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medicin och hälsovetenskap (18) 18
life sciences & biomedicine (14) 14
science & technology (14) 14
mortality (13) 13
medical and health sciences (12) 12
health sciences (11) 11
risk factors (11) 11
female (9) 9
folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi (9) 9
humans (9) 9
incidence (9) 9
male (9) 9
public health, global health, social medicine and epidemiology (9) 9
trends (9) 9
aged (8) 8
fatalities (8) 8
hälsovetenskaper (8) 8
charities (7) 7
children (7) 7
health risks (7) 7
human medicine (7) 7
risk analysis (7) 7
adult (6) 6
age (6) 6
general & internal medicine (6) 6
infectious diseases (6) 6
medical research (6) 6
adolescent (5) 5
age distribution (5) 5
aged, 80 and over (5) 5
disease (5) 5
hälsovetenskap (5) 5
medicine, experimental (5) 5
middle aged (5) 5
morbidity (5) 5
regression analysis (5) 5
studies (5) 5
3121 internal medicine (4) 4
analysis (4) 4
autopsies (4) 4
autopsy (4) 4
bayesian analysis (4) 4
child (4) 4
child, preschool (4) 4
demographics (4) 4
epidemiology (4) 4
estimates (4) 4
global health (4) 4
human immunodeficiency virus--hiv (4) 4
infant (4) 4
infections (4) 4
mortalitat (4) 4
prevalence (4) 4
sex distribution (4) 4
young adult (4) 4
11 medical and health sciences (3) 3
abridged index medicus (3) 3
adults (3) 3
gastroenterology & hepatology (3) 3
global burden of disease - statistics & numerical data (3) 3
global burden of disease - trends (3) 3
infant, newborn (3) 3
influenza (3) 3
kansanterveystiede, ympäristö ja työterveys - public health care science, environmental and occupational health (3) 3
medicine (3) 3
mortality - trends (3) 3
older people (3) 3
research (3) 3
sociodemographics (3) 3
vaccines (3) 3
active antiretroviral therapy (2) 2
africa (2) 2
air pollution (2) 2
antibiotics (2) 2
antimicrobial agents (2) 2
asthma (2) 2
cause of death (2) 2
china (2) 2
clinical medicine (2) 2
cost-effectiveness (2) 2
critical care medicine (2) 2
data processing (2) 2
diseases (2) 2
distribution (2) 2
drug resistance (2) 2
epidemics (2) 2
exposure (2) 2
female sex workers (2) 2
fertility (2) 2
geriatrics (2) 2
global burden of disease (2) 2
global burden of disease/statistics & numerical data (2) 2
global health - trends (2) 2
global health/statistics & numerical data (2) 2
growth (2) 2
health care service and management, health policy and services and health economy (2) 2
health risk assessment (2) 2
hiv (2) 2
hiv infection (2) 2
hälso- och sjukvårdsorganisation, hälsopolitik och hälsoekonomi (2) 2
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Journal Article
by Soriano, Joan B and Abate, Kalkidan Hassen and Abera, Semaw Ferede and Ahmed, Muktar Beshir and Aichour, Amani Nidhal and Aichour, Miloud Taki Eddine and Alam, Khurshid and Alam, Noore and Al-Maskari, Fatma and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amberbir, Alemayehu and Amoako, Yaw Ampem and Ansha, Mustafa Geleto and Asayesh, Hamid and Avokpaho, Euripide Frinel G Arthur and Barac, Aleksandra and Basu, Sanjay and Bedi, Neeraj and Bensenor, Isabela M and Berhane, Adugnaw and Beyene, Addisu Shunu and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Biryukov, Stan and Boneya, Dube Jara and Brauer, Michael and Carpenter, David O and Casey, Daniel and Christopher, Devasahayam Jesudas and Dandona, Lalit and Dharmaratne, Samath D and Do, Huyen Phuc and Gebrehiwot, Tsegaye T and Geleto, Ayele and Ghoshal, Aloke Gopal and Gillum, Richard F and Ginawi, Ibrahim Abdelmageem Mohamed and Gupta, Vipin and Hedayati, Mohammad T and Jonas, Jost B and Kasaeian, Amir and Khader, Yousef Saleh and Khalil, Ibrahim A and Khan, Ejaz Ahmad and Knibbs, Luke D and Koul, Parvaiz A and Kumar, G Anil and Leshargie, Cheru Tesema and Liang, Xiaofeng and El Razek, Hassan Magdy Abd and Majeed, Azeem and Malta, Deborah Carvalho and Manhertz, Treh and Marquez, Neal and Mehari, Alem and Mensah, George A and Miller, Ted R and Mohammed, Kedir Endris and Mohammed, Shafiu and Mokdad, Ali H and Nguyen, Cuong Tat and Nguyen, Grant and Le Nguyen, Quyen and Ningrum, Dina Nur Anggraini and Nong, Vuong Minh and Odeyemi, Yewande E and Ogbo, Felix Akpojene and Oren, Eyal and PA, Mahesh and Park, Eun-Kee and Patton, George C and Paulson, Katherine and Quansah, Reginald and Rafay, Anwar and Rahman, Mohammad Hifz Ur and Rai, Rajesh Kumar and Rawaf, Salman and Reinig, Nik and Sarmiento-Suarez, Rodrigo and Savic, Miloje and Sawhney, Monika and Shigematsu, Mika and Smith, Mari and Tadese, Fentaw and Topor-Madry, Roman and Tran, Bach Xuan and Ukwaja, Kingsley Nnanna and van Boven, Job F M and Vlassov, Vasiliy Victorovich and Vollset, Stein Emil and Wan, Xia and Hanson, Sarah Wulf and Yano, Yuichiro and Yimam, Hassen Hamid and Yonemoto, Naohiro and Yu, Chuanhua and Zaidi, Zoubida and El Sayed Zaki, Maysaa and Lopez, Alan D and Murray, Christopher J L and Vos, Theo and GBD 2015 Chronic Respiratory Disease Collaborators and GBD 2015 Chronic Resp Dis Collabor
The lancet respiratory medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 09/2017, Volume 5, Issue 9, pp. 691 - 706
Journal Article
by Troeger, Christopher and Blacker, Brigette and Rao, Puja C and Cao, Jackie and Zimsen, Stephanie R M and Albertson, Samuel B and Deshpande, Aniruddha and Farag, Tamer and Abebe, Zegeye and Adhikari, Tara Ballav and Akibu, Mohammed and Al Lami, Faris Hasan and Al-Eyadhy, Ayman and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amare, Azmeraw T and Antonio, Carl Abelardo T and Aremu, Olatunde and Attia, Engi Farouk and Avokpaho, Euripide Frinel G Arthur and Ayele, Henok Tadesse and Balakrishnan, Kalpana and Barac, Aleksandra and Bassat, Quique and Behzadifar, Masoud and Bhaumik, Soumyadeep and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Bijani, Ali and Brauer, Michael and Brown, Alexandria and Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A and Colombara, Danny and Conti, Sara and Dadi, Abel Fekadu and Dandona, Lalit and Dandona, Rakhi and Do, Huyen Phuc and Edessa, Dumessa and Elkout, Hajer and Endries, Aman Yesuf and Foreman, Kyle J and Forouzanfar, Mohammad H and Fullman, Nancy and Gething, Peter W and Gupta, Rahul and Hassen, Hamid Yimam and Hedayati, Mohammad T and Hibstu, Desalegn Tsegaw and Horita, Nobuyuki and Jakovljevic, Mihajlo B and Jamal, Amr A and Kahsay, Amaha and Kassa, Dessalegn Haile and Kim, Yun Jin and Kissoon, Niranjan and Kochhar, Sonali and Koul, Parvaiz A and Lodha, Rakesh and Magdy Abd El Razek, Hassan and Malta, Deborah Carvalho and Mathew, Joseph L and Mengistu, Desalegn Tadese and Mezgebe, Haftay Berhane and Mohammad, Karzan Abdulmuhsin and Mohammed, Mohammed A and Murthy, Srinivas and Nguyen, Cuong Tat and Nielsen, Katie R and Ningrum, Dina Nur Anggraini and Nirayo, Yirga Legesse and Ortiz, Justin R and PA, Mahesh and Qorbani, Mostafa and Quansah, Reginald and Rai, Rajesh Kumar and Rana, Saleem M and Ray, Sarah E and Rezai, Mohammad Sadegh and Salomon, Joshua A and Savic, Miloje and Sawhney, Monika and She, Jun and Shiferaw, Mekonnen Sisay and Somayaji, Ranjani and Stanaway, Jeffrey D and Taffere, Getachew Redae and Thompson, Matthew J and Tobe-Gai, Ruoyan and Tran, Bach Xuan and Tran, Tung Thanh and Tuem, Kald Beshir and Ukwaja, Kingsley Nnanna and Vollset, Stein Emil and Walson, Judd L and Yonemoto, Naohiro and Zaki, Maysaa El Sayed and Zhou, Lei and Zodpey, Sanjay and Vos, Theo and Naghavi, Mohsen and Reiner, Robert C and GBD 2016 Lower Respiratory Infections Collaborators
The Lancet infectious diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 11/2018, Volume 18, Issue 11, pp. 1191 - 1210
Journal Article
by Fitzmaurice, Christina and Allen, Christine and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Dicker, Daniel J and Chimed-Orchir, Odgerel and Hunter-Merrill, Rachel and Huynh, Chantal and Hosgood, H. Dean and Jonas, Jost B and Khubchandani, Jagdish and Kumar, G. Anil and Kutz, Michael and Lan, Qing and Liang, Xiaofeng and MacIntyre, Michael F and Marczak, Laurie and Marquez, Neal and Pinho, Christine and Pourmalek, Farshad and Sanabria, Juan Ramon and Sandar, Logan and Sartorius, Benn and Schwartz, Stephen M and Stanaway, Jeff and Steiner, Caitlyn and Sun, Jiandong and Vollset, Stein Emil and Vos, Theo and Westerman, Ronny and Zeeb, Hajo and Zoeckler, Leo and Ahmed, Muktar Beshir and Alabed, Samer and Alam, Noore K and Alem, Girma and Alemayohu, Mulubirhan Assefa and Amare, Azmeraw and Artaman, Al and Atnafu, Niguse and Saleem, Huda Ba and Barac, Aleksandra and Bedi, Neeraj and Bernabé, Eduardo and Betsu, Balem and Boneya, Dube and Campos-Nonato, Ismael and Chiang, Peggy and Choi, Jee-Young and Cowie, Benjamin and Das Neves, José and Ding, Eric and Driscoll, Tim and Endries, Aman Yesuf and Farzadfar, Farshad and Gebru, Alemseged and Gopalani, Sameer and Horino, Masako and Horita, Nobuyuki and Husseini, Abdullatif and Huybrechts, Inge and Inoue, Manami and Jakovljevic, Mihajlo and James, Spencer and Jee, Sun Ha and Kasaeian, Amir and Khader, Yousef S and Leigh, James and El Razek, Hassan Magdy Abd and Malekzadeh, Reza and Marcenes, Wagner and Markos, Desalegn and Melaku, Yohannes A and Mengiste, Desalegn Tadese and Miller, Ted R and Mohammad, Karzan Abdulmuhsin and Mohammadi, Alireza and Moradi-Lakeh, Maziar and Oladimeji, Kelechi E and Pa, Mahesh and Park, Eun-Kee and Rafay, Anwar and Søreide, Kjetil and Sawhney, Monika and Shaikh, Masood Ali and Shiue, Ivy and Shore, Hirbo Roba and So, Samuel and Soneji, Samir and Stroumpoulis, Konstantinos and Sykes, Bryan L and Tabarés-Seisdedos, Rafael and Tedla, Bemnet Amare and Tessema, Gizachew Assefa and Tran, Bach Xuan and Wubshet Terefe, Mamo and Yimam, Hassen Hamid and Yu, Chuanhua and Zaki, Maysaa El Sayed and Zenebe, Zerihun Menlkalew and Murray, Christopher J. L
JAMA oncology, ISSN 2374-2437, 2017, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp. 524 - 548
Journal Article
by Orpana, Heather M and Abdulkader, Rizwan Suliankatchi and Afarideh, Mohsen and Ahmadi, Alireza and Aichour, Miloud Taki Eddine and Anber, Nahla Hamed and Antonio, Carl Abelardo T and Arora, Amit and Awasthi, Ashish and Barker‐collo, Suzanne Lyn and Bärnighausen, Till Winfried and Bazargan‐hejazi, Shahrzad and Berfeld, Noami and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Bililign, Nigus and Brazinova, Alexandra and Breitborde, Nicholas J K and Butt, Zahid A and Carrero, Juan J and Dandona, Rakhi and Davitoiu, Dragos Virgil and Demoz, Gebre Teklemariam and Djalalinia, Shirin and Doan, Linh and El‐khatib, Ziad and Esteghamati, Sadaf and Faro, Andre and Fekadu, Wubalem and Fernandes, Eduarda and Foreman, Kyle J and Gebre, Abadi Kahsu and Grosso, Giuseppe and Hay, Simon I and Hendrie, Delia and Hostiuc, Sorin and Irvani, Seyed Sina Naghibi and Jakovljevic, Mihajlo and Jha, Ravi Prakash and Jonas, Jost B and Khan, Ejaz Ahmad and Khang, Young-Ho and Kiadaliri, Aliasghar A and Kieling, Christian and Koyanagi, Ai and Defo, Barthelemy Kuate and Kumar, G Anil and Kumar, Manasi and Leung, Janni and Lim, Lee-Ling and Lopez, Alan D and Lorkowski, Stefan and Lotufo, Paulo A and Majdzadeh, Reza and Martinez‐raga, Jose and Mathur, Manu Raj and Mehrotra, Ravi and Mendoza, Walter and Meretoja, Tuomo J and Miller, Ted R and Mohammad, Karzan Abdulmuhsin and Mohammadi, Moslem and Mokdad, Ali H and Nagel, Gabriele and Nguyen, Huong Lan Thi and Oh, In-Hwan and Parry, Charles D H and Pati, Sanghamitra and Postma, Maarten J and Pourshams, Akram and Qorbani, Mostafa and Radfar, Amir and Rahim, Fakher and Ronfani, Luca and Roshandel, Gholamreza and Sachdev, Perminder S and Salimi, Yahya and Samy, Abdallah M and Santric‐milicevic, Milena M and Satpathy, Maheswar and Sawhney, Monika and Schwebel, David C and Sepanlou, Sadaf G and Shibuya, Kenji and Shigematsu, Mika and Silva, João Pedro and Stein, Murray B and Tabb, Karen M and Tehrani‐banihashemi, Arash and Topor‐madry, Roman and Tran, Khanh Bao and Ullah, Irfan and Unutzer, Jurgen and Uthman, Olalekan A and Valdez, Pascual R and Waheed, Yasir and Westerman, Ronny and Yimer, Ebrahim M and Yonemoto, Naohiro and Yoon, Seok-Jun and Yousefifard, Mahmoud and Global Burden Dis Self-Harm Collab and Global Burden of Disease Self-Harm Collaborators
BMJ (Online), ISSN 0959-8146, 02/2019, Volume 364, p. l94
Journal Article
by Guinovart, Caterina, PhD and Brown, Jonathan C, MAIS and Wang, Haidong, PhD and Phillips, David E, BS and Coggeshall, Megan S, BA and Abraham, Jerry P, MD and Abubakar, Ibrahim, Prof and Al Kahbouri, Mazin J, PhD and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw, MPH and Alfonso-Cristancho, Rafael, PhD and Alla, Francois, Prof and Allen, Peter J, MPH and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson, Prof and Amankwaa, Adansi A, Prof and Ammar, Walid, Prof and Anderson, Benjamin O, Prof and Ärnlöv, Johan, PhD and Artaman, Ali, PhD and Balakrishnan, Kalpana, Prof and Banerjee, Amitava, DPhil and Bell, Michelle L, Prof and Basara, Berrak Bora, PhD and Bose, Dipan, PhD and Catalá-López, Ferrán, PhD and Colomar, Mercedes, MSc and Cooper, Cyrus, Prof and Cowie, Benjamin C, PhD and Criqui, Michael H, Prof and Ding, Eric L, ScD and Durrani, Adnan M, MD and Fijabi, Daniel Obadare, MBBS and Gamkrelidze, Amiran, PhD and Glaser, Elizabeth L, MSc and Gugnani, Harish Chander, Prof and Hamadeh, Randah Ribhi, Prof and Havmoeller, Rasmus, PhD and Pi, Ileana B Heredia, PhD and Hoek, Hans W, Prof and Hoy, Damian G, PhD and Iburg, Kim M, PhD and Jacobsen, Kathryn H, PhD and Jonas, Jost B, Prof and Karam, Nadim E, Prof and Kereselidze, Maia, PhD and Khan, Ejaz Ahmed, MPH and Knibbs, Luke, PhD and Kokubo, Yoshihiro, PhD and Kosen, S, MD and Balaji, Arjun Lakshmana, MBBS and Larson, Heidi J, PhD and Leinsalu, Mall, PhD and Leung, Ricky, PhD and Li, Yongmei, PhD and De Lima, Graça Maria Ferreira, BSC and Marcenes, Wagner, Prof and Masci, Joseph R, Prof and Mazorodze, Tasara T, MA and Melaku, Yohannes Adama, MPH and Memish, Ziad A, Prof and Mills, Edward J, PhD and Montico, Marcella, MSc and Moturi, Wilkister Nyaora, PhD and Murthy, Kinnari S, MPH and Naheed, Aliya, PhD and Naidoo, Kovin S, Prof and Nash, Denis, Prof and Nelson, Robert G, PhD and Nolte, Sandra, PhD and Norheim, Ole F, Prof and Orisakwe, Orish Ebere, Prof and Caicedo, Angel J Paternina, MSc and Pearce, Neil, Prof and Qato, Dima, Prof and Rana, Saleem M, PhD and Remuzzi, Giuseppe, Prof and Richardus, Jan Hendrik, Prof and Samonte, Genesis May J, MD and Sawhney, Monika, PhD and Sepanlou, Sadaf G, MD and Silberberg, Donald H, Prof and Sliwa, Karen, Prof and Soneji, Samir, PhD and Stathopoulou, Vasiliki Kalliopi, MD and Stroumpoulis, Konstantinos, PhD and Tenkorang, Eric Yeboah, PhD and Terkawi, Abdullah Sulieman, MD and Vasankari, Tommi J, Prof and Venketasubramanian, N, MD and Violante, Francesco S, Prof and Wallin, Mitchell T, MD and Wang, Yanping, Prof and Weintraub, Robert G, MB and Woldeyohannes, Solomon Meseret, MPH and Xu, Gelin, Prof and Yentur, Gokalp Kadri, PhD and Yip, Paul, Prof and Yonemoto, Naohiro, MPH and El Sayed Zaki, Maysaa, Prof and Zhou, Maigeng, Prof and Zhu, Jun, Prof and Akademistatistik and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Centre for Applied Biostatistics and Sahlgrenska Academy
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2014, Volume 384, Issue 9947, pp. 1005 - 1070
Internal Medicine | HIV | mortality figures | Medicine, General & Internal | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | General & Internal Medicine | Science & Technology | Public health. Hygiene-occupational medicine | Public health. Hygiene | General aspects | Infectious diseases | Viral diseases | Viral diseases of the lymphoid tissue and the blood. Aids | Biological and medical sciences | Medical sciences | Human viral diseases | Epidemiology | Tuberculosis - epidemiology | Age Distribution | HIV Infections - epidemiology | Humans | Male | Mortality - trends | Epidemics - statistics & numerical data | Incidence | Malaria - epidemiology | Organizational Objectives | Global Health - trends | Sex Distribution | Female | HIV infection | Statistics | Medical geography | Patient outcomes | Medical research | Fatalities | Malaria | Health risk assessment | Mortality | Index Medicus | Abridged Index Medicus | VERBAL AUTOPSY | MIDDLE-INCOME COUNTRIES | COST-EFFECTIVENESS | Infektionsmedicin | PROSPECTIVE COHORT | Medicine | PROJECTION | PLASMODIUM-FALCIPARUM | PACKAGE | FEMALE SEX WORKERS | ACTIVE ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY | General & Internal | Infectious Medicine | MALARIA | MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS | SEVERE FEBRILE ILLNESS | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | cost-effectiveness | middle-income countries | prospective cohort | female sex workers | severe febrile illness | verbal autopsy | projection package | millennium development goals | plasmodium-falciparum malaria | active antiretroviral therapy
Journal Article