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by Cazenave, Anny and Meyssignac, Benoit and Ablain, Michael and Balmaseda, Magdalena and Bamber, Jonathan and Barletta, Valentina and Beckley, Brian and Benveniste, Jérôme and Berthier, Etienne and Blazquez, Alejandro and Boyer, Tim and Caceres, Denise and Chambers, Don and Champollion, Nicolas and Chao, Ben and Chen, Jianli and Cheng, Lijing and Church, John A and Chuter, Stephen and Cogley, J. Graham and Dangendorf, Soenke and Desbruyères, Damien and Döll, Petra and Domingues, Catia and Falk, Ulrike and Famiglietti, James and Fenoglio-Marc, Luciana and Forsberg, Rene and Galassi, Gaia and Gardner, Alex and Groh, Andreas and Hamlington, Benjamin and Hogg, Anna and Horwath, Martin and Humphrey, Vincent and Husson, Laurent and Ishii, Masayoshi and Jaeggi, Adrian and Jevrejeva, Svetlana and Johnson, Gregory and Kolodziejczyk, Nicolas and Kusche, Jürgen and Lambeck, Kurt and Landerer, Felix and Leclercq, Paul and Legresy, Benoit and Leuliette, Eric and Llovel, William and Longuevergne, Laurent and Loomis, Bryant D and Luthcke, Scott B and Marcos, Marta and Marzeion, Ben and Merchant, Chris and Merrifield, Mark and Milne, Glenn and Mitchum, Gary and Mohajerani, Yara and Monier, Maeva and Monselesan, Didier and Nerem, Steve and Palanisamy, Hindumathi and Paul, Frank and Perez, Begoña and Piecuch, Christopher G and Ponte, Rui M and Purkey, Sarah G and Reager, John T and Rietbroek, Roelof and Rignot, Eric and Riva, Riccardo and Roemmich, Dean H and Sørensen, Louise Sandberg and Sasgen, Ingo and Schrama, E.J.O and Seneviratne, Sonia I and Shum, C.K and Spada, Giorgio and Stammer, Detlef and van de Wal, Roderic and Velicogna, Isabella and Schuckmann, Karina von and Wada, Yoshihide and Wang, Yiguo and Watson, Christopher and Wiese, David and Wijffels, Susan and Westaway, Richard and Woppelmann, Guy and Wouters, Bert
Earth System Science Data, ISSN 1866-3508, 08/2018, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 1551 - 1590
Journal Article
EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE DATA, ISSN 1866-3508, 08/2018, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 1551 - 1590
Journal Article
by von Schuckmann, Karina and Le Traon, Pierre-Yves and Smith, Neville and Pascual, Ananda and Brasseur, Pierre and Fennel, Katja and Djavidnia, Samy and Aaboe, Signe and Fanjul, Enrique Alvarez and Autret, Emmanuelle and Axell, Lars and Aznar, Roland and Benincasa, Mario and Bentamy, Abderahim and Boberg, Fredrik and Bourdallé-Badie, Romain and Nardelli, Bruno Buongiorno and Brando, Vittorio E and Bricaud, Clément and Breivik, Lars-Anders and Brewin, Robert J.W and Capet, Arthur and Ceschin, Adrien and Ciliberti, Stefania and Cossarini, Gianpiero and de Alfonso, Marta and de Pascual Collar, Alvaro and de Kloe, Jos and Deshayes, Julie and Desportes, Charles and Drévillon, Marie and Drillet, Yann and Droghei, Riccardo and Dubois, Clotilde and Embury, Owen and Etienne, Hélène and Fratianni, Claudia and Lafuente, Jesús García and Sotillo, Marcos Garcia and Garric, Gilles and Gasparin, Florent and Gerin, Riccardo and Good, Simon and Gourrion, Jérome and Grégoire, Marilaure and Greiner, Eric and Guinehut, Stéphanie and Gutknecht, Elodie and Hernandez, Fabrice and Hernandez, Olga and Høyer, Jacob and Jackson, Laura and Jandt, Simon and Josey, Simon and Juza, Mélanie and Kennedy, John and Kokkini, Zoi and Korres, Gerasimos and Kõuts, Mariliis and Lagemaa, Priidik and Lavergne, Thomas and le Cann, Bernard and Legeais, Jean-François and Lemieux-Dudon, Benedicte and Levier, Bruno and Lien, Vidar and Maljutenko, Ilja and Manzano, Fernando and Marcos, Marta and Marinova, Veselka and Masina, Simona and Mauri, Elena and Mayer, Michael and Melet, Angelique and Mélin, Frédéric and Meyssignac, Benoit and Monier, Maeva and Müller, Malte and Mulet, Sandrine and Naranjo, Cristina and Notarstefano, Giulio and Paulmier, Aurélien and Gomez, Begoña Pérez and Gonzalez, Irene Pérez and Peneva, Elisaveta and Perruche, Coralie and Andrew Peterson, K and Pinardi, Nadia and Pisano, Andrea and Pardo, Silvia and Poulain, Pierre-Marie and Raj, Roshin P and Raudsepp, Urmas and Ravdas, Michaelis and Reid, Rebecca and Rio, Marie-Hélène and Salon, Stefano and Samuelsen, Annette and Sammartino, Michela and Sammartino, Simone and ...
Journal of Operational Oceanography, ISSN 1755-876X, 08/2018, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. S1 - S142
Journal Article
by von Schuckmann, Karina and Le Traon, Pierre-Yves and Smith, Neville and Pascual, Ananda and Djavidnia, Samuel and Gattuso, Jean-Pierre and Grégoire, Marilaure and Nolan, Glenn and Aaboe, Signe and Aguiar, Eva and Álvarez Fanjul, Enrique and Alvera-Azcárate, Aida and Aouf, Lotfi and Barciela, Rosa and Behrens, Arno and Belmonte Rivas, Maria and Ben Ismail, Sana and Bentamy, Abderrahim and Borgini, Mireno and Brando, Vittorio E and Bensoussan, Nathaniel and Blauw, Anouk and Bryère, Philippe and Buongiorno Nardelli, Bruno and Caballero, Ainhoa and Çağlar Yumruktepe, Veli and Cebrian, Emma and Chiggiato, Jacopo and Clementi, Emanuela and Corgnati, Lorenzo and de Alfonso, Marta and de Pascual Collar, Álvaro and Deshayes, Julie and Di Lorenzo, Emanuele and Dominici, Jean-Marie and Dupouy, Cécile and Drévillon, Marie and Echevin, Vincent and Eleveld, Marieke and Enserink, Lisette and García Sotillo, Marcos and Garnesson, Philippe and Garrabou, Joaquim and Garric, Gilles and Gasparin, Florent and Gayer, Gerhard and Gohin, Francis and Grandi, Alessandro and Griffa, Annalisa and Gourrion, Jérôme and Hendricks, Stefan and Heuzé, Céline and Holland, Elisabeth and Iovino, Doroteaciro and Juza, Mélanie and Kurt Kersting, Diego and Kipson, Silvija and Kizilkaya, Zafer and Korres, Gerasimos and Kõuts, Mariliis and Lagemaa, Priidik and Lavergne, Thomas and Lavigne, Heloise and Ledoux, Jean-Baptiste and Legeais, Jean-François and Lehodey, Patrick and Linares, Cristina and Liu, Ye and Mader, Julien and Maljutenko, Ilja and Mangin, Antoine and Manso-Narvarte, Ivan and Mantovani, Carlo and Markager, Stiig and Mason, Evan and Mignot, Alexandre and Menna, Milena and Monier, Maeva and Mourre, Baptiste and Müller, Malte and Woge Nielsen, Jacob and Nielsen, Jacob Woge and Notarstefano, Giulio and Ocaña, Oscar and Pascual, Ananda and Patti, Bernardo and Payne, Mark R and Peirache, Marion and Pardo, Silvia and Pérez Gómez, Begoña and Pisano, Andrea and Perruche, Coralie and Peterson, K. Andrew and Pujol, Marie-Isabelle and Raudsepp, Urmas and Ravdas, Michalis and Raj, Roshin P and Renshaw, Richard and Reyes, Emma and Ricker, Robert and ...
Journal of Operational Oceanography, ISSN 1755-876X, 06/2019, Volume 12, Issue sup1, pp. S1 - S123
Journal Article
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