuiano, L and Beltrame, G and Rollino, C and RC and Camilla, R and Peruzzi, L and Praga, M and Feriozzi, S and Polci, R and Segoloni, G and Colla, L and Pani, A and Angioi, A and Piras, L and JF and Cancarini, G and Ravera, S and Durlik, M and Moggia, E and Ballarin, J and Di Giulio, S and Pugliese, F and Serriello, I and Caliskan, Y and Sever, M and Kilicaslan, I and Locatelli, F and Del Vecchio, L and Wetzels, J.F.M and Peters, H and Berg, U and Carvalho, F and da Costa Ferreira, A.C and Maggio, M and Wiecek, A and Ots-Rosenberg, M and ... and Oxford Derivation North American Validation and VALIGA Consortia and Oxford Derivation, North American Validation and VALIGA Consortia
Kidney International, ISSN 0085-2538, 01/2016, Volume 89, Issue 1, pp. 167 - 175
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Verbitsky, Miguel and Westland, Rik and Perez, Alejandra and Kiryluk, Krzysztof and Liu, Qingxue and Krithivasan, Priya and Mitrotti, Adele and Fasel, David A and Batourina, Ekaterina and Sampson, Matthew G and Bodria, Monica and Werth, Max and Kao, Charlly and Martino, Jeremiah and Capone, Valentina P and Vivante, Asaf and Shril, Shirlee and Kil, Byum Hee and Marasà, Maddalena and Zhang, Jun Y and Na, Young-Ji and Lim, Tze Y and Ahram, Dina and Weng, Patricia L and Heinzen, Erin L and Carrea, Alba and Piaggio, Giorgio and Gesualdo, Loreto and Manca, Valeria and Masnata, Giuseppe and Gigante, Maddalena and Cusi, Daniele and Izzi, Claudia and Scolari, Francesco and van Wijk, Joanna A. E and Saraga, Marijan and Santoro, Domenico and Conti, Giovanni and Zamboli, Pasquale and White, Hope and Drozdz, Dorota and Zachwieja, Katarzyna and Miklaszewska, Monika and Tkaczyk, Marcin and Tomczyk, Daria and Krakowska, Anna and Sikora, Przemyslaw and Jarmoliński, Tomasz and Borszewska-Kornacka, Maria K and Pawluch, Robert and Szczepanska, Maria and Adamczyk, Piotr and Mizerska-Wasiak, Malgorzata and Krzemien, Grazyna and Szmigielska, Agnieszka and Zaniew, Marcin and Dobson, Mark G and Darlow, John M and Puri, Prem and Barton, David E and Furth, Susan L and Warady, Bradley A and Gucev, Zoran and Lozanovski, Vladimir J and Tasic, Velibor and Pisani, Isabella and Allegri, Landino and Rodas, Lida M and Campistol, Josep M and Jeanpierre, Cécile and Alam, Shumyle and Casale, Pasquale and Wong, Craig S and Lin, Fangming and Miranda, Débora M and Oliveira, Eduardo A and Simões-e-Silva, Ana Cristina and Barasch, Jonathan M and Levy, Brynn and Wu, Nan and Hildebrandt, Friedhelm and Ghiggeri, Gian Marco and Latos-Bielenska, Anna and Materna-Kiryluk, Anna and Zhang, Feng and Hakonarson, Hakon and Papaioannou, Virginia E and Mendelsohn, Cathy L and Gharavi, Ali G and Sanna-Cherchi, Simone
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Journal Article