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Acta Bio Medica : Atenei Parmensis, ISSN 0392-4203, 2019, Volume 90, Issue Suppl 1, pp. 150 - 153
Background and aim of the work: The term “floating shoulder” was used in a previous paper to describe lesions of at least two components of the SSSC (superior... 
high-energy trauma | scapulothoracic dissociation | Case Report
Journal Article
Acta bio-medica : Atenei Parmensis, ISSN 0392-4203, 11/2018, Volume 90, Issue 1S, pp. 150 - 153
Background and aim of the work The term "floating shoulder" was used in a previous paper to describe lesions of at least two components of the SSSC (superior... 
Journal Article
by Porreca, Angelo and Noale, Marianna and Noale, Marianna and Artibani, Walter and Artibani, Walter and Bassi, Pier Francesco and Bassi, Pier Francesco and Bertoni, Filippo and Bertoni, Filippo and Bracarda, Sergio and Conti, Giario Natale and Conti, Giario Natale and Corvò, Renzo and Gacci, Mauro and Gacci, Mauro and Graziotti, Pierpaolo and Magrini, Stefano Maria and Mirone, Vincenzo and Montironi, Rodolfo and Muto, Giovanni and Muto, Giovanni and Pecoraro, Stefano and Ricardi, Umberto and Ricardi, Umberto and Russi, Elvio and Russi, Elvio and Tubaro, Andrea and Tubaro, Andrea and Zagonel, Vittorina and Crepaldi, Gaetano and Maggi, Stefania and Alitto, Anna Rita and Ambrosi, Enrica and Antonelli, Alessandro and Aristei, Cynthia and Barbieri, Michele and Bardari, Franco and Bardoscia, Lilia and Barra, Salvina and Bartoncini, Sara and Basso, Umberto and Becherini, Carlotta and Bellavita, Rita and Bergamaschi, Franco and Berlingheri, Stefania and Berruti, Alfredo and Borghesi, Marco and Bortolus, Roberto and Borzillo, Valentina and Bosetti, Davide and Bove, Giuseppe and Bove, Pierluigi and Maurizio, Brausi and Alessio, Bruni and Giorgio, Bruno and Eugenio, Brunocilla and Alberto, Buffoli and Michela, Buglione and Consuelo, Buttigliero and Giovanni, Cacciamani and Michela, Caldiroli and Giuseppe, Cardo and Giorgio, Carmignani and Giuseppe, Carrieri and Emanuele, Castelli and Elisabetta, Castrezzati and Gianpiero, Catalano and Susanna, Cattarino and Catucci, Francesco and Dario, Cavallini Francolini and Ofelia, Ceccarini and Antonio, Celia and Francesco, Chiancone and Tommaso, Chini and Claudia, Cianci and Antonio, Cisternino and Devis, Collura and Franco, Corbella and Matteo, Corinti and Paolo, Corsi and Fiorenza, Cortese and Luigi, Corti and Cosimo, de Nunzio and Cristiano, Olga and D’angelillo, Rolando M and Da Pozzo, Luigi and D’agostino, Daniele and D’elia, Carolina and Dandrea, Matteo and De Angelis, Michele and De Angelis, Paolo and De Cobelli, Ottavio and De Concilio, Bernardino and De Lisa, Antonello and De Luca, Stefano and De Stefani, Agostina and Deantoni, Chiara Lucrezia and Degli, Esposti Claudio and Destito, Anna and Detti, Beatrice and ... and Pros-It Cnr Study Grp and Pros-IT CNR study group and the Pros-IT CNR study group
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, ISSN 1477-7525, 06/2018, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 122 - 11
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Roncaglioni, Maria Carla and Avanzini, Fausto and Barlera, Simona and Marzona, Irene and Milani, Valentina and Tombesi, Massimo and Caimi, Vittorio and Longoni, Paolo and Silletta, Maria Giuseppina and Tognoni, Gianni and Marchioli, Roberto and Nicolis, E.B and Casola, C and Massa, E and Marrocco, W and Micalella, M and Franzosi, M.G and Geraci, E and Giansiracusa, N and Rocchetti, L and Decarli, A and Satolli, R and Alli, C and Beghi, E and Bertele', V and Volpi, A and Baviera, M and Monesi, L and Pangrazzi, I and Nicolis, E and Clerici, F and Palumbo, A and Sgaroni, G and Pioggiarella, R and Scarano, M and Marfisi, R.M and Flamminio, A and Macino, L and Ferri, B and Pera, C and Polidoro, A and Abbatino, D and Acquati, M and Addorisio, G and Adinolfi, D and Adreani, L and Agistri, M.R and Agneta, A and Agnolio, M.L and Agostini, N and Agostino, G and Airò, A and Alaimo, N and Albano, M and Albano, N and Alecci, G and Alemanno, S and Alexanian, A and Alfarano, M and Alfè, L and Alonzo, N and Alvino, S and Ancora, A and Andiloro, S and Andreatta, E and Angeli, S and Angiari, F and Angilletti, V and Annicchiarico, C and Anzivino, M and Aprea, R and Aprile, A and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Aprile, L and Armellani, V and Arnetoli, M and Aronica, A and Autiero, V and Bacca, G and Baccalaro, A.M and Bacci, M and Baglio, G and Bagnani, M and Baiano, A and Baldari, A and Ballarini, L and Banchi, G and Bandera, R and Bandini, F and Baratella, M and Barbieri, A and Barbieri Vita, A and Bardi, M and Barlocchi, M and Baron, P and Bartoli, M and Basile, A and Basile, F and Basile, S and ... and The Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group and Risk Prevention Study Collaborativ and Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/2013, Volume 368, Issue 19, pp. 1800 - 1808
Journal Article
by Massari, Leo and Benazzo, Francesco and Falez, Francesco and Cadossi, Ruggero and Perugia, Dario and Pietrogrande, Luca and Aloj, Domenico Costantino and Capone, Antonio and D'Arienzo, Michele and Cadossi, Matteo and Lorusso, Vincenzo and Caruso, Gaetano and Ghiara, Matteo and Ciolli, Luigi and La Cava, Filippo and Guidi, Marco and Castoldi, Filippo and Marongiu, Giuseppe and La Gattuta, Alessandra and Dell'Omo, Dario and Scaglione, Michelangelo and Giannini, Sandro and Fortina, Mattia and Riva, Alberto and De Palma, Pier Luigi and Gigante, Antonio Pompilio and Moretti, Biagio and Solarino, Giuseppe and Lijoi, Francesco and Giordano, Giovanni and Londini, Pier Giorgio and Castellano, Danilo and Sessa, Giuseppe and Costarella, Luciano and Barile, Antonio and Borrelli, Mariano and Rota, Attilio and Fontana, Raffaele and Momoli, Alberto and Micaglio, Andrea and Bassi, Guido and Cornacchia, Rossano Stefano and Castelli, Claudio and Giudici, Michele and Monesi, Mauro and Branca Vergano, Luigi and Maniscalco, Pietro and Bulabula, M'Putu and Zottola, Vincenzo and Caraffa, Auro and Antinolfi, Pierluigi and Catani, Fabio and Severino, Claudio and Castaman, Enrico and Scialabba, Carmelo and Tovaglia, Venceslao and Corsi, Pietro and Friemel, Paolo and Ranellucci, Marco and Caiaffa, Vincenzo and Maraglino, Giovanni and Rossi, Roberto and Pastrone, Antonio and Caldora, Patrizio and Cusumano, Claudio and Squarzina, Pier Bruno and Baschieri, Ugo and Demattè, Ettore and Gherardi, Stefano and De Roberto, Carlo and Belluati, Alberto and Giannini, Antonio and Villani, Ciro and Persiani, Pietro and Demitri, Silvio and DI Maggio, Bruno and Abate, Guglielmo and De Terlizzi, Francesca and Setti, Stefania
BioMed Research International, ISSN 2314-6133, 2018, Volume 2018, pp. 1809091 - 7
Journal Article
Journal Article
Injury, ISSN 0020-1383, 2009, Volume 41, Issue 4, pp. 388 - 395
Abstract Background The utilisation and consequences of standardised operative procedures may importantly differ between different healthcare systems. This is... 
Orthopedics | Femur | Observational study | Trauma centre | Outcome | Europe | Intramedullary nailing | Developing countries | Fracture fixation | South Africa | Intercontinental comparison | SURGERY | INJURIES | COUNTRIES | CLASSIFICATION | CARE | EMERGENCY MEDICINE | INCOME | SHAFT FRACTURES | SYSTEMS | OUTCOMES | ORTHOPEDICS | BURDEN | FEMUR FRACTURES | CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE | Multivariate Analysis | Prospective Studies | Bone Nails | Femoral Fractures - mortality | Femoral Fractures - complications | Humans | Middle Aged | Male | Young Adult | Prosthesis Failure | Range of Motion, Articular | Aged, 80 and over | Fracture Healing - physiology | Pain - etiology | Adult | Female | Multiple Trauma - complications | Trauma Centers - statistics & numerical data | Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary - instrumentation | Fractures, Open - surgery | Multiple Trauma - surgery | Reoperation | South Africa - epidemiology | Fractures, Open - complications | Europe - epidemiology | Treatment Outcome | Postoperative Complications - epidemiology | Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary - methods | Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care) | Confounding Factors (Epidemiology) | Cross-Cultural Comparison | Adolescent | Femoral Fractures - surgery | Healthcare Disparities | Aged | Developing Countries | Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary - adverse effects
Journal Article
by Mirijello, Antonio and Viazzi, Francesca and Fioretto, Paola and Giorda, Carlo Bruno and Ceriello, Antonio and Russo, Giuspina T and Guida, Pietro and Pontremoli, Roberto and De Cosmo, Salvatore and Cimino, Antonino and Fava, Danila and Meloncelli, Illidio and Nicolucci, Antonio and Pellegrini, Fabio and Rossi, Maria Chiara and Turco, Salvatore and Vespasiani, Giacomo and Graziano, G and Lucisano, G and Memmo, R and Pellicciotta, E and Paciotti, V and Pupillo, M and Armentano, G and Giovannini, C and Armentano, V and Laudato, M and Acquati, S and Ciardullo, A.V and Laffi, G and Felace, G and Taboga, C and Tortul, C and Santantonio, G and Suraci, C and Ghisoni, G and Raffa, M and Genovese, S and Lovagnini-Scher, C.A and Rampini, P and Rocca, A and Ruggeri, P and Tortato, E and Cotti, L and Cristofaro, M.R and Tagliaferri, M and Comoglio, M and Fornengo, R and Gentile, F.M and Gigante, Antonio and Mastinu, F and Di Benedetto, A and Pata, P and Arcangeli, A and Orsini, P and Acler, P and De Blasi, G and Cicioni, G and Pocciati, S and Marangoni, A and Nogara, A and Lanero, M and Bertero, M.G and Damassino, R and Bergonzini, C and Schumtz, L and Seksich, L and Pipitone, A and Boaretto, M and Manfroi, I and Parmesan, L and Conte, B and Soccol, F and Pagano, A and Papini, E and Rinaldi, R and Petrucci, L and Graziano, F and Chianelli, M and Silvagni, S and Rosco, M and Ansaldi, E and Malvicino, F and Battezzati, M and Maresca, P and Palenzona, C and Boemi, M and Rabini, R.A and Brandoni, G and Lanari, L and Gatti, C and Testa, I and Cherubini, V and Doveri, G and Pecorelli, L and Ciccarelli, A and Gallardini, M.B and Courthoud, R and Sara Bredy, S and Ricciardi, G.P and ...
BMC Nephrology, 12/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1
Journal Article