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Journal of Urology, The, ISSN 0022-5347, 2013, Volume 189, Issue 2, pp. 419 - 421
Journal Article
by Aronson, William J and Assimos, Dean G and Ballert, Katie N and Bandi, Gaurav and Bañez, Lionel L and Barazani, Yagil and Baskin, Laurence S and Bayne, Aaron P and Bennett, Nelson E and Berger, David A and Bochner, Bernard H and Bodner, Donald R and Boorjian, Stephan A and Brandes, Steven B and Buscarini, Maurizio and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Canes, David and Carlin, Bruce I and Cochran, Sachiko T and Cooke, Tasha and Cookson, Michael S and Corman, John M and Desai, Rahul A and Dunn, Matthew D and Elder, Jack S and Ellis, William J and Evans, Christopher P and Fenig, David and Fleshner, Neil E and Freedland, Stephen J and Freedman, Andrew L and Frota, Rodrigo and Fuchs, Gerhard J and Gearhart, John P and Gelman, Joel and Gilbert, Scott M and Ginsberg, David A and Godoy, Guilherme and Graham, Sam D and Gritsch, H. Albin and Hanson, Gregory R and Hernandez, David J and Hines, Oscar Joe and Hong, Susie N and Hsi, R. Alex and Huang, William C and Huang, George J and Hyams, Elias S and Irwin, Brian H and Jacobsen, Niels-Erik B and Jain, Sudheer K and Jones, Eric A and Kanofsky, Jamie A and Kau, Eric L and Kaufman, Melissa R and Kaufman, Jeremy and Kibel, Adam S and Kim, Simon P and Koch, Michael O and Krishnamurthi, Venkatesh and Lea, William and Lee, Richard and Leibovich, Bradley C and Lerman, Steven E and Libertino, John A and Lin, Daniel W and Lipkin, Michael and Matin, Surena F and Michalski, Jeff M and Michel, Kiarash and Misseri, Rosalia and Montgomery, Bruce and Mufarrij, Patrick W and Mulhall, John P and Nakada, Stephen Y and Neill, Mischel G and Nelson, Eric C and Ng, Christopher S and Nieder, Alan M and Nitti, Victor W and O’Malley, Rebecca L and Padmanabhan, Priya and Paik, Michael and Palapattu, Ganesh S and Pasin, Erik and Penson, David F and Pham, Phuong M and Ponsky, Lee and Raman, Steven S and Resnick, Martin I and Reyblat, Polina and Rink, Richard C and Rovner, Eric S and Saini, Rajiv and Scarpero, Harriette and Schwartzbard, Arthur and Shah, Ojas and Shapiro, Ellen and Shinohara, Katsuto and Singer, Jennifer S and ...
2010, ISBN 9781416045724
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