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American Journal of Cardiology, The, ISSN 0002-9149, 2016, Volume 118, Issue 4, pp. 578 - 584
Journal Article
by Gomez-Reino, Juan J and Carmona, Loreto and Erra, Alba and Marsal, Sara and Castro, Mónica Fernández and Mulero, Juan and Andreu, Jose Luis and Gómez, Manuel Rodríguez and Padro, Marta Larrosa and Casado, Enrique and Leonor, Elena and Alierta, Sirvent and Reina, Delia and Gómez, Carmen García and Ibañez, Beatriz Joven and Delgado, Patricia Carreira and Hernández, Ma. Victoria and Loza, Estibaliz and Ruiz, Alberto Alonso and Itzazelaia, Esther Uriarte and Zarza, Lucia Pantoja and Aransay, Ma. Valvanera Pinillos and Hernández, Teresa Mariné and de Vicuña Pinedo, Rosario García and García, Ana Ma. Ortiz and Álvaro, Isidoro González and Laffon, Armando and Álvaro-Gracia, Jose Ma and López, César Díaz and de La Serna, Arturo Rodríguez and Cortina, Eduardo Loza and Oyarzabal, Ma. Victoria Irigoyen and Garnica, Inmaculada Ureña and Cagigal, Virginia Coret and Casasempere, Paloma Vela and Pascual, Eliseo and Serrano, Miquel Ángel Belmonte and Fabregat, Juan Beltran and Lerma, Juan José and Graña, Myriam Liz and Gómez-Reino, Juan José and Aizen, Saul Mario Gelman and Monge, Elena Ciruelo and Muriel, Eva Tomero and García, Juan Carlos Cobeta and Cuenca, Encarnación Saiz and Muñoz, José Galvez and de La Torre, Gerardo Iglesias and Pardo, Rosa Roselló and Galeano, Carlos Vázquez and de Diego, Juan Pablo Valdazo and Marsá, Xavier Tena and Santamaría, Vera Ortiz and Prada, Manuel Fernández and Piqueras, José Antonio and Tornero, Jesús and Méndez, Laura Cebrián and Carreño, Luis and Borras, Juan José García and Ruiz, Francisco Javier Manero and Busquets, Manel Pujol and Duran, Josep Granados and Cuadra, Jose Luis and Tevar, F. Javier Paulino and Huertas, Marcos Paulino and Maiz, Olga and Barastay, Estibaliz and Figueroa, Manuel and Torres, Carmen and Coro, Montserrat Corteguera and Lozano, Carlos Rodríguez and Hernández, Félix Francisco and Fernández, Iñigo Rua Figueroa and Martín, Oscar Illera and Zea Mendoza, Antonio C and de La Peña Lefebvre, Paloma García and Expósito, Marta Valero and Aznar, Emilia and Gutiérrez, Ricardo and Valenciano, Ana Cruz and Echeverria, Manuel Crespo and Del Pozo, Félix Cabero and Jimeno, Ma. Teresa Ruiz and Aresté, Jordi Fiter and Poch, Luis Espadaler and Carasa, Juan Carlos Vesga and Quintana, Eduardo Cuende and Andrada, Sagrario Sánchez and Valverde, Vicente Rodríguez and Amaro, Ivan Ferraz and García, Tomas González and Marenco, José Luis and Rejón, Eduardo and Estevez, Eduardo Collantes and Castro Villegas, M. Carmen and Hernández, Blanca and de Oca Mercader, José V. Montes and Sarabia, Federico Navarro and de Miera, Francisco Javier Toyos Saenz and Fernández-Cid, Carlos Marras and ... and BIOBADASER Grp and BIOBADASER Group
Arthritis Research and Therapy, ISSN 1478-6354, 01/2006, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. R29 - R29
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 11/2013, Volume 8, Issue 11, p. e78696
Journal Article
by García-Gómez, Carmen and Martín-Martínez, Maria A and Castañeda, Santos and Sanchez-Alonso, Fernando and Uriarte-Ecenarro, Miren and González-Juanatey, Carlos and Romera-Baures, Montserrat and Santos-Rey, José and Pinto-Tasende, José Antonio and Quesada-Masachs, Estefanía and Tornero-Molina, Jesús and Martínez-González, Olga and Cobo-Ibáñez, Tatiana and Chamizo-Carmona, Eugenio and Manrique-Arija, Sara and Fábregas-Canales, Dolores and Díaz-González, Federico and Llorca, Javier and González-Gay, Miguel A and de Rábago, Eugenia Gonzalez and Blanco Morales, Elena Alonso and Fernández López, J. Carlos and Villar, Natividad Oreiro and Sandoval, Antonio Atanes and Blanco García, Francisco J and De Miquel, Cayetano Alegre and González Fernández, María J and Codina, Ramón Huguet and Yoldi, Beatriz and Ramentol, Mercedes and Ávila, Gabriela and Barril, Sara Marsal and Steiner, Martina and Muñoz, Santiago and Gamero, Fernando and Torón, José García and Moreno Gil, María P and Mas, Antonio J and Espiño, Pilar and Ros, Inmaculada and Ibañez, Mónica and Murillo, Claudia and Piqueras, José A and Sanmartí, Raimon and Berman, Horacio and Cabrera, Sonia and Ruiz, Virginia and Patón, Oscar Fontseré and Gutiérrez, Benjamín Fernández and Abasolo, Lydia and Fábregas, María D and Nolla, Joan M and Arias, Miriam García and García Vadillo, Jesús A and de Vicuña, Rosario García and Nebro, Antonio Fernández and Belmonte López, Maria Angeles and Ureña, Inmaculada and Irigoyen, María V and Cagigal, Virginia Coret and González, Ruth López and Garrido, Daniel Pielfort and Alvarez, Juana Sampedro and García Aparicio, Ángel María and Gómez, Rebeca Belmonte and Bautista, Pastora Granados and Sanz, Azucena Hernández and Sánchez González, Carmen O and Bachiller, Javier and Zea, Antonio and Manero, Francisco J and Zorzo, Fernando Jimenez and Ubeda, Eugenio Giménez and Gracía, Jesús Marzo and Audera, Chesús Beltrán and Medrano, Marta and Pecondón, Ángela and Erausquin, Celia and Ojeda, Soledad and Quevedo, Juan Carlos and Francisco, Félix and Lozano, Carlos Rodríguez and Herráez, Jesús Babío and López Longo, Francisco J and Gerona, Delia and Fernández, Carlos González and Carreño, Luis and Monteagudo, Indalecio and del Pino, Javier and Sánchez González, María Dolores and Corrales, Alfonso and Peiró, María Enriqueta and Senabre, José M and Rosas, José C and Rotés, Isabel and Moreno, Estefanía and Erra, Alba and Grado, Dolors and Calvo, Javier and Rueda, Amalia and ... and CARMA Project Collaborative Group and CARMA Project Collaborative Grp
Journal of Clinical Lipidology, ISSN 1933-2874, 2017, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp. 749 - 756.e3
Journal Article
by Álvarez-Lerma, Francisco and Marín-Corral, Judith and Vila, Clara and Masclans, Joan Ramón and González de Molina, Francisco Javier and Martín Loeches, Ignacio and Barbadillo, Sandra and Rodríguez, Alejandro and Cobo, Pedro and Martins, Javier and Carbayo, Cecilia and Robles-Musso, Emilio and Cárdenas, Antonio and Fierro, Javier and Fernández, Dolores Ocaña and Sierra, Rafael and Huertos, Ma Jesús and Pérez, Ma Luz Carmona and Laderas, Juan Carlos Pozo and Guerrero, R and Robles, Juan Carlos and León, Melissa Echevarría and Gómez, Alberto Bermejo and Márquez, Enrique and Rodríguez-Carvajal, Manuel and Estella, ángel and Pomares, José and Ballesteros, José Luis and Romero, Olga Moreno and Fernández, Yolanda and Lobato, Francisco and Prieto, José F and Albofedo-Sánchez, José and Martínez, Pilar and de la Torre, María Victoria and Nieto, María and Sola, Estefanía Cámara and Castellanos, Miguel ángel Díaz and Soler, Guillermo Sevilla and Leyba, Carlos Ortiz and Garnacho-Montero, José and Hinojosa, Rafael and Fernández, Esteban and Loza, Ana and León, Cristóbal and López, Samuel González and Arenzana, ángel and Ocaña, Dolores and Navarrete, Inés and Beryanaki, Medhi Zaheri and Sánchez, Ignacio and Alé, Manuel Pérez and Brea, Ana Ma Poullet and Casas, Juan Francisco Machado and Serón, Carlos and Avellanas, Manuel Luis and Lander, Arantxa and de Arellano, S. Garrido Ramírez and Marquina Lacueva, M.I and Luque, Pilar and Serrano, Elena Plumed and Lázaro, Juan Francisco Martín and Polo, Carlos Sánchez and Cía, Isabel Gutiérrez and Bartolomé, Belén Jiménez and Núñez, Carlos López and González, Ignacio and Marsilla, José Ignacio Tomás and Andrés, Clara Jaques and Ibañes, Pablo Gutiérrez and Aguilar, Pilar Araujo and Montón, Jose Ma and Regil, Paloma Dorado and Iglesias, Lisardo and González, Carmen Pascual and Fernández, Brígida Quindós and Iglesias, Lorena Martín and Soria, Lucía Viña and Escudero, Raquel Yano and Revuelta, Ma del Rosario Martínez and Ruiz, José Ma Quiroga and García-Rodríguez, águeda and Cuadrado, Marta Martín and Mariño, Ana Luz Balán and Socias, Lorenzo and Ibáñez, Pedro and Borges-Sa, Marcío and Socias, A and Del Castillo, A and Marcos, Ricard Jordà and Muñoz, Cristina and Goytisolo, José M. Bonell and Carbonero, José Antonio Morales and Ayestarán, Ignacio and López, M. ángeles González and Pàmies, Cecilia Vilanova and Senoff, Rossana Pérez and de Medrano, Marta Generelo López and Ruiz-Santana, Sergio and Díaz, Juan José and ... and H1N1 GETGAG SEMICYUC Study Grp and H1N1 GETGAG/SEMICYUC Study Group and on behalf of the H1N1 GETGAG/SEMICYUC Study Group
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 10/2016, Volume 20, Issue 1, p. 337
Journal Article