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The Journal of Neuroscience, ISSN 0270-6474, 10/2018, Volume 38, Issue 44, p. 9563
Journal Article
by Denham, Sue and Poirazi, Panayiota and De Schutter, Erik and Friston, Karl and Chan, Ho Ka and Nowotny, Thomas and Han, Dongqi and Hong, Sungho and Rosay, Sophie and Wernle, Tanja and Treves, Alessandro and Goethals, Sarah and Brette, Romain and Van Pottelbergh, Tomas and Sepulchre, Rodolphe and Bird, Alex D and Cuntz, Hermann and Gonçalves, Pedro J and Lueckmann, Jan-Matthis and Bassetto, Giacomo and Nonnenmacher, Marcel and Macke, Jakob H and Sederberg, Audrey J and MacLean, Jason N and Palmer, Stephanie E and Ferrari, Ulisse and Gardella, Christophe and Marre, Olivier and Mora, Thierry and Ibrahimovic, Emina and Müller, Martin and Pfister, Jean-Pascal and Chauhan, Tushar and Masquelier, Timothée and Montlibert, Alexandre and Cottereau, Benoit R and Helias, Moritz and Schuecker, Jannis and Dahmen, David and Goedeke, Sven and Hyafil, Alexandre and Hermoso-Mendizabal, Ainhoa and Rueda-Orozco, Pavel E and Jaramillo, Santiago and Robbe, David and de la Rocha, Jaime and Rooy, Marie and Koukouli, Fani and DiGregorio, David and Maskos, Uwe and Gutkin, Boris and Verisokin, Andrey Yu and Verveyko, Darya V and Postnov, Dmitry E and Wong, Willy and Talakoub, Omid and Chen, Robert and Popovic, Milos and Lisitsyn, Dmitriy and Drebitz, Eric and Grothe, Iris and Mandon, Sunita and Kreiter, Andreas and Ernst, Udo and Robinson, Peter A and Zhao, Xuelong and Aquino, Kevin M and Griffiths, John D and Mehta-Pandejee, Grishma and Gabay, Natasha and MacLaurin, James and Sarkar, Somwrita and Kunze, Tim and Haueisen, Jens and Knösche, Thomas R and Ahmad, Subutai and Cui, Yuwei and Lewis, Marcus and Hawkins, Jeff and Olmi, Simona and Petkoski, Spase and Bartolomei, Fabrice and Guye, Maxime and Jirsa, Viktor and Toutounji, Hazem and Durstewitz, Daniel and Cantarelli, Matteo and Quintana, Adrian and Marin, Boris and Earnshaw, Matt and Gleeson, Padraig and Court, Robert and McDougal, Robert and Angus Silver, R and Dura-Bernal, Salvador and Larson, Stephen and Lytton, William W and Idili, Giovanni and Posani, Lorenzo and Cocco, Simona and ...
BMC Neuroscience, ISSN 1471-2202, 08/2017, Volume 18, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 14
Journal Article
Journal of Neuroscience, ISSN 0270-6474, 10/2018, Volume 38, Issue 44, pp. 9563 - 9578
Neural selectivity in the early visual cortex strongly reflects the statistics of our environment (Barlow, 2001; Geisler, 2008). Although this has been... 
Hebbian learning | Binocular vision | STDP | Natural statistics | Disparity selectivity | Emergence | natural statistics | CATS | emergence | COMPLEX CELLS | NEUROSCIENCES | ORGANIZATION | IMAGE STATISTICS | ALERT MACAQUE | disparity selectivity | RECEPTIVE-FIELD PROPERTIES | VISUAL-CORTEX | HORIZONTAL DISPARITY | V1 NEURONS | TIMING-DEPENDENT PLASTICITY | binocular vision
Journal Article
Politique étrangère, ISSN 0032-342X, 1994, Volume 59, Issue 2, pp. 576 - 577
De Montlibert Catherine. Dimitri de Kochko et Alexandre Datskevitch. L'empire de la drogue. La Russie et ses marchés. In: Politique étrangère, n°2 - 1994 -... 
Journal Article
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